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I wish these fellas will learn
kumar_ramany21 June 2006
Why cant they copy any other good English movie if their brain doesn't work. God this movie is piece of master work by an imbecile. I will recommend this movie only to those people who wants to take revenge on their in-laws or friends or wants to do a soft kill of their enemy. Take them to this movie, i am sure they will die instantly. I am sure when the director took this movie, he took only his relatives into consideration who have acted in this movie, nothing else. Had he taken the audiences, he would have at least pumped in some story/plot something to vaguely remind us that we do have brain. But alas, this fellow has completely ignored all this logical sensibility's. The best ever thing that happened in the movie is the climax, i laughed, laughed and laughed. Can you imagine someone planting a bomb on a Foot ball and thats going blast and kill all the spectators, instead of moving the spectators, the hero gives a rousing speech, to the people of India, his friend, friends father and his lover then kicks the ball into the air, where the bomb harmlessly blasts and everyone is saved. Wah Wah. What a plot, what a climax. You will laugh your heads off. Stay clear out of this movie. Never to be watched not even on trailers.
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