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Season 3

16 Sep. 2007
Episode #3.1
Cheryl poses for the press with baby boy Remy, then throws Martin out (who survived the car accident with his floozy) to Willemyn's garden shed, now that Evert has his own home. She also moves to a smaller place but there is trauma for the kids who refuse to leave most of their belongings behind, yet she refuses to return Evert's family heirloom silver. Tom behaves fatherly, Anouck still shows no parental streak at all. The possible fathers roll about fighting about who is the rightful one. Now Ernst is back, he focuses frustrated on the still medically faulty ...
23 Sep. 2007
Episode #3.2
Now they have moved to the small house the kids hate, Roderick rebels against his mother's slave-driving and moves to dad's. Anouck has 'bought' studly masseur Steg Hartman's professional services full-time, but he retains his professional attitude- if he can hold out. The nonreligious Morenos decide to have Remy baptized, just for fun and publicity, but the curate drives a hard bargain to reserve the whole church for one child's media circus. Willemyn only accepts the role of godparent with Tom if Cheryl tells Anouck that he's the father. Anouck goes sanctimoniously ...
30 Sep. 2007
Episode #3.3
Merel's misbehavior now extends to staying out all night with Roderick. Ernst steps in to give her the firm hand she needs, insisting on study choice and a summer job, but Claire throws him out. Steg now enjoys 'athletic' Anouck physically. Cheryl learns that people consider the way the Moreros throw money around the opposite of class. She and Willemyn organize a benefit for a Thai orphanage and Martin's waning image, but get little volunteered support. Tom accepts the DNA test Cheryl shows to prove Martin is Remy's father. Her present demure works don't sell; a gift ...
7 Oct. 2007
Episode #3.4
Willemyn is moody, atypically unhelpful and critical. Tipi Wan refuses to switch her day off and babysit after being assigned a new designer room as her old one is turned into a play room for little Remy. Claire can only get her house rented if she vacates it stat, so she moves into Willemyn's garden shed with ingrate Merel but is seen dining with 'unfaithful' Evert to get his investment advice. Anouck fears well-behaved Vlinder is too 'tame' and takes Claire in for a while. Martin spoils his mother Greet Hogenbrink on her 65th birthday, Cheryl is rather jealous.
14 Oct. 2007
Episode #3.5
The other girls are tickled pink when Claire remarks their new neighbor, who rents her house, is francophone charm singer Jean-Louis Sarly, so they agree to help protect his privacy. Seeing him strip to work in the buff, Claire asks the real estate agent to throw the nudist out, yet he feels she's playing hard to get, but not for him. Anouck gets physical within the hour, but wakes up with an allergic rash- from Willemyn. Especially now her haughty, posh, never satisfied ma, Mrs. Verbrugge, visits, Willemyn turns to Dr. Rossi when her dumbest daughter, Annabel, is ...
21 Oct. 2007
Episode #3.6
After Cheryl hits regional society queen Cecile Van Buren's car and rudely scolds her, ignoring who she's being so gross too, nobody wants the Moreros anymore in Het Gooi, not even as paying clients. Claire wonders who's blackmailing her and worries what to wear at a party thrown by the above Cecile, with a double twist in the end for both friends and Tippi Wan. Anouck is appalled that her paintings are selling again, but only as investment to be locked away, and somehow decides to compensate for this lack of meaning to life by buying responsibly in such terms as ...
28 Oct. 2007
Episode #3.7
Willemyn scolds the girls' spiritualism séance, but gullible Cheryl convinces the ladies to hold their own, presided by flippant Anouck. The Ouija board spells, which may start Cheryl's original name Sonia (but she still tells nobody) and ANT.N, which she thinks refers to her late grandmother but is more likely to stand for pool-fall-killed Anton. His widow Claire walks out of the silliness, yet has strange experiences referring to him, even a gay divorce and firm division case involving businessman Bastiaan Scheepman, who looks exactly like Anton. Lonely Willemyn ...
4 Nov. 2007
Episode #3.8
Willemyn and Evert are like lovers again, but can't decide whether to tell their kids, so they catch Roderick and his current girlfriend as 'intimate' in the garden shed. Cheryl has fallen for the sexual temptation of her first lover, Frankie De Jong. She uses his old-timer cars- dealership in Osdorp as excuse to 'visit' him. Meanwhile Martin's mother Greet is staying for a week, determined to train Tippi Wan - but also traps her as a thief. The Thai maid fights back, first exposing the paternity test she found, then fatally. Anouck's latest project to save the world,...
11 Nov. 2007
Episode #3.9
Evert waves Willemyn's domineering mother Adriana's haughty objections to a re-marriage as she believes it's even tackier than a divorce, but the idea of a prenuptial sticks in Willemyn's mind. Finding Tippi Wan breastfeeding Remy, Cheryl is furious enough to brave her threats and throw the au-pair out. She breaks Martin's heart by telling him that Tom is the father, so Dr. Rossi makes a house-call, but in vain. Claire makes him consider his own past and that Remy is still theirs, which sinks in just in time for Evert's rehearsal dinner speech. Tippi Wan prepares a ...

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