Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (Video Game 2004) Poster

(2004 Video Game)

Takeshi Aono: Nicolas A. Andersen


  • Nicolas A. Andersen : This ship may be unharmed, but it pains me to see fewer and fewer pilots coming back every time we launch them out on combat sorties. Now the only pilot left is Captain Snow, the squad leader. Nobody wants an aircraft carrier without aircraft, so we're just sitting idle here.

    Peter N. Beagle : At the end of the last war, I was assigned the mission of dropping a nuclear weapon on a city in my own country.

    Nicolas A. Andersen : Hmm.

    Peter N. Beagle : When I refused and went AWOL, it was Captain Bartlett who took me in. His nickname was also "Kid" back then. He was a strange man... 15 years since the war and he never got promoted once. In my country, there was a group called the "Gray Men". They're likely to still be around today. To them, I'm a traitor, and for the last 15 years, Bartlett's protected me from them.


    Peter N. Beagle : Speaking of which, you don't think the "Gray Men" are involved with the dissapearance of President Harling, do you?

    Nicolas A. Andersen : I've got an intelligence-gathering vessel in my fleet, the Andromeda. It's capable of intercepting all forms of communications. Recently, it intercepted a secret message transmitted in Belkan. That, Colonel, is why I called all of you here.

    Peter N. Beagle : All this intense flying's tough on an old body. From here on out... It's their time to shine.

    Nicolas A. Andersen : [nods in agreement]  Mmm.

    Peter N. Beagle : But what'll we do about planes?

    Nicolas A. Andersen : We've captured a ship trying to smuggle aircraft from a South Belkan company into Yuktobania. Plenty of planes to choose from.

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