Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (Video Game 2004) Poster

(2004 Video Game)

Kenji Nojima: Hans Grimm (Archer)


  • Alvin H. Davenport : Hey! Kid!

    Hans Grimm : You really should start calling him "Captain".

    Alvin H. Davenport : Forget it! If he's a Captain, I want him to start trash-talkin' like a Captain. Man, I'm missing that voice real bad right now.

    Hans Grimm : He's gotten us back alive from battle for the second time. So far as I'm concerned, he's our Captain now.

    Kei Nagase : That's right, and I'm never going to lose my lead plane again, no matter what.

  • Hans Grimm : This is Airman First Class Grimm, callsign Archer. Control tower and all planes, I will be joining the Wardog Squadron.

  • Kei Nagase : Grimm, respond, are you in trouble?

    Hans Grimm : Standby one, I've gotta get away from this guy!

  • Alvin H. Davenport : [singing along with an anti-war demonstration at a war rally]  Thoughts endless in flight, day turns to night...

    Hans Grimm : That's not exactly rock & roll, you know.

    Alvin H. Davenport : Who cares? They want to get along with the enemy too, right? Man, this song's got soul!

  • Alvin H. Davenport : Kid, are my eyes screwing up on me?

    Hans Grimm : I think your vision's just fine, Captain Chopper.

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