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"Nothing Else Comes Close"
catmandu200914 May 2012
This is by far the greatest game of the entire franchise. While others before and after were good, nothing will beat the griping story that The Unsung War had.

Playing this game as a young kid, i didn't fully pay attention to the story, i was more into the action. Now that i'm 19, I understand the story and was blown away by how amazing it was.

But what made this game great was the characters. They were all unique in their own way. Hans Grimm was somewhat insecure and caring. Alvin H. Davenport was talkative with a great sense of humor. And of course Kei Nagase the strong Silent type. This colorful cast made it hard not to love them.

What i loved most about this game was Nagase's devotion to Blaze. Early in the game she promises to protect him even if it costs her life. Although it is not clear that Blaze was Nagase's love interest, i think i can speak for all fans when i say we hope that Nagase and Blaze became lovers in the end Romance, Tragedy, Drama, this game has it all. The chances of this game turning into a movie is bleak, but if project aces were to remake this game for PS3 and X-Box 360, The game will gain more popularity and we might have a Sci-fi thriller in 2017 . . . Ace Combat: The Unsung War rated PG-13. I like the sound of that!
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Superb, but no multiplayer
twisterkidg116 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War takes place in the year 2010, five years after the Usea Continental War and 15 years after the Belkan War. You play an unnamed pilot in the Osean Air Defense Force called 'Blaze', also known as 'Kid' by Capt. Bartlett. Your squadmates are Alvin H. 'Chopper' Davenport, Kei 'Edge' Nagase, Hans 'Archer' Grimm, and (later in the game) Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow. Throughout the game, you and Wardog Squadron fight in the Circum-Pacific War between the superpowers of Osea (similar to the USA) and Yuktobania (similar to the Soviet Union). As the game unfolds, you learn the truth about the war...

I rate this game 10 out of 10. I wish it had multiplayer features. Ace Combat 4 and Ace Combat Zero had two-player modes, but none of the Ace Combat games have online multiplayer. If Ace Combat 5 had an online multiplayer, it would likely be Osea vs. Yuktobania. The maps would be existing single-player maps such as Sand Island, Oured, Port St. Hewlett, November City, the Bastok Peninsula, etc., along with other maps. They'd probably have up to 8, 16, or 32 players per map.

One thing I've noticed is that none of AC5's missions take place over Yuktobanian cities, where as there's several missions that take place over Osean cities. It would have been nice to have a mission where Wardog Squadron attacks the Yuktobanian capital of Cinigrad, such as in Ace Combat Zero when Galm Squadron and Allied bombers attack the industrial city of Hoffnung, Belka.

Still, Ace Combat 5 and the entire Ace Combat series are my favorite video games of all time.
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Almost 5 Years And Still One of the Best :D
rockon19905 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well I remember when I first got this game, it was a tough game with all these missions. But once you play more it becomes a lot easier, I'd spend much time improving my pilot skills. I remembered when I got it, I was like 15-16. At the time I wanted to be a pilot someday like, Blaze,Nagase,Chopper, and Grimme. Also letter on Snow joins you. As I played the missions, I know its just a game but I grew some love for them. As every time I'd beat the game and go through it again and again, the love you gain for them grows. And when Chopper is killed its pretty hard broken, he was one my favorite, always the smart A$$ of them all.

The story line was really good, it would make an awesome movie if they wanted to make into one. Cause like I said before you grow some love for the pilots. Also as you go farther you learn more and also you find out about the real reason behind the war.

I got this game almost 4-5 years ago but even to this day, I still love it. Before I bought it, I wansn't aware of the serise, when I played Ace Combat 6, I was a little disappointed. It still had that great story that could easy be a movie. But the animation wasn't for me. But The UnSong War had everything. So I high recommend this game for anyone who loves air combat games, even though this is a ps2 game, its still the best.

Even 5 years after.
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great game despite a little déjà-vu feeling
Vilnius12 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Ace Combat : The Unsung WAR(US) or SQUADRON LEADER (PAL) is the fifth title in the flightsim - arcade mix Ace Combat series and the second to appear on the playstation 2. And as his predecessor it is one of the most beautiful games ever made on this console. It has almost photo-realistic graphics (although ground-textures are a little blurry due to disk space restrictions) and a very, very impressive soundtrack. Great sound effects too. The story progresses through the game in CGIcut-scenes between the missions and has a story that outruns many many films made today. Some great scenes are:

******SPOILERS***** Don't read these if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest.

  • sinking of the Kestrel - Yukotbanian fleet defecting - salute to crashed wingman

******End Spoilers***

* Besides the campaign-mode there's an arcade mode in which you play Moebius 1, the character of Ace Combat 4. While progressing, you can choose out of various airplanes, and by filling their kill bar you can unlock more advanced upgraded versions of them. As for the ingame part, reloading during missions by crossing the return line is no longer possible, you have to do it with the payload you get at the start, so use your missiles wisely and your guns intensely. Another great thing is the higher difficulty rate and the increased number of missions; from 18 to 27. Some other things that changed is the possibility to give your wingman simple commands using the D-pad and the fact that you can answer questions during the missions whit a simple yes or no, which sometimes changes the course of the game and let you play other missions. This means if you want to unlock all of the planes, you have to go through the game at least twice making different choices along the road.But it's not perfect, besides some minor glitches it has a rather repetitive gameplay if your not a flightsimfan: there are only so many things you can do with a plane and they forgot(?) to implement the 2-player option (as in ac4) or the hoped online-mode. Some missions have a more then suspicious resemblance with some of Ace Combat 4 (Stonehenge Offensice and the Fortres, anyone?)or previous versions. But the storyline is so good and there are so many things to unlock that those flaws don't bother you until you finish the game for like the 8th time.

PRO - the only worthwhile flightsim on the ps2 - great mix between sim and arcade - great graphics and sound - a lot of missions, both in campaign and arcade - a lot of planes - giving commands to your wingman - very easy learning curve - great TOP-GUN like dogfights

CON - repetitive after a while an very similar gameplay compared to AC04 - ground textures slightly downgraded to make space - some missions are very alike of those in previous versions causing a bit of a deja-vu

CHANGES TO ACE COMBAT 04 - no return line or reloading - no auto-pilot (d-pad for giving orders)

Rent or buy? Buy! you can't go wrong with this title and renting it for a couple days only gives you a slight peek in the fun you'll have laying this game
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Great video game.
jonelberg-465-23787916 February 2019
One of the best video games ever. The first time I played it & got to the stadium flyover I forgot that this was a video game & started crying when Chopper crashed. (Not something I generally do)
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