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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some frightening sequences

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown (back side) in a bathing suit. You only see from her waist up. No nudity is shown.
  • A woman is shown sitting on a couch in a robe with her knees to her chest. No nudity is shown just her legs.
  • A woman is shown lounging by a pool in a bikini. No nudity is shown.
  • A woman is naked a few times but nearly nothing is show of her (only her legs or only above her shoulders).
  • A woman is shown wearing only a long shirt to cover herself throughout the movie. Her legs are always visible up to just below her thighs.
  • One brief mild sexual joke which implies two characters might have had sex. a woman is basically naked through the whole film but you dont really see anything

Violence & Gore

  • A wolf-like creature snarls at a man, the man turns to run and the creature attacks and kills him (we hear the man scream and see him being pulled down).
  • Three monkey-like creatures jump out of trees and attack a wolf-like creature (we hear pounding and squishing and see them drag it into the thick woods).
  • A wolf-like creature grabs and drags a young unconscious woman through grass.
  • A wolf-like creature breaks through a glass window snarling and snapping and trying to reach a young woman (she gets away).
  • A woman is often shown with scratches on her legs.
  • A man slips on the side of a pool, falls hard on the cement and rolls into the pool unconscious.
  • A man swims through a pool drain, along a passageway and into a room where he becomes stuck when the door jams; he struggles to get the door open before he drowns (he does get out).
  • Stick-figure-like drawings of wolf-like creatures attacking humanoid beings and we see one wolf holding one of them in its mouth.
  • We hear that a man's wife and children were murdered during a robbery.


  • 2 anatomical terms, 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (dumb), 9 religious exclamations

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several men smoke cigarettes in several scenes. A man yells at several men who are smoking. People are shown drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in a party scene. People are shown drinking beer in a few scenes. Man refers to himself and his friends as "tokers"

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man tries and apparently succeeds at killing a large insect of some sort under a tenant's sink, but we don't see it or the impact (just the motion of his jabs). This is played for comedy, but those afraid of big bugs might find it unsettling.
  • The monsters in the film maybe frightening to some as they are dark wolf-like creatures which lurk in the grass unseen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Tartutic, the ape-like law keepers of the bedtime story, eventually make a brief appearance at the end of the film. They look essentially like spiny, undead monkeys. May be frightening for younger viewers.

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