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Channing Tatum: Burt Gurney



  • Burt Gurney : We are heading out to sea and however it will be, it ain't gonna be the same. cause no matter what we see, when we're out there on the sea, we ain't gonna see a dame. we'll be searching high and low on the deck and down below but it's a crying shame. Oh, we'll see a lot of fish but we'll never clock a dish. We ain't gonna see a dame. No dames! we might see some octopuses No dames! or a half a dozen clams No dames! we might even see a mermaid But mermaids got no gams! No gams! Have I got a girl for you! out there on the sea! Here's how it will be i'm gonna dance with you, pal you're gonna dance with me! When we're out there on the sea we'll be happy as can be Or so the Captain claims! But we have to disagree. Cause the only guarantee Is I'll see a lot of you And you'll see a lot of me! And it's absolutely certain That we'll see a lot of sea. But we ain't gonna see no dames. No dames! We're going to sea! No dames! We're going to sea! No dames! We're going to sea! We ain't gonna see no Dames!

  • Young Women at Bar : [in a scene being filmed at Capitol Pictures, a bar full of sailors is closing for the night, and the young women are going home]  So long, fellas. See ya in eight months.

    Bartender : Eight months?

    Sailor : Yeah, we're shippin' out in the morning.

    Sailor : Golly, eight months without a dame.

    Burt Gurney (as Sailor in Bar Scene) : Can you beat it?

    Bartender : You're gonna have to beat it!

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