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Five cops, five issues....same swamp
rogerkint-122 September 2005
A story of five homicide department police officers. Every one of them has got his own problem. First on learns that he is dying only 2 month before retirement, second one deals with his greedy ex wife and does everything to spend some time with his beloved son, third one is an alcoholic torn between two women - his wife and his lover, who is about to have his child, forth one tries to learn how to be a good cop and a good human being, and the last one falls in love with a women, who supposed to be a decoy in a mobster hunt. All of this shown on the streets of Poland's capitol - Warsaw. A really good movie to see, and You don't have to be Polish to understand it, because all problems are really universal.
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quite good action movie
koniev11 February 2007
Movie presents Warsaw homicide police section. You can see in it, life of low payed, bonus hours police workers, who deals with gangster's brutality day and night and many other related problems, balancing between good and evil. The plot is about some Armenian mafia characters in Warsaw leaving bodys terrorizing city, and shows how two different worlds (police and gangsters)meets and penetrate each other. But in this brutal world, young motivated cop finding his love in Jamma, daughter of Armenian gangster. Weronika Rosatti as Jamma shows good performance, btw. she's steaming hot. This movie shows that if you want to be a policeman, you have to be mentally and physically strong, have to take care of your work colleagues. There's corruption, love and shooting. What more you need for afternoon entertainment? I recommend it to you.
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