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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic bloody violence, sexual assaults, grisly images and language

Sex & Nudity

  • It is heavily implied that the main bad guy likes to have sex with little boy. There is a scene where his soldiers bring a little boy to his room, he then pats the little boy on the head like a dog and leads him into his room. Rambo sees this and closes his eyes in disgust.
  • After saving a group of Christian Missionaries from Burmese pirates, the missionaries that just got saved decided to start yelling at Rambo because he had to kill all of the pirates. Rambo then decides he has had enough and grabs on of them by the neck, screaming that the pirates would have raped them 50 times before cutting their heads off.
  • There is a scene where the soldiers rip the clothes off a woman and assault her. Full breast is seen.
  • A man looks through a window and sees bare buttocks and breasts.
  • A woman is held down by one man while another man approaches, undoing his pants, and is interrupted.

Violence & Gore

  • Rambo runs through the army's village and sees a dead prisoner crucified in a pig pen with the boars eating his legs. Bloody meat and bones are shown.
  • The opening credits show scenes of REAL News reports and REAL footage of mangled corpses with flies congregating on the bodies, decapitated heads, people being tortured, beaten, and killed. Can be too disturbing for some audience members to watch.
  • The violence is extremely savage and incredibly graphic and it racks up a very high body count.
  • When the movie begins, we see real-life documentary footage of Burmese Soldiers killing innocent people, mutilated corpses being buried, Land-Mine injuries, Disembodied heads etc.
  • At one scene in the beginning, Burmese Soldiers toss land-mines into a swamp and force civilians to run through it. The overall point is that the soldiers want to see who gets killed for the purposes of gambling. One man explodes into a mist of blood, and the rest are gunned down. This scene is not intense, but it is very savage and disturbing.
  • We see a village raided by Burmese Soldiers. They execute four of the villagers (with some blood shown) and they steal all the children from the families to recruit them as soldiers. The leader threatens "to cut out their tongues" and "feed them they're intestines" if they go against him.
  • Rambo, and a group of missionaries attempt to enter Burma by boat and they are attacked by Pirates. The pirates hold them all at gunpoint and demand that Sarah be handed over to them. Rambo shoots them all with a handgun (a bit of blood is shown) and then he shoots the last one in the head. Blood splatters all over the camera.
  • After Rambo drops off the Missionaries, he disposes of the pirates bodies by parking their boat in a pond and pouring gasoline all over it. The gasoline is shown mixing with the blood puddles and then Rambo tosses a lighter onto the boat. The boat explodes into flames.
  • There is a prolonged scene where the Burmese Military massacres an entire village with mortars and assault rifles and flame throwers. Buildings are shown on fire, some houses blow up and even civilians are shown completely exploding into gory pieces which splatter all over the place. After this, the ground forces move in and shoot down all the villagers with much blood splatter. Some children are shot/executed at close range, and a young boy is held down by a soldier's boot and stabbed in the stomach with some blood shown. Some villagers are (briefly) shown getting their limbs amputated with a machete and they scream in agony. A toddler is separated from his mother and a soldier throws him into a burning building. Some villagers are set on fire with a flame thrower. The scene ends with a large .50 caliber machine gun driving by on a truck and shooting them all down with much blood visible. This entire scene is extremely violent, emotional and sickening.
  • There is a scene where Rambo has a nightmare and it shows several flashbacks from the previous Rambo movies of him killing enemy soldiers in Black-and-White. This scene is fairly graphic, but not much.
  • When a group of mercenaries arrive in Burma, they find the massacred village, with mutilated bodies hung by ropes and much destruction all over the area.
  • In this scene, a truck drives by and a bunch of soldiers unload with civilian hostages. They force the civilians to run through a swamp with mortars planted in it for gambling purposes. Rambo then intervenes and shoots all four of the soldiers with a bow-and-arrow. He shoots two of them through the torso, one of them through-the-jaw, and the last one directly through the head, causing him to land on a mine and explode. This scene is not too graphic, but body parts are shown flying everywhere after the mine goes off.
  • Rambo and the mercenaries infiltrate a Burmese Military base attempting to rescue the hostages. During this scene, one of the mercenaries kills a soldier by stabbing a knife in his throat. He then proceeds to stab him in the stomach multiple times. This scene is brief, but is very bloody and graphic.
  • While rescuing the missionaries, Rambo comes across a bunch of wild Boar feasting on a dead man tied to a pole. We see them eating the stumps of his legs with lots of bloody flesh shown. This scene is brief however, and it is not intense.
  • "Schoolboy" shoots several soldiers with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. The setting is rather dark so only a moderate amount of blood is visible, but we do briefly see a man's head explode into blood and gore.
  • A bunch of soldiers struggle with women and tear their clothes off. It is not shown, but it is implied that they are raping the women. The women are shown screaming and trying to escape as the men hold them down. This scene is very intense.
  • A man is about to rape a woman when Rambo sneaks up behind him and grabs him by the throat. We see blood pouring down from his neck as they struggle, and Rambo literally tears out the man's throat with much blood. The man's broken trachea is actually shown.
  • While running through the forest, one of the characters steps on a land-mine, which critically injures him. We do briefly see an extremely graphic image of his leg almost completely shredded to the bone. One of the missionaries uses a knife to dig out the shrapnel (this is semi-graphic). The scene is not intense, but it is disturbing.
  • As the characters attempt to escape from Burma, the soldiers chase after them using attack dogs. So Rambo uses the scent of a piece of clothing to lead the soldiers to a presumably deactivated bomb. He ties it to a claymore, which he plants next to the bomb and runs off. When the soldiers arrive, the bomb is triggered by the claymore, which blows up much of the forest and kills all of the soldiers. This scene is not graphic, but it is very intense.
  • Schoolboy and Sarah watch from the top of a hill as the soldiers brutally beat and torture the mercenaries with a large stick.
  • Rambo graphically decapitates a soldier with his machete and blood sprays everywhere. He then hijacks and takes control of a jeep-mounted .50 caliber M2 Browning turret machine gun and shoots the soldier sitting in the front of the jeep. The soldier is completely obliterated by the bullets, being totally disintegrated as if he was made out of paper and we see his body graphically explode into millions of gory pieces, with significant amounts of blood splattering everywhere as a result. Afterwards, and during most of what follows, the shield in front of the turret gun is shown covered in blood and gore.
  • This act ultimately begins the film's climactic shootout. Rambo guns down the Burmese soldiers with the machine gun and their bodies pretty much explode into pieces with each hit. A man has his leg blown off at the knee, and several are shown being cut in half at the waist by the high-caliber bullets. A large amount of blood splatter is shown as every soldier is shot.
  • The mercenaries back Rambo up with assault rifles and explosives. A fair lot of blood splatter is visible when the enemies are shot, and grenades cause them to completely explode into blood and gore.
  • Lewis kills a man by smashing his face in. En Joo is killed when a grenade goes off next to him, blowing him into the air and shredding much of his chest with shrapnel.
  • A man is killed by being repeatedly smashed in the head with a rock, lots of blood are visible.
  • Pretty soon, the Karen rebels show up, firing mortars at the soldiers, causing them to disintegrate into gory mist and blood. A boat drives by and sets some of the rebels on fire with a flamethrower, so Rambo guns down the boat with the machine gun and blood splatters everywhere as the drivers are shot.
  • Schoolboy shoots a gunner on the boat with his sniper rifle, causing the soldier's head to completely explode and gore splatters on the screen. The headless body is shown still standing at the gun for a moment afterwards. The boat is then destroyed by a Karen rebel with an RPG launcher.
  • The entire battle scene described above is extremely violent and graphic and goes on for a long time.
  • Rambo kills the main villain by stabbing him in the stomach with his knife. This part is not graphic, but after looking him in the eyes, he cuts the knife straight out the side of his torso, slicing his stomach open and also cutting off all of the fingers of his left hand. His intestines then fall out in graphic detail as Rambo kicks him downhill, and we clearly see the cut on the man's torso, showing him almost completely cut in half as blood splatters all over the place. This scene is extremely graphic and bloody, and is without a doubt the most violent scene of the entire film.


  • One aggressive use of the word "cunt."
  • 'F**k' is said more than 50 times.
  • A few uses of the words "ass" and "shit."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks alcohol straight from a bottle.
  • Several Burmese Soldiers are shown getting drunk and becoming violent.
  • A man smokes cigarettes in many scenes.
  • A man briefly mentions other men producing and distributing drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where the soldiers rape a group of performing women is intense and difficult to watch.
  • Lots of intense action and extreme violence, particularly scenes involving innocents slaughtered and an instance where a man's leg wound is hit with a rifle.
  • The village massacre sequence is fairly disturbing especially as women and children are shown being shot, stabbed, decapitated, tortured, and raped. These moments are shown briefly but are nonetheless disturbing. This all begins without warning and is very shocking.
  • This film is extremely violent and disturbing, but is also incredibly realistic. It may bring flashbacks due to its uncanny realism. This is absolutely nothing compared to the original Rambo trilogy, due to the film's extreme violence. It is very, VERY realistic, and very, VERY unsettling, and is one of the most violent films ever made, as well as being the most violent war film of all time.

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