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Season 1

26 Jan. 2006
Road Rats
Travellers from a city called Solace are off in search of parts for their Solar converter when they are waylaid and robbed of their food and fuel. They also encounter two boys with special powers who are travelling with a baby girl and a price on their heads. Decisions have to made to ensure the future of their city.
30 Jan. 2006
The Fantasia encounters a roadblock and a gang of mutant hillfolk who demand a high toll; and Timon reveals to Garland the truth about himself and his siblings.
31 Jan. 2006
The Fantasia visit the industrialized city of Gramth in search of fuel. Corruption is rife and poor children who can't afford an exemption are enslaved in the mines. When Lillith is captured and put to work, Garland and Timon try to free her, while Boomer too gets a chance to prove his mettle.
1 Feb. 2006
At the simple village of Swamptown, Boomer is sure he sees ghosts and Goneril and Eden are accused of being witches. As the Fantasia fight to prove the pair's innocence, they uncover dark forces at work in the village.
2 Feb. 2006
The Fantasia find luxury at Greentown, but the sumptuous food and drink seem to put them under a spell. Boomer is strangely immune to the curse and uncovers the horrible truth about the town. It's up to him to rescue the Fantasia.
6 Feb. 2006
A deadly plague falls upon the Fantasia and their quest is under threat. When a clue is revealed to Garland, she sets out with Timon and Boomer to find the cure. But Ozul and Maska now see their chance to seize Eden and the Talisman.
7 Feb. 2006
The Fantasia reach Newton, the city of knowledge, where they will find the new solar converter. But Garland finds their enemies have got there first; Timon and Eden have a terrible secret, and a bunch of marauding children could sabotage the whole quest.
8 Feb. 2006
Heading home, the Fantasia's path is blocked by landmines and they are forced to go through the radioactive Tunnels of the Dead. Lilith's singing proves to be an unlikely lifesaver - but the dark tunnels bring danger and reveal a new mystery.
9 Feb. 2006
Off the Map
Yves wins a map in a card game, but the Fantasia soon learn that they have been led off track and into the hands of Pirates who are dead-set on enslaving them.
13 Feb. 2006
Birdboys attack the Fantasia. But when the precious solar converter is discovered missing, Garland and Timon believe the real traitor is within the Fantasia.
14 Feb. 2006
Pilgrim's Vantage
As Yves and Maddie grow closer, Garland realizes how much she misses Ferdy. Timon gives her the opportunity to rewrite history and bring back her father but in doing so, Garland could put the whole quest at risk.
15 Feb. 2006
Time is running out for the Fantasia, as they prepare to cross a lake guarded by a monster. Boomer is sure that Timon has something to hide; the true nature of the Talisman is revealed and Ozul and Maska have plans that will change everything.
16 Feb. 2006
As the Fantasia faces destruction and disaster, an old friend comes to the rescue. But even if they can get the solar converter to Solis, Garland finds there are traps and betrayal in store. To complete the quest and save Solis, Garland faces the ultimate challenge.

 Season 1 

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