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Daphne Zuniga returns to a world of Beautiful People.
Banshee5729 August 2005
Naturally, I feel compelled to tell you about my love for an amazing actress named Daphne Zuniga, the main head-liner of this nice show. Years ago, try twelve or thirteen, Zuniga was a young photographer named JoBeth Reynolds on the critically acclaimed drama, "Melrose Place". She was, herself, beautiful, witty, tough, and deep, as well as surrounded by beautiful people all over. Now, in this new drama, "Beautiful People", she returns to the prime-time dial, but with a new breed of beautiful people.

With Jo Reynolds a fond memory, Daphne is now the lovely Lynn Kerr, a newly single mother, trying to provide a warm, sharing, and loving world for her two daughters, portrayed by Torry Devitto and Sarah Foret. Zuniga never fails to satisfy, and as Lynn Kerr, I see new depths to which she can dive into, especially now as other Melrose alumni are resurfacing as well. (Marcia Cross and Doug Savant in "Desperate Housewives"). The two new actresses Foret and Devitto are cute, and even amusing in this family based drama, but obviously, Zuniga helms the project with force and experience to which the younger stars are lucky to work with. The rest of the cast is okay too. Ricky Mabe takes the cake among the co-stars as a non-conformist, straight-forward, honest , but good-hearted outcast, stealing the scene as he spits his words about the truth concerning the "BP'S" (Beautiful People). The show has soft touch for familiar development, but just as the 'beautiful people' it introduces, looks are always deceiving.

I can also say, that this show is truly misplaced on the ABC-Family channel. It does deal with a mother, and her two daughters in their new life, and the concern for safety and love in the big apple, but there are some touchy situations this show touches base with. I have no problem with a single part of this show, but the surprise is the channel it airs. I know it would seem fairly normal on the normal ABC station, but Family is a bit risky, as Daphne even said in the beginning about the program. I didn't completely believe it myself, but it's true. The Kerr family meet people who take drugs, teenagers who have sex, in hot-tubs for that matter. An adult male, speaks his mind on the basis of his homosexuality, and other kinds of chaos ensues.

I am all for risk, and to that I can say I hope to see more of this show around. It's about time we see Daphne Zuniga in the spotlight again, and she is, without a doubt, having a great time like the rest of the cast. I know only as much as the next viewer about the eight episode run for an opening season, but I hope much more will come! A good Welcome Back to Daphne Zuniga, and an even bigger good luck to the show! It's a fun show to watch.
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You're Missing Out if You're Not Watching.
surferchicky921 January 2006
Beautiful People is a great show with great writing and great acting and great everything else! Daphne Zuniga is awesome as Lynn Kerr, a single mom trying to make it in the fashion business. And Sarah Foret is actually very good also as Sophie Kerr, the youngest of the Kerrs. I will admit, sometimes she does over act a little bit. But only at some parts. Torrey DeVitto is my favorite of the three as Karen Kerr, an edgy and spunky girl who wants to be a model.

I like the rest of the cast equally as much. Overall, this show is just sometimes over dramatic, but still doesn't go way too over the top.

I've been missing it for a while, and I can't wait till the season premiere.
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Beautiful People
psmith-4812 August 2006
This series is excellent....I will be really angry if they stop with one season and leaving the ending the way they did at the end of season one.

This show deals with real issues and the messy business of it all. Having been a single mother, I love how unpredictable each episode is. Just like real life, not every situation turns out good. I like how the show deals with this and it keeps it interesting.. I could not stop watching the first season on DVD....

Please continue the show. The development of the characters is so open for possibilities that the show could easily continue for several seasons without losing it's appeal. All three actresses are excellent and so believable in their parts.. Kudos to them and the writer's. The director did an excellent job on how you are pulled into the scene with the actors...anyone who watches this won't want it to end.
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Not-So-Subtle disappointment
anitamartinez9929 June 2011
In an attempt to draft behind the success of the unforgettable Gilmore Girls' series, I was hopeful that this new program, Beautiful People, could be at least a supplement to (but never a replacement for) my all-time-favorite show. However, it didn't do anything except get under my skin.

With so many blatant similarities (young, single mom determined to make it on her own despite the attempts of the wealthy to help her out; brainy daughter attending a prestigious, upper-crust prep school and dealing with first loves and socio-economic contrasts; the fact that the main characters are all gorgeous brunettes), it's obvious the writers of Beautiful People were trying desperately to scoop up as many GG fans as they could. Yet with all that extra time on their hands - I mean, they didn't even need to lift a finger to come up with a storyline - you'd think they would have invested it in creating original situations and better acting.... NOPE! I could only force myself to watch two episodes before shutting the thing off -- it hurt too much! It was like I'd become psychic, because I knew, at the start of almost every scene, what was going to happen next... almost down to the dialogue. "Us against the world..." c'mon, can we get some fresh material here? The main actress paying the mom, Daphne Zuniga, is not bad in her role, but not great, either. Her bland performance left me wishing I cared more about her character. And it's no wonder that Sarah Foret's filmography list is so small - her thick, brown hair and cutesy, mole-flanked smile isn't enough to make her likable as the star daughter of the show - my God, she couldn't even make herself cry in one scene. I mean, isn't that basic acting? I do have to give props for the writers' ambitious attempt to kill three birds with one stone -- not only do they have the attractive single mother to appeal to the older crowd and the pretty-yet-nerdy teen to bring a few younger kids on board, but then there's the sexy twenty-something hottie to provide just enough skin to capture a few straight male viewers as well.

I sound a little bitter, I know... but when you come off the high of Gilmore Girls, seasons 1 thru 6 with its brilliant acting and clever writing (I boycotted the last one because the new writers didn't deserve me), it's difficult to watch a blatant copycat make such a fool of itself. Gilmore Girls is a tough act to follow, and a show that's trying to mimic it for even a small market share would have to be BEYOND GREAT - there'd have to be dancing monkeys twirling batons set aflame - to try and compete with it.

So to the writers of Beautiful People I say, you should've chosen your battle a little better because it's pretty clear that you lost. And I wish I could sue you for the two hours out of my life that I wasted watching your show.
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Ordinary borderline boring
sistershrew19 March 2006
I'm sorry, but this is not a very good show. The dialogue is bland, the events are predictable, and it feels like we've seen the insignificant plot lines a million times before.

The characters are extremely one-dimensional and over-dramatic to the point where it's annoying and/or frustrating to watch them interact. But this itself wouldn't be much of a problem if not for the fact that their 'interacting' is difficult to swallow and the script could use a hell of a lot more work.

Also, the chemistry between a lot of the characters is zero. This is a pretty bad thing considering much of the show centers around their relationships. Skip this show if you tend to dislike chick flicks. Because this is basically just a really bad chick flick disguised as a television series.
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great show
gonza_espina039 July 2006
this show is really great. the girls are doing great, besides Karen's beauty she's a really good actress. i like her very much. i think the scripts are great, the deals are real, in other series the problems seem to happen only in the TV. with beautiful people you can laugh, you can cry, if you see you will love it.i must admit that i'm in love with the show and with Karen or Torrey too.she's really awesome. i'd like to emphasize Ben's work.the photographer does really good, he shines in the bad role. maybe you can criticize Nicky's work, he doesn't seem real. he over acts sometimes, that's not good. the actor got to feel the script or the character, he doesn't, but the show looks great. watch it!
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Very entertaining
emmie85629 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think this show is very good most of the time. However, I felt that the drama was played up a bit too much during some of the later episodes, in 2006. The acting is of very high quality. Sarah Foret is a believable young girl, and Torey Devitto does an amazing job during the diet pill phase, which I would assume to be hard to do a decent job of portraying on screen. Daphne Zuniga does a good job, too, during some of the harder times with Sophie towards the end of the second season. I liked Nicky sometimes, but overall I like Chris much better. He and Sophie seem to go nicely together, even if his past is less than perfect. I thought Sophie acted stupidly on the season two finale, however, when she chose to side with Chris over her mother. I thought that was a bit ridiculous of her. I sincerely hope that the show returns for a third season in the fall of 2006.
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This show is great!!!
hazeleyedbeauty1925 May 2006
I think this show is great! Well I only watched one episode so far, but I really enjoyed watching every minute of it. I'm basically hooked. I probably missed a few episodes. I saw like previews for the show but never really paid any attention. Now, after watching one episode the one where their all at the popular guys house and this big blow up occurs. And how the popular guy really gets jealous that Sophie was hanging out with Gideon..Oooooooooooooooh yeah!!! Yeah, as you can see, I don't know the names off by heart. LOL. I'm catching up! Thanks for putting this show on. Been a while since I watched something this good. :). I love this show, can't wait till its on again. <3<3<3.
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A new surprise hit on ABC Family. Watch you will be pleased!
blanbrn28 March 2006
I'm so glad that the ABC Family channel brought back "Beautiful People" for another season this is just a show that I cheer for! A great story you have the Kerr family who move from a small New Mexico town all the way to New York City to start a new life, only to find as always new challenges and problems await. Lynn Kerr played brilliant by Daphne Zuniga (and just to mention I'm glad to see her working again she's great as always just remember her Melrose Place days!) is a single separated split mother from her husband who has two daughters, the first high-schooler Sophie(Sarah Foret) who is the brains of the family, a straight A student and hard worker who attends the city's best private school academy. Second it's Karen(Torrey DeVitto) who is ambitious, free-spirited and sexy she has dreams of stardom as a fashion model. Along the way all experience good times and bad times in the city, ghost of the past come along the way as Lynn comes in contact with her old college love that she now sees in the city, not to mention her ex-husband and a custody battle all along while trying to deal with her new job in fashion design and trying to help guide her daughters direction in the Big Apple. Never fear with a trio of ladies like these beauties it's love, smarts, and ambition that will conquer all! Watch "Beautiful People" it's a must watch you will be so happy! Last but not least I must mention that Torrey DeVitto is so pretty, it's only right to have her on a show like "Beautiful People". Torrey is one sexy thing! Really so many adjectives could describe her anything from sexy, pretty, beautiful, so many I can't think of enough words, I hope I see her in more series or maybe big screen films. Now I end my comment with another thing about Torrey, I remember one episode last year from the first season when she was about to make love before mom Lynn walked in on her, as she started to undress she had on a sexy and silk light-colored blue/ greenish bra, now that made Torrey want to be my girl!
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2nd rate production
SnoopyStyle20 August 2013
Lynn Kerr (Daphne Zuniga) moves from small town New Mexico to New York with her daughters Sophie (Sarah Foret) and Karen (Torrey DeVitto). Karen is an aspiring model. Sophie gets a scholarship to a fancy private school and rubs elbows with the Beautiful People.

This is a functional teen drama from ABC Family. It lasted 1 season and not really worth much more than that. The actors are cute and mostly likable. There's good chemistry but the production looks second rate. The stories aren't well written and the supporting actors are weak. So as much as I may like the leads, there is nothing here to keep me watching.
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seriously this show sucked!!!!
gorgeousara22 April 2010
okay, first off this show is just plain stupid!!! okay, a single mother who has a loving relationship with her daughter Sophie Kerr (they both have similar looks to Lorlai and Rory Gilmore) and an other daughter. Torri Devitto. they move to NY and instantly get an apartment their. WOW! I didn't know in NY you could find a good apartment in such short notice! (how ridiculous!!!) then, the plot changes a lot! (I admit I was all of Nikki Fisk and Sophie together) but then he had to leave for some dumb reason! Annabelle or whatever her name was liked Gidion or something ever since they were kids and when they finally got together they were like "it's too weird, let's just be friends again" and surprisingly the water took its course and life worked out for them. bala blah blah.

where's the Real Stories we wanna hear about? just when we get attached to something it's taking away from us? like (Nikki and Sophie or the other losers) this show is basically about nothing at all. nothing means anything! Pffff how annoying.

seriously don't watch this Crap! this show is just a bad knock-off of the amazing "Gilmore Girls" if you wanna watch something useful with a good plot and story that makes sense watch "Gilmore Girls" or "One tree Hill" those are pretty good shows about teens also.
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Confusing, disappointing, but still really good.
kristy_b26 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I might edit this later once I'm done the show. I'm currently two episodes before the end. I already know this show has one of those cliff-hanger stupid endings that will leave me unsatisfied because of cancellation, but let me just go on what I know now.

The show had great possibilities and the first oh, 3 or 4 episodes were really, really good. However I think someone got lazy along the way. The script was always (in my opinion)fantastic but the plot fell off a bit. They kept taking characters out and then adding them back in when they were needed. It was annoying! One minute Karen is dating Evan next minute he's completely out of the series without any explanation? It was just all over the place. A lot of what happened didn't make any sense, and I know if we were to think of it realistically, life doesn't make much sense either. I just wish they had better character development and more explanations.

However like I said the script was always amazing, and the issues were real and very well handled by the actors. The chemistry between the three main characters were amazing. And special props to Ricky Mabe, who portrayed his role of awkward, lovable Gideon wonderfully.

Overall, there was a lot of potential as a series but it did fall a little short. Still worth a watch!
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Beautiful People
ruthluna40818 July 2012
I don't understand why a show as good would stop , I really hope whoever made this series can continue . I just love love this show and am very sad that i had to watch my last episode last night . This is one of the best shows to me ever . I would like to see more shows like this one made so that me and my 3 girls can continue watching great shows together . The show has great family views and good values on how a good mom fights for her children even when the father screws them all up , but the best part of how i see this show is how the daughters are see how strong the mother is and they are happy to admit there mom is strong and want to be like her , a good mom movie show is a strong show for anyone .
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Was just getting GOOD!
love2live4him22 January 2007
I was just really getting into this show! I wish they would bring it back! I liked Ben and Chris!

Ben and Karen were so good for each other! And just when they started falling for each other....they ended the show!

Sophie and Chris's relationship was just beginning to bloom. They would've been good for each other.

I think that Lynn shouldn't be with Nicky's dad though. She either needed to work things out with Karen and Sophie's Dad or they should have brought someone new on for her.

I would love to see them bring this show back even if it is on a different station!
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