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Stabbing Shocks Set Of Anne Hathaway’s New Film ‘The Witches’

Local police have confirmed that a crew member has been stabbed on the set of Anne Hathaway’s upcoming film, The Witches. The popular Warner Bros. studio set, right next door to The Making of Harry Potter, has filmed quite a few projects, including The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. “Police were called at around 12:35 […]

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Estonia Braces for Huge Christopher Nolan Shoot, ‘Tenet’ Reportedly His Priciest Original Film

Estonia Braces for Huge Christopher Nolan Shoot, ‘Tenet’ Reportedly His Priciest Original Film
One of the earliest rumors that circulated about Christopher Nolan’s 2020 movie “Tenet” referred to the project as a “massive, innovative, action blockbuster,” and that seems to be correct considering the reported budget of the film is in the $225 million range. Nolan is gearing up to shoot part of the project in Estonia and Estonian Public Broadcasting (Err) first reported the budget number. Estonian finance minister Martin Helme is eager to provide the film with around $5.6 million in funding through the Film Estonia film fund as production is expected to boost the local economy.

“Estonia stands to win a lot,” Helme told Err about Nolan coming to film in the country. “On one hand, part of the support paid out will make it back into the state’s coffers as taxes, and on the other there is work and revenue for different sectors, from the film industry right down to the caterers.
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Batman Plans to Resurrect a Major Character from His Past in DC Comic

John Saavedra Jun 19, 2019

A major character from Batman's past might make a surprise return in an upcoming DC Comic.

This Batman article contains major spoilers. 

The Dark Knight has had a very tough time in Tom King's 70+ issue run on Batman, and it looks like things are about to get much worse. In this week's issue #73, Bruce has been ushered away from Gotham City after being defeated by Bane and betrayed by his dad from an alternate reality (just go with it). Now, Bruce is being dragged across the desert by Thomas Wayne, who has an unexpected ulterior motive that doesn't involve helping Bane destroy the Bat. 

Much of the story in #73 involves the mysterious coffin Thomas and an unconscious Bruce are escorting to an unknown destination. As Thomas reveals his reasons for betraying his son to his archnemesis -- it's the dad's twisted way of saving his son from a long,
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All 13 Marvel Netflix Seasons, Ranked From Worst to Best

Think back to 2015. The Avengers were teaming up once again for the massive Age of Ultron, DC's clash-of-the-titans Batman v. Superman was deep into production, and the comic book movie business overall was positively boomin' (minus a hiccup or two— shoutout Fantastic Four). It was all buoyed by the more mature sensibilities of The Dark Knight and the genius billion-dollar universe-building being done by Marvel Studios. On the small screen, though, things were ... less momentous. Superhero TV was fun, for sure. The CW had built a soap opera-ish universe of tights and …
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Hero Nation Index: ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ Alex Kurtzman, Jim Lee, Jon Cryer, Will Eisner

  • Deadline
Hero Nation Index: ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ Alex Kurtzman, Jim Lee, Jon Cryer, Will Eisner
The Hero Nation Index is a Monday round-up of news from the genre sector.

Since the very first Star Trek mission aired on NBC in September 1966 the far-future brand has been defined as much by its “family” dynamic and crew ensembles as by its sci-fi concepts and alien adversaries. That heritage presents a challenge to the producers of the newest iteration, Star Trek: Picard, the eighth Trek series but the first named after a single individual.

How will the new CBS All-Access series carry on Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s “family tradition” by launching a solo mission built around one character, even if it is longtime fan-favorite Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)?

“It’s a great and necessary question and it’s something that has been baked into the DNA of Picard,” Alex Kurtzman, the show’s executive producer, said when I asked him the
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10 Of Christopher Nolan's Favorite Films, Ranked

Christopher Nolan is one of the most acclaimed directors in all of Hollywood. Among his notable film credits are The Dark Knight trilogy, InterstellarThe PrestigeInception, and Dunkirk. Each film he makes is either a mind-bender, visually captivating, or a combination of both.

Nolan is currently working on his next epic film, Tenet, set to release in 2020. He took some time out of his busy schedule to come up with a list of movies he encourages people to watch. Nolan finds them almost to be required viewing and most of them were significant influences in the excellent work he's done throughout his career. We've taken 10 of the films he named and are ranking them.
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Should Dame Maggie Smith Play Alfred in The Batman?

Should Dame Maggie Smith Play Alfred in The Batman?
Matt Reeves' The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne is all set to punch its way into a theater near you in June 2021. And now with the casting of The Dark Knight done and done, it's time for the internet to begin speculating on who will play some of the other critical roles from the Caped Crusader's history. And why not start with Alfred Pennyworth? And speaking of which, British comics artist and writer Bryan Hitch proposed the question over on Twitter that now that Reeves has officially cast Pattinson as Bruce/Batman, who should play Pennyworth? And wouldn't you just know it, The Punisher, Firestorm, Power Girl, Vixen, and Ms. Marvel co-creator Gerry Conway voiced his killer opinion, tweeting this great idea.

"Hear me out. Maggie Smith."

Now while some people might take this as some kind of gimmick, I don't take it that way at all.
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Dark Phoenix Director Confirms That Dark Knight Rises Reference

Spoilers to follow.

Dark Phoenix serves as the finale for Fox’s X-Men saga and, for the most part, it doesn’t finish the mutants’ stories as much as promise a new beginning. Beast takes over as the principal of Xavier’s school (renamed the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning), while the now-retired Professor X himself is last seen outside a cafe in Paris with his old friend Magneto.

Anyone well-versed in their superhero cinema will have a sense of deja vu about this ending. It, of course, recalls the similar coda to DC’s The Dark Knight Rises, in which Alfred discovers Bruce Wayne enjoying his retirement with Selina Kyle…outside a cafe in Italy (close enough).

io9 caught up with writer/director Simon Kinberg and asked him if this was a deliberate homage to Christopher Nolan’s 2012 closer to his Batman trilogy. As per his comments prior to the movie’s release,
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Imax Hires Former BuzzFeed Exec Mark Jafar to Head Global Corporate Communications

  • The Wrap
Former BuzzFeed communications executive Mark Jafar had been hired to head Imax’s global corporate communications effective immediately, the company announced on Monday.

Jafar, who will report directly to Imax CEO Rich Gelfond, will oversee all communications, media relations and corporate social responsibility for Imax, working across the company’s business and entertainment divisions. He will also support domestic and global efforts to communicate the company’s brand narrative, strategic partnerships and more.

“Mark is well-suited to communicate Imax’s position at the intersection of innovation, creativity and unparalleled immersive experience,” Gelfond said in a statement. “His deep experience with global consumer brands will be critical as we grow and expand Imax, while his proven effectiveness as a communicator and leader will be key to telling our story.”

Also Read: Imax Chief Marketing Officer Jl Pomeroy Exits Company (Exclusive)

Most recently, Jafar served as vice president of corporate communications at BuzzFeed,
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Review: Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Comicmix
Surprising to some, Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have some commonalities. After all, the half-shell heroes were initially created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as a parody of Frank Miller’s work on Daredevil, before coming to DC and turning his talents to The Dark Knight. Both properties work best in the shadows and had the producers of this animated adventure leaned into that, this could have been a cut above an obvious cash grab.

The participants have met before, in three miniseries from DC Comics and Idw in addition to one strictly set in their “Adventures” incarnations, aimed more at all-ages readers. Now, we have Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a briskly paced story. It’s not bad, but boy, it could have been so much more had anyone made an effort.

The versus portion of the story is the most obvious bit of fan
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Jon Favreau Eyes ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Oscar Nom for Robert Downey Jr.: ‘He Has My Vote For Sure’

IndieWire awards editor Anne Thompson has already gone on record calling Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar chances for “Avengers: Endgame” a long shot, but one industry name already beating the drum for the 54-year-old actor is Jon Favreau. The filmmaker started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008 by directing Downey in “Iron Man,” and the two reunited for its 2010 sequel “Iron Man 2.” Favreau has also acted opposite Downey as Tony Stark’s friend and personal chauffeur Happy Hogan.

“He has my vote for sure,” Favreau recently told Variety. “I think he was able to discover and explore dimensions of the character over the course of many, many films, which is a bit of its own category. But I have to say that if you look at, especially how it began and how it ended in his performances between the first one and ‘Endgame,’ there was a really thoughtful arc to the character,
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The Flickering Myth Reaction to Robert Pattinson’s casting as The Batman

The Flickering Myth writing team share their thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s casting as the Dark Knight in The Batman

This past weekend it was confirmed that Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves have selected Robert Pattinson as the man to succeed Ben Affleck and don the cape and cowl for 2021’s The Batman. And, much previous Batmans, the news was met with a mixture of excitement and outrage, with some praising Reeves and company for their choice, and others bemoaning the casting of Edward Cullen as the Caped Crusader. Here’s the thoughts of the team at Flickering Myth…

Shaun Munro: Thrilled with the choice. Pattinson’s a fantastic actor and should ensure we get a very different interpretation of the character from what we’ve ever had before.

Ej Moreno: The casting of Robert Pattinson really brings me joy. I was worried we’d be stuck with an Armie Hammer,
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Behind-the-scenes Batwoman image gives us a new look at Batman’s Batsuit

The Caped Crusader may be absent from the Arrowverse, but Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane is going to be making full use of The Dark Knight’s various toys and equipment in the upcoming Batwoman series on The CW, and thanks to concept artist Andy Poon, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes shot from the show’s Batcave set, which gives us a new look at the iconic Batsuit; check it out here…

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Speechless. I was in the Bat cave of the Batwoman series checking out the Batman suit that I got to do the concept for in person. Huge thank you to the costume design Maya Mani to bringing me on this new adventure and watching them film the sequence. If you know me, you will know this is a huge moment for me. Also now Arthur has
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The Filmmakers Podcast #111: How to go from VFX to Directing

  • Nerdly
Here’s the latest episode of the The Filmmakers Podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on the official podcast site, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

For those unfamiliar, with the series, The Filmmakers Podcast is a podcast about how to make films from micro budget indie films to bigger budget studio films and everything in-between. Our hosts Giles Alderson, Dan Richardson, Andrew Rodger and Cristian James talk how to get films made, how to actually make them and how to try not to f… it up in their very humble opinion. Guests will come on and chat about their film making experiences from directors, writers, producers, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers and distributors. They also shoot the breeze about their new films, The Dare, World of Darkness,
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How Old Is Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne in The Batman?

  • MovieWeb
We're going to see a younger Caped Crusader in the upcoming superhero movie The Batman, as director Matt Reeves' version of the character was written to be around 30 years old. As star Robert Pattinson is a 33-year-old actor, this information of course fits in with his casting. Reportedly, the story was written this way to place Bruce Wayne in a specific period of his life. This won't be yet another rehash of the Batman origin story, nor will the movie depict the superhero as a seasoned savior of Gotham City. The Dark Knight will be at the start of his life as a crimefighter in the story, still learning his way on his quest to become the world's greatest detective.

Just recently, Robert Pattinson was confirmed as the official choice to play Batman in the new movie. The former Twilight Saga star beat out Nicholas Hoult as a finalist for the role.
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First Poster For Roland Emmerich's WWII Film Midway - "One Battle Turned The Tide of War"

It’s been a while since we’ve had any kind of update on director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day)’s World War II film Midway. But today we have a poster to share with you, which comes with the tagline, "One Battle Turned The Tide of War".

The film “is an epic telling of the Battle of Midway, a turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II. The story follows the real soldiers and aviators who pulled off the unbelievable to turn the tide of the war in June 1942.”

The cast for the movie includes Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) as Admiral Edwin Layton, "the rear admiral in the U.S. Navy who was a key intelligence officer during WWII." Woody Harrelson is playing Admiral Chester Nimitz, "one of the leaders who lead the American naval fleet to victory in a foray that involved aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers." Luke Evans
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Two-Face Will Reportedly Be The Sixth Villain In The Batman

Aside from the casting of the Dark Knight himself, one of the biggest talking points surrounding any movie headlined by the Batman is which villains are set to appear. Though the Joker is pretty much always guaranteed to boost ticket sales, there’s appreciation the world over for various other Arkham Asylum inmates.

If you’ll recall, this flick is slated to feature at least a handful of rogues, though Warner Bros. have remained mum on who’ll next terrorize Gotham City. Much industry chatter has pointed toward the Penguin and the Riddler showing up, so I’m inclined to believe they’re a lock at this point. Furthermore, there have also been whispers regarding Catwoman, Scarecrow and Bane, each a crowd-pleaser in their own right. Well, I’d argue that Catwoman doesn’t count as a villain, but that’s a discussion for another day.

As it turns out,
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Hero Nation Index: Swamp Thing, James Wan, Wes Craven, Guillermo del Toro

  • Deadline
Hero Nation Index: Swamp Thing, James Wan, Wes Craven, Guillermo del Toro
Hero Nation is the new hub for Deadline’s sci-fi, horror, fantasy, superhero, and animation coverage. And the article you’re reading now is the Hero Nation Index, a weekly roundup of news, rumors, tidbits, and happenings in Comic-Con culture, which is dominating Hollywood’s attention in unprecedented fashion. Today: A Special All-swamp Thing Edition

That Thing You Do: The ambitious new Swamp Thing series premiered Friday on the DC Universe streaming site with a intriguing blend of the character’s 1971 horror comics roots (which began in a House of Secrets classic by Len Wein & Berni Wrightson), the sublimely mind-bending 1980s mythology revamp by Alan Moore, and the supernaturally unnerving sensibilities of James Wan, the show’s high-profile executive producer. Check out the intense trailer for the new series above. The show joins the intense Titans and the truly bizarre Doom Patrol on the streaming site.
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The Evil Inside Her Puts a Knife in a Psychotic's Hand this June 13th

There is very little else scarier than a psychotic person with a knife. In The Evil inside Her, character Vikki slowly loses her mind and lashes out at her friends. But, what is causing her madness? The Evil Inside Her released a trailer back in May, along with a movie poster. Now, the film is setting up its World Premiere for mid-June. The Evil Inside Her stars: Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Melissa Kunnap (Rave Party Massacre), Brian Ashton Smith and Madeline Tesh. A preview of the film's upcoming launch, in North Carolina, is here. The longer story involves a hidden killer. Clayton (Roberts) drugs his victims, which leads to self-mutilation. Then, they are compelled to murder those around them, leading to a battle with psychosis. Now, Vikki (Kunnap) is his latest drug-infused puppet. But, who is Clayton's real target? The World Premiere will take place in Asheville, North Carolina.
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What’s Coming to Netflix in June 2019

  • Variety
It’s June — meaning school’s out and summer is in full force. What better way to celebrate than to binge some of Netflix’s new releases? Yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” out your window as you watch “Network.” Be wary of modern technology as you consume the new season of “Black Mirror” … on a streaming service. And make sure to stay off your neighbor’s lawn after watching Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino.”

A few superhero movies are also flying to Netflix this month. Robert Pattinson may be the new Batman, but Christian Bale is the Caped Crusader for now, with both “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” hitting Netflix. And if you can’t get enough of superheroes, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” will supply them in droves.

See the full list of titles below.

June 1

Arthdal Chronicles

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