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Season 1

30 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.1
Flirtatious Dutch charm singer Martin Morero enjoys his success, popularity and money, and moves to the fancy Holland suburban villa area the Gooik, with his (cheated on, so guilt-)spoiled wife Cheryl Morero, who is clearly out of her depth with both their paparazzi-attracting profile and the posh neighborhood's society expectations, so she's greatly relieved when friendly neighbor Willemijn Lodewijkx takes charge of organizing the megalomaniac housewarming party in a not even finished villa like a seasoned circuit semi-professional. Alas Willemyn only does this so ...
6 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.2
Now Anton has sadly fallen to his accidental nearly naked death in the empty Moreno pool, Martin and Cheryl just worry how it looks to the press, and heartless new widow Claire shows no emotion for her late husband nor for her orphaned teenage daughter Merel who is quickly hooking up with boys, notably Roderik, soon caught by both mothers, while Claire bitches to the notary for taking some time to clear Anton's inheritance. When bombarded with questions at the funeral, where Evert holds a fine eulogy for Anton, Anouk can't wait to get her morning costume off- and the ...
13 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.3
Claire vandalizes Anton's grave, furious about his gay pictures. Martin's generosity sounds fake after Cheryl reads his saucy text messages, so she joins Dr. Rossi's therapy group. She explains how her lap-dog compensates for a miscarriage, and to investigate Matrin's suspected infidelity hires P.I. Holtrop, who soon brings pictures of him kissing someone. Then she starts tailing him, only to 'catch' him in a hotel with his new international, male producer Ewan; they make up in the bedroom. Holtrop is also hired by Claire, but says it's a deceased airline purser. ...
20 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.4
P.I. Holstra rushes to purser Bootsma, in fact his own gay friend, and tells him to hide in Amsterdam for Anton's armed widow Claire. In fact she was accidentally diverted by Anouk's hunky ex Tom, long enough to come to her senses and focus on the financial pit he left by seducing Herbert van Bokwijk, the filthy rich husband of divorce client Nouche, an tennis fiend of hers which she even convinces to back down on having him cleaned out, but that will backfire. The same Herbert stands up his youth mate Willemijn, who hoped to make her Lodewijk jealous at the very same...
27 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.5
Claire camouflages her budget shopping, but must ask oldest friend Willemijn to help pay off fl. 100,000 on her late husband Anton's debt; she refuses on principle. Daughter Merel has no idea and keeps spending. Yet, just when Claire's desperate enough to sell her house. Flemish rep Sluyter makes Cheryl a generous offer to front the 'fast slim' product Hydroslank in Holland, but she hesitates as she wants a baby. Martin only worries about press speculation about their infertility. Willemijn hopes Anouk could talk to Lodewijk about their wilted sex-life, but he's ...
4 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.6
Dr. Rossi now gives therapy to all the housewives: Willemyn, about her lack of love life; Anouck about her guilt for having neglected motherhood; Cheryl about her frustrated child-wish and even Claire, who came to hate/financially prey on all men. Anouck resolves to spend more time with Vlinder and her daddy Tom, but is tearfully shown the door when she tells Willemyn about Evert's crush on her. Evert actually convinced famous London gallery owner Norbert Lexington to come see her work, and he gives her an exposition there; she immediately neglects and looses Tom ...
11 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.7
Claire freaks out when she finds daughter Merel's adolescent friend Amir, a refugee, in the bathroom. Robert Bovenlander is prepared to help her financially as a 'private investment', so she dumps sexy waiter Max. Perfect housewife Willemyn thought that Rodrick being kicked out off another school was her worst problem. However Evert asks for a divorce because she no longer interests him 'as a woman'. Anouk still puts her artistic ambitions above Tom, and wants to help hunky tennis instructor Manuel, now the club's secretary has absconded with the treasury. Willemyn ...
18 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.8
Now Cheryl has taken Martin back, the doctor diagnoses his slow sperm is hopeless. He forgets about that when she happily reveals she is finally pregnant, and lies to Tom. They'll all realize what happened at the 'pregnancy party' she throws, when Anouk asks Tom to remarry. Meanwhile Willemyn had turned unreasonably aggressive towards Lodewijk after finding out their teenage son, Roderick, is using marijuana. A referral from Cheryl to a plastic surgeon reboots her marital love-life: the divorce seems canceled. Tipi Wan found the pregnancy test and tells Lodewijk she's...

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