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  • Yes, there is a UK and a US version. The US version is slightly longer than the UK version, and contains three different death scenes and a longer and different ending. The UK version and US phone-calls are also slightly different and both cuts of the movie have different characters in each versions not present in the other version (i.e. Kelli's parents are present in the UK but not US, Morgue Attendant - US but not UK). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are several scenes in the US theatrical trailer that are not present in the movie. These are the following:

    • An unknown caller ringing. When the girls answer, he replies "All is calm, all is bright, who is in my house tonight?"

    • An unknown girl on a frozen lake when a hand reaches through the ice. This girl was never in the movie and was just hired to film a few promotional scenes.

    • Dana falling off the roof tangled in christmas lights.

    • Dana being dragged through the snow by a christmas lights machine.

    • Melissa in the hallway with a flashlight while Billy is on the ceiling ready to strike with an axe.

    Also, in one of the TV spots, there is another scene that didn't make it into the final movie. It consists of the doorbell ringing and Melissa answering it armed with a shotgun. She aims it and says "Merry Christmas, motherf**ker!"

    These scenes were added in by the executive producers. They were added in the trailer for promotional purposes only. Glen recieved a call from Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Heather) telling him what had happened - this made him very angry. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kelli Presley: Elvis Presley

    Melissa Kitt: Eartha Kitt

    Dana Mathis: Johnny Mathis

    Clair Crosby: Bing Crosby

    Leigh Crosby Colvin: Shawn Colvin (I don't think so)

    Megan Helms - Bobby Helms

    Heather Lee - Brenda Lee (although she is Fitzgerald too)

    (Also these Famous singers sung famous Christmas Songs) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Probably not since it wasn't much of a success. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The victims:

    a. Frank Lenz (Peter Wilds). The good hearted father. He was killed by his own wife along with her lover.

    b. The Stepfather (). The abusive mother. She was killed by Billy Lenz.

    d. Security Guard (Ron Selmour). The unimportant character. He was stabbed in the neck by Billy Lenz.

    e. Clair Crosby (Leela Savasta).The first to be killed. She was choked with a plastic bag and then stabbed in the eye by Agnes Lenz.

    f. Megan Helms (Jessica Harmon). Kyle ex-girlfriend. She was stabbed in the head and had her eye pulled out by Agnes Lenz.

    g. Dana Mathis (Lacey Chabert). The rich and snobby girl. She was stabbed in the head by Agnes Lenz.

    h. Eve Agnew (Kathleen Kole). The nerdy girl. She was decapitated by Agnes Lenz.

    i. Heather Fitzgerald (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). The rich and pious girl. She was killed in the car by Billy Lenz.

    j. Melissa Kitt (Michelle Trachtenberg). The loyal girl. Sliced in the head with ice skates by Agnes Lenz.

    k. Kyle Autry (Oliver Hudson). The cheating boyfriend. He was stabbed in the face by Agnes Lenz.

    l. Leigh Colvin (Kristen Cloke). The half-sister. She had her neck snapped by Agnes Lenz.

    m. Lauren Hannon (Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe). The bitchy and sassy girl. She had her eyes gouged out with a plastic unicorn by Agnes Lenz.

    Barbara MacHenry/Ms. Mac (Andrea Martin) was the only person to not have been killed in this movie. Her death caused by an icicle which stabbed her face.

    The survivor:

    Kelli Presley (Katie Cassidy). She was chased by the killers at the hospital. According to the US ending, she electrocuted Agnes Lenz with a defibrillator. In addition, she also pushed Billy Lenz onto a Christmas tree's star, killing him.

    The killers: There is more than one killer in the movie:

    The mother and her lover. They first killed Billy's father for their future relationship.

    Billy. He killed his own mother and ate her cooked flesh after stabbed his stepfather in the face. Billy was also the one that gouged out Agnes's eye.

    Agnes. She killed almost all of the sorority sisters who stayed in her house. She begins to kills them all, exactly after her brother escapes from prison while Agnes stays in the attic. After Billy can makes his way to his home, now the Delta Alpha Kappa Sorority House, he terrorizes the girls using Clair's cell phone. The caller is Billy and the killer is Agnes. Edit (Coming Soon)


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