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Sex & Nudity

  • The plot is basically about a teenager who becomes addicted to porn. We see girls in scantily clad clothing in some pictures. None of the 'Adult' images have any nudity.
  • A girl in high school is said to expose herself on the web for her boyfriend.
  • Justin, the main character, begins imagining girls' bodies after seeing them online.
  • Justin walks into a pool, strips to his briefs (the camera moves down to his feet), and begins swimming. He dunks down and sees a bunch of girls thinly draped in brightly covered veils swimming all around him (the scene is artistic, but very sensual).
  • A boy gets his brother into porn, and his brother, who's only 11, shows it to his friend.
  • A woman finds a CD labeled "Virgin Vaginas" in her son's drawer.
  • Justin uses his girlfriend's PDA to look at porn in one scene.
  • Justin shows his friend a leather bondage site in one scene, which gets his friend all freaked out and telling him to "Get that stuff off my screen now".
  • Justin touches Monica's breast in one scene.
  • Justin goes to visit Monica, the school's oversexed girl. She leads her into his room, he gets onto her bed, and they begin kissing him. She unbuckles his pants (presumably to have sex with him) and he stops her.
  • Justin is seen using his computer mouse to trace the round circle of a girl's breast in one picture.

Violence & Gore

  • After her failed attempt to have sex with Justin, Monica runs into the bathroom and slams her head on the sink, which causes to blood to run down her face.
  • Justin is beaten up severely in one scene and his face is bruised and bloody.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is seen in one scene. We see Justin constantly drinking energy drinks and Double Shot Espressos.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie can be considered psycho-sexually unnerving.

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