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16 Sep. 2006
Stretch's Cookies/Page Turner
Manny must find a way to get Mrs. Portillo's oven into her house in time for a baking contest. Turner thinks books are silly until he finds one that helps Manny fix a turnstile.
16 Sep. 2006
A Sticky Fix/Paint Job
When Manny is called in to fix a broken trophy, Felipe and Turner wind up glued to each other. Manny and the tools are called in to help fix up the community center.
17 Sep. 2006
Tight Squeeze/Julieta's Monster
Squeeze is glum about being the smallest tool. A neighbor needs a light installed in his granddaughter's closet because she's convinced there's a monster inside.
18 Sep. 2006
Tool in a China Shop/Welcome to Sheet Rock Hills
Pat has to stop being clumsy long enough to fix falling shelves at Mr. Kumar's China Shop. Squeeze gets stuck in a sewer, so Manny and the tools must rescue her.
19 Sep. 2006
Pet Problem/Felipe's New Job
Manny gets called to repair a broken cage at pet shop. While working on a toy manufacturer repair, the tools accidentally turn on a big toy-making machine.
Rusty's Little Light Lie/Squeeze in a Pinch
The Mayor asked Manny to install all the light bulbs for the Sheet Rock Hills Movie Theatre grand opening. Squeeze accidentally pinches Manny's hand during a repair.
21 Sep. 2006
Rusty to the Rescue/Pinata Party
A young boy is caught at the top of a jungle gym with a broken bar. It's Manny's birthday and to celebrate he's hung a piñata in the shop.
Pat the Screwdriver/Big Sister
Pat the Hammer gets bonked on the head and suddenly thinks he's a screwdriver. Mr. Alvarez calls Manny to repair a crib in preparation for the birth of his new baby.
30 Sep. 2006
Supremoguy/Tool Talk
Felipe takes on the role of his favorite comic book character - Super Tool! While on a repair at the Sheet Rock Hills Mini Golf Course, the owner seems to ignore the tools.
7 Oct. 2006
Amigo Grande/Tool for Sale
Manny and the Tools are called to the Sheet Rock Elementary School to erect a new flagpole. Pat is accidentally purchased at a yard sale!
The New Kid/Shoe Biz
Manny and the Tools are asked to build a new sign for a shoe store. Manny meets a boy who is afraid that being from another country will prevent him from making new friends.
21 Oct. 2006
Time Out/Shine Bright
The Big clock at city hall is running slow, and everyone in town is running slow too! Manny and the Tools are called in to fix some spotlights for a school concert.
4 Nov. 2006
Not So Fast Food/Merry-Go-Round
When the Tools make a repair at a drive-through, they learn that the fast way isn't always the best way. Mayor Rosa wants to tear down the broken merry-go-round in the park.
25 Nov. 2006
Wonder Tool/Tool Games
A door-to-door salesman convinces Manny to use the new Wonder Tool 3000 for a short trial period. Manny and the Tools do a repair at a carnival.
16 Dec. 2006
A Very Handy Holiday
When a series of emergency holiday repairs threaten their plans, the Tools learn that helping others is an even better way to celebrate the holidays.
13 Jan. 2007
Uncle Manny/Kitty Sitting
Manny and the tools try to keep Manny's nephew away from the workbench while they baby-sit him; Senor Sanchez looks after a kitten and forms a bond with it.
20 Jan. 2007
Detective Dusty/Radio Rusty
Mrs. Portillo is convinced her dryer is eating her socks! When Manny and the tools go to the local radio station for a repair, Rusty reluctantly takes over for the deejay.
10 Feb. 2007
Join the Club/Manny's Sick Day
While repairing a tree house, Manny and the Tools help teach a group of boys to include people, not exclude them. The Tools try to help Manny when he catches a cold.
14 Apr. 2007
Felipe Strikes Out/Pat's Big Idea
When Turner makes a bowling alley repair, a TV reporter mistakenly gives Felipe all the credit. Pat's unconventional way of problem-solving saves the day!
5 May 2007
Sinko-De-Mayo/Best Repairman
Manny has to repair Mrs. Portillo's clogged sink for her Cinco De Mayo party. Manny is voted the county's best repairman by the town newspaper.
13 May 2007
Mr. Lopart's Mother/Gopher Help
Manny gets a call from Mr. Lopart's mother to build a mantle for her fireplace. When the local park has a gopher problem they call on Manny and the Tools to help catch it!
A Very Handy Vacation
Abuelito convinces Manny to take a weekend trip to a nearby lake and the Tools stow away in Manny's luggage for their own vacation.
14 Jul. 2007
Abuelito's Garden/Firehouse Tools
When Abuelito seems inactive, Manny tries to get him out into the garden for fresh air and exercise. Manny and the Tools are called to the local firehouse to repair their bell.
15 Sep. 2007
Musica/Ice Cream Team
The Tools learn the beginnings of Manny's expertise in fixing things. Manny and the Tools attempt to fix the freezer in an ice cream cart before the ice cream melts!
8 Oct. 2007
Halloween/Squeeze's Magic Show
Manny repairs a costume shop's sewing machine in time for Halloween. A magician needs Manny to repair a magic box.

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