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Should be called "Mush"
guilfisher-111 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible terrible movie for Television. Once again Lifetime brings us the predictable triangle; scheming bitchy woman out to get stupid unknowing wife of yet another stupid husband who doesn't have a clue.

I get antsy when I see these films. You may ask, why do I watch them then? I haven't a clue. Usually by mistake. And the movie is so bad I can't get away from it. I wait for the bitch to get her come up-pence. And usually I'm not satisfied in how she gets her just desserts.

Now if you can believe our vixen, she steals embryos from the clinic, and how does one do that? Without blood tests, DNA, inquiries and recommendations. She proceeds to kill the Realtor, Gabrielle Rose, who is on to her, in broad daylight in the front yard of a house for sale and no one sees her? She kills the mother, Susan Hogan, and you could predict that surmise when the mother off handedly mentions she's allergic to peanuts and that the pills to combat this allergy are in her pocket book. Guess what? I won't continue on this.

Finally you are left in the house alone with the wife and the bitch. Well good triumphs evil, but much too slowly. Victoria Pratt as the evil girlfriend is adequate in the role, looking a bit too disheveled and obvious. Tori Spelling just stands around looking blank most of the time. She's got those big big Bette Davis eyes that look like they're popping out of her head. I liked her better in TRICK. And Tahmoh Penikett plays the husband going around assuring his wife there's nothing too he and his ex-girlfriend, even though he's spotted all over town being very chummy with her, standing half naked with her in his house when he sent the wife off to the city to stay overnight. Yet he continues to deny the romance.

Lifetime never disappoints the viewers with their inane plots and stories about women and their stupid husbands. Wish I could give this chestnut a "0" rating.
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Don't worry! We still got two embryo's left!
sol-kay29 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Out of the ordinary, to say the least, woman desperately wanting a child movie involving non fertile Nina Hamilton, Tori Spelling, who together with her doctor husband Noah, Tahmoh Penikett, try to have her implanted with an embryo fertilized with his sperm. What goes terribly wrong for the couple is that Noah's former girlfriend Callie, Victoria Pratt, beats Nina to it, the embryo, by imprisoning her at the Braxton Fertility Center where Nina is being treated at! It seems that Callie herself had become infertile by her getting a back room abortion by the then, ten years ago, 25 year old med student Noah who got her pregnant! Now wanting revenge Callie want's the child that's to be Noah and Nina's all for herself. And is willing to go so far as murder to get it!

Being out of Callie's life for ten years the now Dr. Noah Hamilton shows up with his wife as the towns of Mill Crossing new handsome MD not realizing what his former old flame has in store not just for him but his totally innocent, in what Noah did to her, wife Nina. It doesn't take long for Callie to ingratiate herself with Nina who unknowingly tells her about her problems in not being able to give birth! Finding out that Nina's doctor the world renowned fertilization specialist Dr. Burke, Hiro Kanagawa, in on vacation Callie impersonate Nina, by wearing a blond wig and dark glasses , and has Dr. Berk's replacement at the center Dr. Marvis, John Shaw, do the procedure on her!

By the time both Nina and Noah find out what happened it too late for them in that Callie is now pregnant with Noah's child! It's also too late for Nina cat Tess and later her mom Florence, Susan Hogan, who Callie killed for no other reason, in that they had nothing to do with her sick obsessions, but to get into practice in what was to came later in the movie. There's also the puzzling murder of real estate agent Dell Carter, Gabrielle Rose, by Callie who seemed to have it in for her because she wouldn't hired her, who was a waitress at the time, as a saleswoman at her office. A job that Callie was totally unqualified for!

***MAJOR SPOILERS*** The final and almost unbelievable ending scene in the film has both Nina & Callie having it out with each other over Noah and the baby as Noah's shows up looking completely befuddled in him being unable to make heads or tails of what going on! In him trying to smooth things out between the two battling babes Noah ends up getting the worst of it by turning his back on them. That's when the slug fest continued with Callie falling on her sword, or kitchen knife, when Nina tackled her as she was on her way into her, and Noah's, child's bedroom with the intent to murder the helpless baby girl in order to keep her out of the hands of her rightful parents Nina & Noah Hamilton.
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cheap entertainment
dpisthebest4 June 2005
if you're a sucker for corny movies and are looking to see something you don't need to pay close attention to, this might be worth watching. the story itself is very unrealistic. the dialogue is also not very believable. it is doubtful you will find yourself relating to any of these characters because none of them are very likable. the acting could've been a lot worse. victoria pratt is noticeably out of place with the rest of the cast, as she seems to have a lot of potential and talent as an actress. while it's not saying much, this is one of the best acting performances i've seen from tori spelling. she appears to be getting better with age. overall, this extremely melodramatic movie is mediocre at best.
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bjfitzpat24 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There isn't one surprise in this mediocre "thriller". Years after leaving his hometown (and the girlfriend on whom he performed an abortion) a doctor and his wife return. It isn't long before the old girlfriend is a part of their lives as she tries to get the doctor to leave his wife for her. The girlfriend even goes so far as to kill his mother-in-law. She also impersonates the wife at a fertility clinic and becomes pregnant with the husbands baby. The actors do the best they can, given the dearth of material. Victoria Pratt comes off the best, playing the psychotic girlfriend with a believable intensity. Tahmoh Penikett is adequate as Doctor Hamilton (although in his defense he isn't really given a lot to do). Tori Spelling is also adequate as the targeted wife (luckily for her meager acting skills she isn't given a lot to do).
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Typical Lifetime Dreck
jkemeyer8 July 2006
I don't know if I should be amused or insulted by drivel like this put out by "Lifetime: Television For Women" Should be renamed "Lifetime: Television For Shut In Drama Queens" because I've yet to see a movie that wasn't a tear jerking pot boiler. This film was no exception. You know a film's going to be bad when the biggest headliner is Tori Spelling, completely a creation of bad plastic surgery and spoiled privilege minus any real talent. Everyone else matched her in unbelievably bad acting and the storyline was beyond dumb, as if anyone could believe any of it. If I hadn't have been helpless on the sofa pinned down watching with the same fascination you view a gory car wreck I would have changed the channel.
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In the other 90%
caa8211 July 2007
This is one of those films you can have on for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning -- able to do other things with no real complications in losing any understanding of the proceedings, and gaining some fascination in wondering why such mediocrities acquired the manpower and financial resources to be produced in the first place.

Of course, with all the cable channels, as well as Lifetime's need to fill its time slots with 100 or so hours worth of movies per week (along with incessant "Golden Girls" reruns), this type of fare is now a t.v. staple. Also, it seems these flicks provide livelihood to the Canadian locales where most are made, as well as the host of Canadian actors appearing in them.

Tori Spelling, like the ferret-face Paris Hilton, is somebody who - if not for family connections and resources - would likely be working at The Gap. But at least Tori has become, say, a C+-level thespian, appearing in occasional presentations appropriate to this level.

This story is one which has been seen on Lifetime and similar venues God-knows-how-many times. Devious woman, a total sociopath, trying to screw-up everyone else's lives, operating during the initial parts of the story with more cleverness than a CIA operative could muster, committing murder when necessary, and out to wreck the life of the flick's "heroine."

As usual, the male lead is a completely clueless dolt. And in these types of films, one finds, say, characters about whom one can really "care," about 10% of the time. This one is in the other 90%.
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Tori Spelling Was Fantastic
whpratt115 December 2005
Have followed Tori Spelling in most of her films and she has improved greatly in her great acting skills. It is hard for an actor to out shine her famous dad, however, in this picture she was outstanding. Tori Spelling played the role of Nina Hamilton,"Sol Goode",'01, as a wife to a doctor who is a bit green behind the ears in his profession, but the past seems to catch up with him. Nina has a bitter experience finding out things about her husband's past and his love affair on top of a building in the local town. Nina and her husband love each other very much, but a woman with hot desires on her husband make it very difficult to have a normal loving marriage. The TV film will keep you on the edge of your seat and like I said before, Tori is at her very best in the acting department. Enjoy!
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Not worth reviewing
xredgarnetx1 July 2007
Lazy writing, bad acting and wooden direction lead us to a 2005 Canadian-made TV movie called HUSH, not to be confused with about eight other movies using the same name. Tori Spelling and her doctor hubby move from SanFran to his small hometown, where they run into his old gal pal, who decides she still loves him. She gets pregnant with Tori's baby (don't ask) and starts knocking off anyone who might get in her way as she plans to reunite with her old flame. The actors playing the old gal pal and the doctor are not worth mentioning, as they act flatter than flat. Tori isn't much better, but at least she is something to focus on as the plot meanders here and there before arriving at a very lame and all-too-familiar conclusion. Watch instead THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE.
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Not the worst, but not the best.
alruhi-125 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I caught this movie while doing something else online, and I generally found myself wanting to see some scenes, but ended up mostly listening until the end. All I can say is that it's worth seeing maybe once when there's nothing better on, but beyond that? Obviously there's better, more intelligent movies out there.

What I liked about this one is that it wasn't over-the-top like similar movies nor was it full of screaming and explosive intensity. Cellie was a but more subtle and "tightly coiled" in her obsession and rage. In fact, Victoria Pratt was the only great actress in the movie. I viewed Cellie was more sad creepy than scary creepy, honestly. Sure, she's still a creep, but she's much more understated than many other obsessive characters. Everyone else is generally okay and Tori Spelling does a fairly good job as Nina.

The movie felt more like a drama than anything. However, the ending...gah. Here's where Cellie turns into a Voldemort, and basically throws out any devious intelligence that she had in the beginning. Sure, she's still soft spoken in her rage, but apparently her brain got burnt because she just does things that even a bumbling fool wouldn't think of doing. Here's a few hints: 1. People that kill/ruin/commit crimes against others WITHOUT getting caught don't say anything to anyone about it unless the other person is dying or dead. 2. They don't just make threats like, "If you do this, then I'll"...nope. They just DO IT. Leave no witnesses and they NEVER tip their hands. 3. They do things themselves and never turn their backs on their enemies. Then again, if she really was so brilliant, then the movie would have ended halfway through with a "it was an accident, I'm so sorry. She slipped from my grasp." *sob*.

Honestly, it's not that bad, but there's a reason why it has the rating that it does.
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worth watching
univamgroup27 April 2009
I thought this movie was one of Tori's best movies (from a genre of made for TV 'B' movies). I thought is was pretty good for an over-used, 'angry ex-girlfriend takes revenge on new wife' theme. It kept me on the edge and the psycho ex-girlfriend is unpredictable. One of the ridiculous parts is how does a waitress who doesn't have two nickels to rub together miraculously pay for invetro procedures??? Other than that, the movie clips along, not sure what's going to happen next - so it holds your interest. It's a great Saturday afternoon flick to curl up on the couch with popcorn. I give it 8 stars - I've certainly seen worse!
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