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16 Mar. 2012
St. Patrick's Day
Squeeze gets really competitive during the annual St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt.
17 Feb. 2012
The Right Stuff/Vet Visit
While helping Abuelito redecorate his house, Pat gets discouraged because he can't tell his left from right. Mrs. Portillo's dog is nervous to see the vet!
13 Apr. 2012
Handy Manny and the Seven Tools
Manny and the tools help rebuild a theater and get parts in a play.
27 Apr. 2012
Wedding Day
Manny and the Tools quickly learn it takes many people to help make a wedding special and decide to do all they can for Abuelito's and Mrs. Portillo's wedding.
7 Sep. 2012
Firefighter Manny
After seeing Manny, Kelly and the tools rescue Mr. Lopart from the side of a building, Chief Eduardo suggests they become volunteer firefighters.
9 Oct. 2012
Hank's Birthday
Manny and the tools take the automotive tools to visit Hank in Florida to celebrate his birthday. To get there in time for his birthday party they must repair boarding steps at the airport, and then enjoy their first-ever airplane ride. In Florida they fix a problem on Hank's boat to make sure he can get to his own birthday party.
10 Oct. 2012
Kelly's Big Photo Shoot/Phone Fix
During a photoshoot to advertise Kelly's store, Felipe is determined to make the shot! During a storm, somebody calls Manny, but the phone stops working. Who called Manny?
12 Oct. 2012
Mrs. Lopart's Attic/Hoop Dream
Manny and the tools go trick-or-treating and help Mrs. Lopart scare a bat out of her attic. The tools adjust a basketball hoop.

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