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Chris Pine: Will



  • Will : This is Will Colson, the conductor speaking; just to let you know we're gonna gonna run this bitch down.

  • Frank : [proposing 1206 chase down 777]  There's a good chance the derailer won't work.

    Will : It's called a derailer, for Christ's sake! That's what they do!

    Frank : A train that size going that fast, it will vaporize anything that gets in its way.

  • Connie : [walking up to Frank and Will]  Sir, I was wondering if you could help me?

    Frank : Connie?

    Connie : I can't decide which I one of you I'm going to kiss first.

    Frank : ME!

    [all three of them laugh happily] 

    Will : Problem solved, go get them Connie.

    Connie : All right, bring it on

    [kisses Frank on the cheek] 

    Connie : [Will kisses his wife Darcy] 

  • Frank : Married?

    Will : Yeah. Well, sort of. It's a long story.

    Frank : We got a long day.

    Will : How about you, you married?

    Frank : Short story. Once.

  • Will : You want to go and kill yourself, you do it alone.

    Frank : Ask your wife what she thinks.

    Will : Wait!

    [Frank stops before reentering the cab] 

    Will : If you're right and that derailer fails what are the odds it makes it to Stanton?

    Frank : You saw the train, what do you think?

    [Gets back into 1206] 

    Will : [Thinks for a moment, eventually climbs back aboard 1206 as it starts chasing after 777] 

  • Frank : So, what was the long story you didn't want to make long?

    Will : I come home from work two weeks ago, and she's, uh... she's texting on the phone. I ask her who it is, she says "Nobody." So I said "Let me see the phone." She says no. This goes on, I dunno, five or six times.

    Frank : Wait, wait. You're losing me. She's texting...

    Will : There's this guy we both went to school with. He's a cop, he's a PA state trooper. And he's always had a thing for Darcy. Going way back.

    Connie : [calling over the radio]  1206, where are you?

    Frank : 1206 here, Connie. We're just passing milepost 57.

    Connie : You're about a mile and a half behind.

    Frank : How far out of Arklow is 777?

    Connie : Seven and a half miles. It picked up speed. You better step on it.

    Frank : I'm stepping on it, in it, around it, and through it, Connie. Thank you. Over.

    Will : She's texting on the phone, I keep on asking for it, she keeps on saying no. And, um... she starts to walk away, and I grab for it.

    Frank : You hit her?

    Will : No, no, no. I mean, I scared her, but I didn't- I didn't hit her. Anyway, I drive to this guy's house and tell him we need to talk, let's take a ride. He jumps in my truck, and starts in with "You've got it all wrong, we're just friends." And then he stops once he sees... the gun I got on the dash.

    Frank : Oh!

    Will : I look him in the eye and I say "She's my wife. You find a new friend."

    Frank : You pulled a gun on a cop?

    Connie : [calling on the radio again]  Frank? Frank, 777 just passed milepost 61.

    Frank : Thank you, Connie.

    Will : But you wanna hear the kicker?

    Frank : Yes, I do.

    Will : It wasn't even him that was texting her. It was my sister-in-law.

  • Oscar Galvin : Maybe you didn't hear what I just said, Colson. I will fire you!

    Will : Well, that's too bad. I was just starting to like this job.

  • Will : What'd you mean about being married once?

    Frank : Alice, my wife, she died of cancer. Four years ago.

    Will : I'm sorry.

    Frank : Me too. Me too. Every night, I'd come home from work, tell her about my day. Where I'd been, what I hauled.

    [Frank turns to Will, smirking] 

    Frank : Who annoyed me.

    Will : [smiling]  Guess I would have made the evening report, huh?

    [Frank and Will share a laugh] 

    Frank : [laughing]  Yes, you would have made it, definitely.

  • Will : What's the fastest you've taken a single engine like this?

    Frank : Unattached?

    Will : Yeah.

    Frank : 50, 55. Of course, I was going forward.

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