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This show blows
commonwealthofcanada3 February 2007
Jeff Ltd is a pathetic show on every level.

It's a comedy that isn't funny first of all. The acting is terrible, the scripts/stories are terrible, the directing and producing in fact the production as a whole is terrible.

None of the characters are likable and that is okay because you can have a comedy show with unlikeable people but the characters aren't funny either. The acting is the big downfall with this show.

I hope it gets taken off the airwaves soon because Jeff Lts is pathetically bad.

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The Laughs are Ltd. (there aren't any)
sarahmichelleheide21 April 2007
Jeff Ltd is just stupid. It's not ever funny and is just insulting to viewers especially women.

The guy who plays Jeff can't act. Just because the character is a stupid idiot doesn't mean just any idiot can play him. He's not just a bad actor he is so bad it's annoying.

Can you tell I hate this show? It's not just not funny it's boring. And it's insulting that they would do such awful jokes and expect us to laugh at them.

How an awful show like this gets on the air and stays on TV for more than one season is something I will never figure out. At least I think it is in season two now.
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One of the most terrible TV shows ever put on the air.
robertboylex13 April 2007
Jeff Ltd is only limited in its own ability to make its viewers laugh or pay attention.

This show is one of the worst travesties ever put on the air.

Even by comedy network standards it is pretty much garbage and whoever put it on TV should be immediately fired.

The main character is annoying and not likable but also doesn't serve to make anyone laugh even once, it is just not a funny show or funny main character. The other characters also are not funny in the least.

Also the guy playing the main Jeff character can't act worth garbage so that's another reason to cancel this travesty.

Jeff Ltd is total garbage that could only make the worst and least intelligent people laugh.
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Please someone cancel this show
lynyrdskynyrd26 August 2007
Why are there so many awful Canadian comedy shows? Aren't a ton of great comedians supposed to come from this country? Or maybe that is why they seem to move to the states to get famous, because the shows here are all terrible.

The show is about a womanizer and inventor named Jeff who is always scheming and they clearly think he and his plans are hilarious but they aren't. They're just poorly written and unfunny to the point of being painful. This show needs to go and everyone involved with it should consider getting out of the sitcom business forever. Maybe try writing tragedies since that's what this show is.
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Crap Unlimited
samglin25 August 2007
This show is horrible. The main character is so annoying I just want to strangle him but not annoying in the funny way they are intending I'm sure. He is always trying some get rich quick scheme or trying to get with a beautiful and/or rich woman while being a chauvinist pig/thief and failing miserably. Why this TV channel thought we needed a show like this is beyond me. There are already enough bad shows with unlikeable characters. I can't believe this stayed on the air, it has even somehow lasted more than one season. I think it is off the air now though so that's good. Anyway I wouldn't even recommend the reruns this show is/was just pitiful.
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Shockingly bad
Megasockmonkey31 December 2007
I've watched several episodes of Jeff Ltd., because it can take time for a new series to find its rhythm. Honestly, though, this show started out bad and just got worse.

On the plus side, the look of the show is very slick and professional, but that's not necessarily an asset to comedy anyway. But overall, the characters are dull, passionless, and the tone is too cool and cynical to let any of its lowbrow humour work. It's very hard to imagine a group of TV professionals sitting in a room watching this show and saying, yep, that's funny, that works. Because it really, really doesn't.
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I remember this show, unfortunately.
renrizzuti27 June 2009
Unfortunately I can remember this show. Jeff Ltd. was a terrible show with above all a terrible performance by the lead character that is what I remember most of all about this show. The plots all involved him trying to trick people into giving him money or trying to trick women into sleeping with him or usually both of those things, all he did was con people and it always backfired because he was very bad at it and thought he was a lot smarter than everyone else when he wasn't. The ideas were only half baked and none of the jokes were funny because the performances were so bad and it was just badly written, you could see exactly where everything was going. I am glad this bad show was booted off the airwaves.
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actreel30 July 2006
This extremely amusing television show is a real gem, I watched the clown episode and laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes. The unexpected situations Jeff gets himself into play out in an honest yet witty manner. The two main characters: (Inga Cadranel) "Liz" along with (Jeff Seymour) "Jeff" are a good mix because she is the only one who really gets his antics and you feel good that she is not fooled one bit by anything he does. The sexy women in each episode are sure to be a real hit with the men but I love it for Jeff, his delivery of such a slimy yet innocent guy you just can't bring yourself to hate him. Check it out and see for yourself, it's as funny as Seinfeld!
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fembot100327 November 2010
This show was garbage, I still remember when I finally realized that it was actually cancelled that I was so happy I actually did a little dance in my living room.

Jeff Limited was such a pathetic show, I just wrote a review for Comedy Inc which is probably even worse, and there are a lot of terrible Canadian comedy television shows, but Jeff Limited still stands out as one of the worst.

How do so many awful shows get made here? Jeff Ltd was on at the same time as another show called The Jane Show that was also terrible and I thought those two should just get married, and then Jeff and Jane could both get off my TV forever.

I hated this show!
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Jeff Ltd.
wainman7-13 February 2007
I live in Los Angeles and happened to get my hands on a couple of copies from season 1 and season 2, and I found the show to be very clever and very funny. If you give it a chance you will find some hilarious stuff in there. If you are looking for Shakespeare, this is not it. If you are looking to laugh your butt off and have a good time, this is it.The first season was great but they have vastly improved season two. Can't wait to see season three. I am trying to find out how I can get all the copies of season two? Anyone know how? Seriously this show is as good as anything we get down here in the states, it is very similar in style to "Curb your Enthusiasm" Check out a couple of episodes.
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A clown man pursues smart beautiful women. His Wiley coyote ways get him what he deserves.
alexispw9 April 2007
I think this show is funny, smart and provocative. The humor works on many levels from exceptional clowning to very clever wordplay. It pokes fun at our culture, sexual stereotypes and politics. Each episode is a new adventure. The character Jeff is a misguided man of which there are plenty in this culture. It's funny to see that kind of character's antics, with the bad boy charm, pay for his mischief. How great to see women who can walk and talk and look hot. Canadian TV has suffered from mediocrity, copying, trying to please all with pablum. I think Jeff Ltd has an edge that makes it great and stand out.

I have noticed that negative threads about this show have been started by people with hater and devil in their user names. Named appropriately. 'More stupider' is bad grammar Mr. hater devil.
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The Fraiser Institute Haters can all shrivel up and die
utopian-technocracy31 December 2008
This show is on par with Sarah Silverman, Strangers With Candy and American Dad. There is an agenda within Canada to influence public polls by paying Neo-Conservative shills to sh*t on various things across the social spectrum. Similar to what John McCain's campaign people did in the U.S. with letters filled with the same talking points- some being written by a woman in Holland posing as a U.S. citizen. It boggles the mind. This show, I think is being unfairly targeted because the lead actor is of Persian ancestry, and is fairly relevant in the plot. This is taking away from all the bad publicity and propaganda that Iran is supposed to be receiving in the possible run-up to an invasion by the U.S. imperial forces. Also, on Youtube there is one episode posted of Jeff Ltd. that totally indirectly exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the western world's financial system (rule of the rich few over the poor majority). You wanna see more, watch American Ruling Class, a 2005 movie done by the former editor of Harper's Magazine - one of America's oldest.
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