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Bharath Chandran IPS.....back with a bang !!!!!
invisman6 August 2005
After 4 years Suresh Gopi dons the Commissioner role which made him what he is today. BCIPS is definitely nowhere near the original. But it isn't bad either.

The biggest plus point for the movie is its racy narration. The movie is only 2 hours long without any songs. The background music by Rajamani are also good especially the new remixed version of the original music from Commissioner. Saikumar, Rajan P Dev and Vijayaraghavan have done their part well. Lalu Alex's brother-like role to Suresh Gopi looks like a rehash of what MG Soman did in Commissioner, this time with some added action. Shreya Reddy comes in uniform for sometime, then shows up in tights in a couple of scenes and then vanishes. Even though Madhu Warrier is in the movie throughout as a shadow to Suresh Gopi, the light is too bright for the shadow to be visible.

Suresh Gopi's come back as BCIPS is perfect. He still has the roar in his voice, punch in his fists and fire in his words. But extreme close-ups reveal some wrinkles on his face (which he could have avoided by a US visit like our "big-brother" superstar). Still he could set the theatre to fire.

There are some flaws in the script too. Suresh Gopi's introduction took very long (over half an hour). The first half stretched too much length. Also Renji Panickers clichés are sometimes boring. Like one of the protagonist's well-wishers getting killed towards the climax or abusing politicians. Some ideas were rehashed from Commissioner. Also times have changed. These days audience look for technical perfection and not just explosive dialogues. But the low production cost of 2 crores will help the movie.

Coming to the box office aspects of the movie, I wont say BCIPS will be a superhit. But it wont flop. It will recover for sure and Renji Panicker who produced and directed this movie can relax now.
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