Black Christmas (2006) Poster

Robert Mann: Billy Lenz - 20 & 35 Years



  • [phone rings] 

    Melissa Kitt : I got it.

    [caller I.D. reads Megan Helms] 

    Melissa Kitt : Why is Megan calling here?

    Melissa Kitt : [answers phone]  Hey, where are you?

    Billy Lenz : [eerily edited recordings, heavy breathing heard in background]  Claire will you just answer me...

    [muffled, echoed voice] 

    Billy Lenz : She's my family now... she's my family now...

    [higher pitched] 

    Billy Lenz : Santa Claus...

    [muffled voice again] 

    Billy Lenz : Why Santa? Fuck Santa! FUCK SANTA!

    [hangs up phone] 

    Melissa Kitt : That was not Megan.

  • Billy Lenz : [Over the phone]  She's my family now!

  • [Mrs. Lenz walks into the kitchen to make Agnes some Christmas cookies. Before starting, she turns on the stove and lights up a cigarette. Right after she lit the cigarette, the phone rang] 

    Mrs. Lenz : [answers the phone]  Hello? Merry Christmas.

    Mrs. Lenz : [There's no answer so she repeats]  Merry Christmas.

    Mrs. Lenz : [Again no answer]  Hey! Merry Christmas!

    Billy Lenz : She's my family now.

  • Kelli Presely : [phone rings]  Alpha Kappa... hello? Hello, hello? Very funny, Kyle.

    Kelli Presely : I think someone's in trouble.

    [turns receiver onto speaker phone] 

    Billy Lenz : [on the telephone, in a muffled, maniacal voice]  Where is Agnes? Billy! What your mother and I must know is where is Agnes? Merry Christmas, Agnes. You are in my house, I can see you. Everyone should be home for Christmas! Santa Claus is dead.

    Lauren Hanon : Hey, shouldn't you get goin', don't you have lots of toys to deliver to good little boys and girls?

    Billy Lenz : I'm gonna kill you.

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