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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • One possibility is that the weapon that School Boy carries makes a louder noise than a regular rifle or gun would make, especially in the location they are in. The purpose of the shot was to cause an echo that would throw the Burmese off, thus giving Rambo time to run to the old bomb that we see earlier in the film. More likely, Rambo removes a piece of Sarah's clothing in order to lure the advancing army to him instead of her using her scent (which the dogs were given in the compound). He then asks School Boy to fire a shot in an attempt to alert the enemy to his presence. Note that, as the rifle report reverberates, Tint and his men stop their vehicles and begin pursuit on foot. Rambo's Claymore gambit wouldn't have worked unless the Burmese army is on his heels - the shot tells them where to look. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Just as the captured hostages are about to be executed, Rambo open fires with a machine gun, igniting a fierce battle between the mercenaries and Tint's army, with Tint's army having the advantage until the Karen rebels show up and join the fight. Sarah watches in horror as Rambo is shot in the shoulder by one of the soldiers on a gunboat coming down the river, but Rambo turns his machine gun on the boat until the guide blows it up with an RPG launcher. Realizing his defeat, Lt Aye (Aung Aay Noi) attempts to run away, but Rambo follows, stabbing him in the abdomen with his knife and ending the fight. As Rambo stands on top of the hill, looking down at the survivors, Sarah rushes around looking frantically for Michael, whom she finds tending to the wounded. Michael and Sarah wave to Rambo. He waves back and begins walking away. In the final scene, Rambo is still walking, but this time he is in Bowie, Arizona, and he's heading down the road to his family's ranch. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's difficult to say, there are reasons supporting both possibilities. Reasons why Rambo III isn't ignored are as follows: (1) There is a flashback to Rambo III which includes several lines of dialogue from Colonel Trautman, and (2) In Rambo III, Rambo gives the Afghani kid the necklace that Co Bao gave him in the second film. If Rambo ignored Rambo III, Rambo would still have the necklace. Reasons why Rambo III is ignored are as follows. (1) Rambo III ended in Afghanistan while Rambo: First Blood Part II ended in Thailand. Seeing how each film picks up where the previous one left off, if we were to include Rambo III, then Rambo somehow ended up back in Thailand with no explanation. (2) Rambo's world outlook at the beginning makes absolutely no sense if you include Rambo III. The third film ended on a positive note while the first two ended on a negative (thus the reason why Rambo was so cynical at the beginning of the second and third films). Therefore, if we are to include the third film, it would seem that Rambo wouldn't have such a negative opinion of mankind and the "f-ck the world" line would be very out of place, and (3) In the extended edition, there is a scene where Rambo has the same knife he had in the second film, why didn't he have this knife in the third film? After all he used a different knife when he went to rescue Trautman from Afghanistan. Either way it is really up to the viewer whether they decide to include Rambo III or not. Many viewers consider Rambo III to be the weakest entry due to it being way too similar to the second film although having a lot more of the cliched 1980s action movie one liners. If one doesn't like the third movie, then it certainly is possible to pretend that Rambo is the sequel to Rambo: First Blood Part II and is the third and concluding part of a trilogy. Edit (Coming Soon)

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