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29 Oct. 2018
Start Your Engines!
Andrew announces that for season fourteen, the show will embrace all the new technology available to assist people in making them safer drivers, meaning that they will leave such things as back-up cameras installed in the vehicles used on the show. It also means that the nominees will have to use the GPS on their phones to find their way on the 70 km drive to the Drivers' Rehabilitation Centre located at Dunnville Airport. The seven nominees for Canada's Worst Driver Season 14 are: Karlene Bowen, a once professional driver who has such high anxiety behind the wheel the result of ...
5 Nov. 2018
Look Where You Wanna Go
With Ryan Whittier being named the first graduate of the season, he the first ever to do so at the end of the first episode in a regular season of the show, there are six nominees left in the running for the title of Canada's Worst Driver. The first challenge is the annual riding the rails, which the nominees must do forward and in reverse, the challenge designed to see if they know where their wheels are at all times. The one change this season is that the car will be equipped with a bird's eye camera which will allow the drivers to see where their wheels are via the screen ...
12 Nov. 2018
Check. Check.
With no one graduating after the last expert evaluation, six nominees remain at the Centre. The first challenge is the figure eight reversing challenge, which all the nominees will do with the other nominees as their passengers. Andrew provides them a demonstration that they can successfully complete the challenge by using the side view mirror on the inside of the turn, which they need to hug to prevent their front end from hitting anything on the outside of the curve due to front end swing. The second challenge is the trough challenge, which is designed to see if ...
19 Nov. 2018
Crash. Bang. Boom.
With, for the second week in a row, no one having graduated after the latest panel deliberation, six nominees still remain at the Centre. There is only one official challenge this week, the swerve and avoid challenge, the maneuver which is taught to the nominees by Philippe. The maneuver is to be used to avoid hitting something when there is insufficient room to brake before hitting the object. The most difficult aspect of the maneuver may be the natural instinct to brake, which in this case will only lock the vehicle's movement in the direction it is already ...
26 Nov. 2018
Back It Up!
With Darris Wilderman being named the second graduate of the season, five nominees remain at the Centre. Their backing up skills are tested in all of the three challenges this week. With Tim in the vehicle, the nominees are able to see the mechanics of parallel parking using the vehicle's automated parking technology before they may be able to put these skills to good use in the annual parking lot challenge. The nominees must be able to back into whatever space is available in one motion, some of those spaces which are in the parallel parking vein. Hitting anything or contravening ...
3 Dec. 2018
Ups and Downs
With no one graduating after the most recent panel deliberation for the third time of only five deliberations this season, five nominees remain at the Centre. Andrew discusses how brain functioning is a large cause of the bad driving for those five - with at least two having been diagnosed with some sort of clinical mental health issue - highlighting the importance of Shyamala's role on the panel in helping them become better drivers. Two of the three challenges this week focus on the skill of pedal control. The first is the annual teeter-totter challenge where the ...
10 Dec. 2018
Slippery When Wet
With Karlene Bowen named the most recent graduate, albeit under less than usual circumstances, four nominees remain at the Centre in the running for the Season 14 title. Before the nominees embark on their challenges for the week, Andrew acknowledges a letter received from a viewer, Will Banda, who credits the show for saving his and others' lives in teaching him how to do the swerve and avoid which prevented a serious accident from occurring. Unlike aware Mr. Banda, Tim has noticed that all four of the remaining nominees suffer from a lack of focus which is a large part of the reason for ...
17 Dec. 2018
The Final Three
With Descy McMurray being named the most recent graduate, the three nominees in the finale to be Canada's Worst Driver Season 14 are Brittany Dube, Alexis Pratola and Brandon Wilkins. They all reached this point in the unprecedented request to be in the finale (Descy who had no desire to be), with Brittany and Brandon making the further unprecedented declaration that they will cut up their license and either start from scratch or never drive again if named Canada's Worst Driver, something to which Alexis also ultimately agrees for herself perhaps in her belief that she will not get the title. Brittany arguably has more to ...

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