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Shark Attack
madreinman18 July 2005
So you think you've known all the facts straight on the movie Jaws? Think again. Adam and Jamie try to bust 5 Myths from the movie and you'll find it disappointing why you didn't know that before you watch the flick. Can a shark break a steel cage? Can a shark breakthrough a hole in a boat? Can it pull three barrels underwater for a long time? Can it pull the boat itself? and of course can a scuba tank blow up when shot at? From San Francisco to the Bahamas. From Bruce to a Shark Ram. Don't forget the MTV. And the show doesn't end without exploding something! All these myths would be tried and tested by our wackiest special effects duo with the help of their beloved friend Buster of course! Must see for all those Jaws' fans.
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It's Mythbusters... Need I say more?
Stibbert17 November 2005
This is just classic Mythbusters. It's science, it's funny, it's dangerous and it's blowing stuff up! The Mythbusters takes on some of the myths from the movie Jaws. Will punching a shark make it go away? Can a shark destroy a boat or a shark cage? Can it pull a boat backwards or pull down several barrels and will a oxygen tank explode when fired upon? Those are the Myths put to the test.

I hope we're to see more Mythbusters specials in the future. Taking a bunch of myths related to one thing and testing them is cool and gives the episode a better integrity as it's all connected in one way or another to a theme and not just random myths.

It's a good special, with Adam, Jamie, Kari, Grant and Tory at their best. It's got all you want and all the show needs. Crazy inventions, danger, destruction and an explosion! A must see for fans of either Mythbusters, Jaws or sharks, but beware if you like Jaws... Some of the Myths are busted. But, never the less it's fun to watch and you might also learn something.
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now with 10x more shark punching
Caffination17 July 2005
Remember watching Jaws and saying "that could never happen!" ... well now you get to see it put to the test. In this episode, Jamie and Adam put some shark tales to the test to find out what's fact and what's fiction. Can you defend yourself by punching a shark? Can a shark punch through a boat? Can a shark break through a metal cage? Willing shooting a tank of compressed air (that's in a shark's mouth) explode a shark's head? Can a shark tow a boat? You'll never know if you miss this! If you're a fan of shark week, then you don't want to miss this. It's worth tuning in for just to see the hosts looking terrified, underwater, and surrounded by sharks.
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Good program!
Movie Nuttball18 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Shark Week is a very good program. This program airs every year on the Discovery Channel for a week. I think that this program is a very interesting and informal one. It shows how the many species of Sharks are that are all over the beautiful world. I think it is amazing the way they are. The program also shows reenactments to show how powerful the sharks are and the damage they can cause, real events and shark bites. Though in My opinion to watch this you must see but I do not recommend it for the squeamish because the things shown are real! If you are a shark lover then check out this amazing program on the Discovery Channel today!
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Entertaining but flawed
domisaacs6 August 2006
A very entertaining show with a great premise, but let down by one simple fact.

The shark in Jaws was huge. Maybe the only myth they should have busted was that Great Whites don't grow that big.

Unfortunately, ignoring the shark from the film, and instead going on an "average" Great White, means that most of the "Myths" are busted because real sharks aren't as strong as the shark depicted.

This just made the whole show a bit of an anticlimax for me. I wish they had scaled up to the Jaws shark and tested the myths for it.

All in all some great background to Jaws, but all a bit predictable after they go with real-life sharks.
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Seems like they didn't prove some things.
Matt-6018 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this, and forgive the spoilers, but they felt they busted 3 myths and Jaws kept 2...but from what I saw they only busted 1 myth. You cant take data from a couple of smaller sharks and apply it to the shark in Jaws which is bigger than any shark every caught. That data isn't sound and since they used it to disprove 2 myths, I can't agree with their count. Now, I'm not saying that they're wrong...but I don't think they proved it here. Other than that, great show. They definitely disproved the last one without a reasonable doubt. Doesn't change the fact that its a fantastic movie, but we all knew that one wasn't real anyway.
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