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Sex & Nudity

  • X-machi song contains women dancing in short and tight clothes exposing stomach,thighs and cleavage.
  • mild sensuality.
  • teen girls are kidnapped by the villains for illegal activities(slavery,prostitution).
  • the villain removes the clothes of a dead girl implying she is nude(nothing is shown).

Violence & Gore

  • several fight scenes where the hero beats up thugs.
  • a man is stabbed in the stomach with a pipe(blood trickles).
  • the hero kills a goon by snapping his neck.
  • a police officer is hit by a truck and lays dead(blood is shown).
  • The villain murders his enemies in very violent ways(shooting,throat slashed,drowned,chopped)the scene is quick.
  • weapons are shown often(guns and knives).
  • a young woman is slapped in the face.
  • army and police officers beat him thugs.
  • a young woman is stabbed in the back(the stabbing is not shown on screen but she later appears in pain,sweating and a knife inside her back covered in blood).her attacker then hits her on the head with a iron rod killing her,the corpse is shown lying in a pool of blood(gory and emotional scene).
  • the villain beats the hero in the head with a iron rod causing him short term memory loss.
  • a young woman is slapped and punched in a threatening way.
  • a woman is shot in the chest.
  • a violent climax between the hero and two villains involving a lot of blood and violence.
  • The villain is killed by having his neck snapped.
  • The main villain is beaten on the head with bare hands and dies of blood loss.


  • mild insulting.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • two men are shown drinking.
  • a group of smoking men bully into the hero and end up getting beaten up.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • revenge is the main theme of the film.
  • sanjay's apartment is dark and adds a creepy feeling as a murder took place.
  • kalpana's death is intense and very emotional.
  • this movie is not suitable for the weak heartened.

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