Saints Row (Video Game 2006) Poster

(2006 Video Game)

J.A.Q.: Dex


  • Dex : [looking at Luz's bag]  What's in there? Guns? Money? Some uncut shit?

    [Looks in bag] 

    Dex : Shoes?

    Luz : Actually, they're this season's new...

    Main Character : Bullshit! That's last years Fall collection!

    Luz : That's not true.

    [Main Character points gun at her] 

    Dex : Let it go man.

  • Angelo : Lo sabia! You'll pay for what you did to my brother!

    Dex : I wonder if he means us or Manuel.

  • Troy : You've earned your colors today.

    Dex : That was some impressive shit! The only other Saint who kicked ass like that was Johnny!

    Johnny Gat : Shit took me half the time.

    Julius : Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints.

  • Dex : Who's got the Rollerz?

    Lin : I do.

    Johnny Gat : Lin? The fuck you wearing blue for?

    Julius : I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz. We don't know much about these fuckers so I wanted one of us on the inside.

  • Johnny Gat : There's gotta be a better plan than "Lets Be Monroe's Bitches"!

    Dex : You're right. There is. Marshall Winslow was a major public figure and you can bet your ass that people would ask questions if the chief of police wasn't at his funeral. I say we hit Monroe during the funeral procession. That should show whoever he's working with that we're not fucking around.

    Johnny Gat : You're saying we should assassinate the chief of police while he's at the funeral of the guy we just smashed?

    Dex : Yeah.

    Johnny Gat : Don't tease me, Dex!

    Dex : Let's fucking do it.

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