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MPAA Rated R for creature violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Barely any.
  • A brief childbirth reference. In the subbed version it says "It's been years since she gave birth and ran off", and in the dubbed version it says "She popped out the baby."
  • A man who is sleeping puts his hand in his pants and rubs his crotch area, but nothing is seen and it's only brief.

Violence & Gore

  • We see, from a distance, the creature eating two people (although we see the bodies disappear into its mouth, we do not hear any sounds or see any actual chewing); then the creature dives back into a river with a young girl wrapped in its tail.
  • One long chase scene, people are knocked over, trampled on, hit by the monster ect. This is intense but mildly bloody. Then a significant amount blood is seen leaking out from a room full of kids. The kids are rescued but the bodies of about 3 are seen for a second or two covered in blood. Two men then hit the monster with a huge sign, once in the back, and once on the tail witch sprays blood onto the face of one of the men.
  • A woman is knocked over violently by the monster.
  • The creature grabs two men, one in its mouth and the other in its tail, and then drops them into a deep cement pit with many other bodies (one man gags, vomits blood and dies, and the other is already dead).
  • A man shoots a gun at the creature, the creature charges the trailer where the man is hiding, pushes the trailer over, the man fires his gun again, and the creature falls to the ground.
  • A man with a pole attacks the creature, another man throws flaming bottles at it, a man on a bridge pours gasoline over it, and it is struck in the eye by a flaming arrow..
  • A man is jabbed in the neck in order to extract a tissue sample (the man yells and struggles in a comical way as he is on mediation that makes him numb and was supposed to make him go to sleep), he is then strapped to a table, his head is secured by a metal ring and doctors drill into his skull (we hear drilling and the man screams).
  • A man is knocked to the ground by the creature (we hear a loud crack) and we see him lying in a pool of blood. A woman with a bow aims an arrow at the creature, and the creature charges toward her and throws her into a cement pit, where she lies unconscious.
  • Many protestors are sprayed with clouds of chemicals and they cough; announcements are made that the chemical can be deadly to young children and those with illnesses (we see a few people vomiting blood, one man's ear bleeds and several people lie motionless on the ground and they appear to be dead).
  • The creature pukes up hundreds of bones including skulls along with a small amount of blood into a pit, then consumes a dead teenage boy.
  • A man stands on a bridge contemplating suicide, he sees movement in the water below and he lets himself fall.
  • A man strikes another man in the head with a bottle and the bottle breaks (the man is shaken).
  • A man tackles a police officer, who is shooting at the creature.
  • Some slapstick scenes such as people tripping and falling over.


  • Subbed version
  • About 3 uses of 'fuck' (only once in English though).
  • About 4 uses of 'shit', including 'shitheads'.
  • 'Bastard' is used once or twice.
  • Some milder language.
  • Dubbed version
  • About 10 uses of 'fuck'.
  • 'Shit' is used.
  • Some milder language and lot's of cheesy american name-calling.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Grandpa smokes a cigarette.
  • Kang-du gives his daughter (about 12) a beer, she takes one sip, put's it down and says 'ew, it's bitter'.
  • While trapped in the sewers, Hyun-seo says she would like a 'cold one', meaning a beer.
  • At the memorial for his niece, a character he arrives with a whiskey bottle in his hand and seems drunk.
  • People in the park throw beer cans into the water to attract the creature.
  • Punctured beer cans spray their contents about in two scenes.
  • Doctors inject Kang-du with sedatives.
  • Ignoring the environmental threat, a official orders that hundreds of bottles of formaldehyde be emptied into a sink that leads to the river.
  • People are gassed (non-lethal).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the first half of the film, it constantly changes from serious and emotional to comedic and slapstick every few minuets, but the second half of the film is a lot more serious.
  • Lot's of emotional scenes.
  • One jump scare.
  • The scene where we first see the monster is pretty intense.
  • People with a phobia of hospitals or needles may be upset by one scene.

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