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Uncontrolable laughs (Dvd)
leplatypus22 January 2007
My motivation to this movie runs from that I am a big fan of the lead actor: Michael Youn. From his hit morning show, to his songs, to his play and movies, I like his energy, his all-around humor, sensitiveness & honesty.

· With "Around the World in 80 Days", it was a 2 minutes character (but as Swartzeneger or De France, not even credited in the "main details" of the IMDb page!) · With "11 commandements", his spirit was kept but it wasn't really a movie.

Here, it has a real script, so the danger was that it could have killed his spirit…

The result: It's dumb ; it's crazy ; the script doesn't make sense… But, what's the hell ! It's funny, edited with energy, and the talented cast is having fun… Why asking for more with a comedy ??

I choose the DVD collector so I'm lucky to have access to a lot of bonuses. The making-of, the gag-reel, add supplementary laughs: the scene of the "dogs trophy" deserves to be a "classic". There seems to have a lot of scenes cut, so I hope to an extended version. The special "dubbed" editing is interesting because it is a good film-making lesson: never trust a frame: the eyes can always be deceived!

In conclusion, Michael Youn is an real actor & his skills aren't limited to his nakedness !
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The body's revenge (The French Jim Carrey)
mattwargam13 January 2007
Just think for a second all the bad things we do that harm our body..., the junk food , the cigarettes, the lack of exercise... . They say when something hurts, when something does not work properly, is actually every single cell manifesting, almost screaming for help. Like the old doctor's proverb: "Sickness is the shout of the body". But, what if the body can really speak for itself? Our mind in one side and all the figure in the other. Both confronted in a struggle that never ends, and if it does, the only possible result is dead. Enemies that without noticing are killing each other, as they need to work as a team to survive. But don't imagine that, just go and see this movie. A great French production, meritorious of a comparison with Hollywood Jim Carrey movies, like "The Mask", "Liar Liar" and "Irene, me and myself". Those kind of comedies that make you laugh gag after gag. Michael Youn carries all the film in his shoulders and takes it to unlimited places in a hilarious adventure. Our main man: a script writer surrounded only by the failures of his works, also projected in all the aspects of his life. Decided to meet success he will realize that it's not an easy job, specially when everyone is not helping, including his own body, that decided after a strange accident, to start a rebellion. The characters are taken to the extreme of ridiculousness. The colorful variety doesn't stop surprising us. A jealous father, a very particular police officer, a lovely grandmother, and the never missing, but also, impossible love. It deserves to be seen. "Men sana in corpore sano" or I should say "corpore sano and men sana"? Ask your body to take you to the cinema, relax your mind, and enjoy it.
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Hilarious movie ... The new Jim Carrey is French
Findus_findus18 April 2006
Wonderful ! 10 is not enough. I laughed all along ... so much that I could hardly hear the words ... but the pictures are enough believe me !

This guy Mike Youn is really a genius. If you liked Jim Carrey in his first movies, you will LOVE this guy. In France he is the most famous actor in comedy acting and millions of people go to see his one-man-shows and movies.

It's French OK but unlike most French movies "Incontrolable" is really hilarious and contains a lot of fun, crazy and brilliant comedy inventions. Go and rent it !

I hope to see this Michael Youn to perform in an English or American movie one day (he is perfectly Fluent and lives in United States by the way and almost made it for the cast in the next James Bond movie "Casino Royal" as the evil guy). By the way, this guy simply invented Jackass when he was a young TV animator in France (for those who don't know him ...). Thanks Youn Mr You !
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