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Great title, Bad Movie ...
Vic_max15 October 2006
This movie was interesting for about the first 10 minutes or so. Then, soon after the lead character started talking, the movie's stock started to drop and never recovered. Although the makings of a decent movie are present in the tone, basic story line and actors, this movie ended up being 3 hours of discomfort. The main problem was that none of the characters were likable - especially the lead. Worst yet, they were not even believable - some of the decision making was ridiculous. With 3 hours of length (well, more like 132 minutes since it was on TV), the bad decisions were not even used to advance the plot. I think the actors had much more potential than was demonstrated. The best things about this movie were the music and title. I don't recommend watching this movie.
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But You Have to Admit...It's a Beautiful Scarf...
joebridge26 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Oh no. Oh my. Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin? The highly unique idiocy of this movie made for the telly is so jaw-dropping, I would almost recommend watching it because of how strange it is in terms of bad writing.

I'm amazed that the lead character didn't react more after they just decided to cover an area with concrete instead of looking for the missing person.

What sort of job requires recording sounds from the ground that are scaring off all the birds? Yes, I know you don't have to report every time bird droppings are out of place and I hope you reincarnate as a worm to be eaten by a cheerful little robin! Right.

Okay, so you've determined an area is full of dangerous explosive gasses. So what do you do? Light a match and throw it down into the area below your feet with the explosive gasses, just to make sure. Right.

What in the world is going on with this scarf business? Yes, it's a beautiful scarf. Let's talk about your beautiful scarf for awhile. Let's all pause and consider how wearing this beautiful scarf makes you so out of place with the rest of humanity. Hey, wait a minute. Lots of women wear scarves. Okay, you've lost me again. Seriously.

Let's all sit at city hall, but first let's ask why everyone is there, to make sure no one is there for an actual reason! Make sure there's a door that looks like it belongs on a submarine or on "Lost". Every public office has this, of course. No reason to be suspicious... Just open the submarine hatch and go right on in! Let's all race downstairs and help the guy we don't know and kill everyone that looks like a doctor! Wait. Did I miss something?

So the astronut, yes you heard me right, astroNUT, is "kryptonite to the aliens"? A fact brought up a couple of times. But why? Is he the only one in the entire world with "kryptonite blood"? Why? Please tell me more about why, instead of all the endless talk about scarves!

Okay, so they make a very big deal about how these aliens, whilst in human guise, never blink. So why did the lead character never notice the queen not blinking in all that time he had spent with her? Well? He certainly took notice within about a second of the public servant not blinking! Even the fact that they "don't blink" was one of the first things mentioned by the "astronut" when they rescued him. Actually, they do blink - especially the queen. Now I'm confused... They only seem to "never blink" during close-ups when they are trying very hard not to blink. Heh.

What in the world is the business where the lead character goes all the way around, up through the chute, and through the processing area AGAIN, just to get back and spy on the queen in a room upstairs? And by some strange coincidence, the aliens always seem to be gone when people are doing stuff like this? Except for that conspiracy bloke, of course. "The Lone Alien" (not even with his trusty side-kick) just happened to be there at the time!

The alien queen just had to say that line about being better off mating with a human, didn't she? Didn't she?

Is it just me, or did the motives of the queen, and in fact, the motives of almost every character in the movie seem to change from one scene to the next?

Okay, so the gun is empty, but wait, it was only jammed and still conveniently has three bullets later on. Let's make it up as we go along. Weeeeee...

Now tell me. Would you carry around a live grenade everywhere you go, even if it did "save your life" many years earlier? Be honest.

Let's all go shopping! Wait. You lost me again...

My my, the queen certainly laid a lot of eggs, didn't she? My goodness...

Why oh why do they have to call the eggs, the area with the eggs and the events related to the eggs "the hatch"? No, not the submarine hatch to the processing area mentioned earlier nor the hatch on "Lost" that this show replaced this Thursday night!

The part near the end where the lead character admits to not liking people or the human race kind of threw me off and even spoiled the general outcome even more.

And yes, ANYONE could have blown up all the aliens with that flammable atmosphere and the grenade, so what was the big deal about the blood of the astronut? Senseless. It would have been better had he lived so his blood could be used should the aliens return! DUH DUH DUH!

3 out of 10. The last 15 minutes are somewhat likable, but I thought I was watching "Mimic" again, with a couple "Men in Black" elements thrown in! (And for that matter, even "A Bug's Life". Heh.)
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Entertaining and Underrated
claudio_carvalho10 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In the end of the Paracles Mission, an expedition to the moon to explore minerals promoted by the space agency, the commander William Phillips (Campbell Scott) is somehow infected and sent to the Colonial Hospital. A couple of years later, a series of weird accidents happen in San Francisco: the archaeologist Lloyd Walker (Gil Bellows) sees his dig collapsing with his assistant Jonathan (Ryan NcDoneli) and the Commissioner Korshaft (Serge Houde) sealing his site without searching the body of Jonathan; Oliver (Beau Starr), the supervisor of a homeless shelter, finds that the birds have disappeared from the local park due to a weird noise in the underground; and the Bulgarian Bella (Tina Milo) is seeking her missing husband with her brother-in-law Nick (Tygh Runyan). Meanwhile, the entomologist Marianne (Sue Matthew), who works as exterminator to finance her PHD, is invited to work for the City Hall; the salesman Spence (Patrick Gilmore) has problem to receive his unemployment paycheck. Walker befriends the assistant of the Mayor Liz Quinlan (Daryl Hannah), who advises him to meet the ombudsman in the Room 86. However, the journalist Jake Roth (John Cassini) tells Walker that his partner has vanished after visiting the mysterious Room 86. When Walker arrives in Room 86 for the meeting with the ombudsman, he finds Marianne, Oliver, Spence, Bella and Nick in the waiting room with identical recommendation cards. Further, he notes that nobody leaves the room of the ombudsman. He advises Marianne that he would go inside alone and that he is armed, but she believes he is paranoid with a Theory of Conspiracy. However, when Walker enters the place, he discovers the dark secret of the City Hall.

"Final Days of Planet Earth" has a confused beginning with the introduction of different characters without any connection among them. However, later they are gathered together to fight against the alien invader. The plot is not original, using the storyline of the classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"; however, it is entertaining and underrated in IMDb since the story is well-constructed with minor flaws and supported by good acting and special effects. One of the greatest flaws is, for example, when Marianne discovers that the alien insects are affected by her poison, why not using it again along their battle against the invaders? The cover of the DVD released in Brazil is a big spoiler disclosing the human identity of the Queen. My vote is six.

Titrle (Brazil): "Os Últimos Dias do Planeta Terra" ("The Last Days of Planet Earth")
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The Pits
moysant16 March 2006
Regular TV shows were taken off two nights for this mini-series, mainly because a rival station was showing the Commonwealth Games and I suppose the channel head honchos thought everyone would be watching the athletes and they had to put on SOMETHING so why not this drivel. This was worse than the recent Category 7 (that awful one with Shannon Doherty in it about the hurricane) and Earthquake 10.5 (about a giant earthquake destroying California). At least those two made some sort of sense. Last Days of planet blah reminds me a lot of V (80s miniseries about snake aliens who have human exteriors and are trying to take over the world when they're not eating live rodents), and a bit like the Day of the Body Snatchers (the pod people taking over humans body when their asleep), but without the suspense or character development. It should've been a TV movie instead of a miniseries - it flowed like molasses. Rule number one of scripts is to cut out anything that doesn't add to the plot. Why then stuff this with pointless scenes, like the hero walking furtively through a large room for about 30 seconds when we've seen the room 3 times before, including him and his friends discussing its purpose at length earlier, as well as the villains coming in later and discussing their dastardly plans just in case we can't connect the dots and get the point? 30 seconds is a looonnngggg time in TV land. Ditto the bad and pointless dialogue between characters sitting in vans waiting for something to happen. Show me that something happening - not the non-value-adding talk in vans! And how they overcome the dastardly villains was lamo.

Even Darryl Hannah couldn't save this one. What was the weird thing with her eyes and forehead? Bad lighting? Bad botox? And why does Australian TV keep buying this crude and why do I feel compelled to watch this trainwreck TV? I blame aliens. 1/10
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solid B film
wrlang14 October 2006
Its getting harder and harder to get any original ideas for films. I guess the old standards make money and that's the key. Final Days of Planet Earth is about alien insects that make their way to earth to colonize earth using humans as fodder – literally. Good acting from a very solid and well established cast and some good writing takes the slight twist on Invasion of The Body Snatchers and makes it good. While the plot languishes, the CGI is good, and the cinematography is also good. The action and story move along just fast enough to keep your interest. A good solid B movie with no pretense toward block buster status.
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Enjoyable despite the bad rating
tripmixx11 November 2006
This is my first time writing a comment here on IMDb. I feel that this TVmovie has been highly underrated here. This is a made for TV movie so I have rated it whit that in mind. In my opinion the story was fairly interesting, the acting was very good for this kind of film and the few special effects where also very good. I for one am glad they continue to make these kind of flicks, there aren't that much scifi being made. So even if it does not have a lot of money it's good that they allow people that have a descent story to tell to make these kind of movies. So my final conclusion is: If you like scifi and know how to enjoy a TVmovie whitout too high expectations this is one for you.
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The Plummet of the Phoenix
cdimdb28 August 2006
While this terrible mess deserves all the bad things said about it, I have a strong suspicion that the film was not intended to be what finally appeared on the screen. The storyline is simply too screwed-up to have been intentional.

My theory is that the film as published is actually an attempt to resurrect a project that was abandoned without being completed. Perhaps it ran overbudget. Perhaps the principals realised that it would be a dog whatever happened. Perhaps somebody died.

The result was a pile of footage with many scenes unfilmed, and many issues unresolved. Some brave person took this pile of dross and tried to make a coherent movie out of it. Their success was limited, but at least it had a sort-of beginning, a confused middle, and a silly, half-of-an ending. Not having the resources to trim it to normal film length, they made it into a two-parter. Still a disaster, but a little money coming in to cover the completion guarantee.

Well, that's my hope, anyway. Anything to prevent me having to accept that someone actually went out and created this crock on purpose. That would be too much to bear.

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Watch Out for THEM!
wes-connors18 January 2010
After what appears to be a minor mishap, digging for samples on the Moon, "Pericles" space mission leader Campbell Scott (as William "Billy" Phillips) arranges to return safely to home planet Earth. While Mr. Scott sleeps, a "security breach" begins dismembering his crew. Only Scott and female passenger Daryl Hannah (as Elizabeth "Liz" Quinlan) escape to Earth. There, Scott mysteriously disappears and Ms. Hannah goes to work at San Francisco's City Hall.

Also on the ground, archaeologist Gil Bellows (as Lloyd Walker) explains his work to some grade kids on a field trip, "When you dig a hole, you travel back in time," he states. Shapely exterminator Suleka "Sue" Mathew (as Marianne) is upset with the graphic nature of Mr. Bellows' tour speech, which scares her nephew. That night, one of Bellows' young workers, Ryan McDonell (as Jonathan Gillis), is swallowed into the earth after a prank. And, he's not the only one…

Underground city workers are mysteriously vanishing; but, the "accidents" and disappearances are all being swept under the rug. This irks Bellows (he turns out to be the lead actor in this science-fiction drama, which weaves its various characters interestingly into the storyline). He is contacted by stealthy John Cassini (as Jake Roth), and the men begin piecing together a terrifying conspiracy, including a possible alien invasion, which could lead to the "Final Days of Planet Earth"!

"There's only one puzzle here, okay Walker?" Mr. Cassini advises Bellows, "Until you put your pieces on the table, it's not gonna get finished." Not sure who to trust, Bellows begins to investigate some slimy, green-bleeding blobs hidden in San Francisco's underground. He enlists the help of former astronaut Hannah (remember her from the opening Moon mission). Hannah, who is working with city commissioner Serge Houde (as Korshaft), warns "Careful where you dig."

Meanwhile, used car salesman Patrick Gilmore (as Spence) is having trouble collecting unemployment, after getting laid off; immigrants Tygh Runyan (as Nick) and Tina Milo (as Bella) worry about her husband, who is among the missing; and, homeless shelter worker Beau Starr (as Oliver), still mourning the passing of his wife Amanda, notices something unusual in the woods. They, and most of the other characters in the drama, are directed to "Room 86" for assistance...

Enter "Room 86" at your own risk! - but don't avoid "Final Days of Planet Earth" like the plague of long, lackluster TV movie extravaganzas it gets lumped with. It is too long, and unravels much during the first half of the second part; but, this is surprisingly above average "Hallmark" television production. The story, by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer nicely updates paranoid 1950s thrillers, like "Them!" (1954). Director Rob Lieberman and star Bellows keep it moving.

But, San Francisco? Have the filmmakers ever been there?

****** Final Days of Planet Earth (3/15-16/06) Robert Lieberman ~ Gil Bellows, Daryl Hannah, Suleka Mathew, Campbell Scott
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Pure Garbage
mickbrooke225 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It was this film that brought me back to checking reviews before renting. They had plenty of money, decent actors and a decent idea for a film. But they couldn't have done worse. None of the situations were believable, the dialog was formulaic rubbish & the 'finale' was so implausible it's shocking SPOILER ALERT: (one man's blood was toxic to the creatures, he blew himself up and killed them all in one go!)

Why Hanah took this job is beyond me. I guess she is desperate for work and wanted the exposure - but surely acting in this kind of drivel can only harm whats left of her career.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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Laughably bad
RAF__224 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I would have rated this 'movie' a 1, but it did make me laugh, so I was lenient. I am an avid Sci-Fi lover, so I stuck it out and watched the whole thing.

I read all of the other comments that were here before I placed this comment. I agree with all of the comments about lack of plot, continuity and acting, so there's no point in me repeating them.

************ POSSIBLE SPOILER HERE ************** My greatest laugh from the movie was when the 'kryptonite astronaut' said about the human shells that the aliens wore: "They're just bugs, they put their humans on one leg at a time". I really cracked up at that one. ************* END OF SPOILER ********************

I used to go to Sci-Fi conventions when I was in college and make fun of the zombie movies during the films, I would have had no problem doing the same for this one.

Only watch this if you have NOTHING else to do!
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mediocre sci-fi flick
markusws11 November 2008
The good is that Darryl Hannah still looks very good. Gil Bellows is competent as the archaeologist who winds up the hero. The rest of the cast is typical for the venue. The screen time is 170 minutes long, but there is only about half that much material here. A decent editing job that cuts the time down to about 100 minutes would do the trick, but then it wouldn't be a mini-series. Usually it takes some interesting characters that get me personally involved to make me want to root for the heroes, but these guys just don't cut it. Some of the scenes are drawn out too long. The dialog is routinely flat. If it wasn't for being on last thing two nights in a row I probably wouldn't have watched it. It does have a few interesting scenes here and there, and the technical visual effects are interesting in places. If you like sci-fi and don't have anything better to do, watch it. Otherwise, look for more interesting fare.
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Lets trust the Aliens... lol
Krossphyre16 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
You just got to have loved the line where the old geezer took a vehicle and got caught by the cops in order for everyone else to escape... another in the scene mentioned how basically he was a tough old bird... he'll be right. I couldn't help but think.... "You idiot, those cops are aliens... hes surely going to be more fertilizer... lol. I would have used the characters names in my comment... but the characters were as forgettable as the movie... Oh, i guess it wasn't that bad?

Overall the movie wasn't to bad. I think the biggest failure was that the power the space captain (or whatever he was) had over the aliens really never had a big enough impact on the outcome of the movie. The truth is anyone could have killed the bugs with a grenade. I think his power over them should have itself caused the ultimate demise of the aliens.
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Predictable, the special affects weren't that great, weird dialogue, dull and overall boring!
benjamin-ryan16 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I decide to watch Final Days of Planet Earth yesterday night and have just finish it early tonight because it replaced Prison Break and there was nothing better to watch. But while I was watching it, quickly I was finding many problems with it that was annoying me this especially happens while I watch a movie that is predictable and when the protagonist does something to further complicate the situation, I know in most movies thats what the plot strives on but it is the way they pulled it off.

The Final Days of Planet Earth starts off by us seeing a space shuttle on its way back to earth from the moon we see a group of astronauts talking and then one of them goes to sleep then in the next scene the one that was sleeping wakes up and it is quiet so he looks around, in he looks through a door with a window and he sees an arm fly pass, thats all we see of that, then we meet walker an archaeologist who in his backyard a ufo crash lands and all of a sudden everyone seems to been acting strangely and people seem to be going missing.

1. The story is like the new Battlestar Galactica where the robot/aliens take the form of humans and the 1950's movie invaders from mars where people get replaced with doubles.

2. I found that it was very hard to get into because it took majority of the first episode to get exciting ( approximately one hour and a half).

3. In key situations it is obvious what is going to happen Eg: The Alien Bugs have capture one of the humans and say that they won't kill him if he tells them where the other humans went, he believes them and tells them where the others when and when the main alien bug leaves they say to the second in command "look after our friend" which is obvious their going to kill him.

4. The person who designed the alien bugs weren't very creative, they are just over-sized praying mantis', which I think one of the humans says there big praying mantis'.

Predictable,the special affects weren't that great, weird dialogue, dull and overall boring not worth watching unless you have spare time or nothing better to do.
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Somewhat entertaining sci-fi thriller
hgmichna27 October 2006
An archaeologist stumbles right into a local government conspiracy, but step by step discovers a serious danger to our entire civilization.

It was shown on German TV as one long movie, not as a series, which, unfortunately, causes some repetitiveness.

Not a really good movie, but acting, directing, and computer animation were quite good, well above average for a TV series. I enjoyed seeing Daryl Hannah in a difficult role, but all actors were good.

The limiting factor was the story. The beginning was almost as good as that of any high budget Hollywood movie, but then the story turned cheaper, and the movie stayed well below its potential.

My final judgment: a somewhat entertaining sci-fi thriller.
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ylekiot921 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The plot makes no sense. The characters are random at best. The things people say and do have no grounding in reality. Darryl Hannah and others blink (a lot). No, contrary to some reviewers you will not necessarily like this if you like 50's sci fi movies or whatever. It just is a terrible movie. Here are some things that entertained me about the movie:

Walker lighting a match next to the eggs with no explosion and then being able to throw a match down from 20 feet into the same area (match stays lit!) and kaboom a giant flame shoots up. Bystanders are heard screaming because of the explosion and then no-one pays any attention and goes on about their business-ridiculous!

Sealing the ground with concrete after a man has sunk down in it and disappeared, sparking a rescue operation-ridiculous!

Sitting in a waiting room waiting to see someone and getting suspicious because of all the mysterious things: 1)everyone has a note that says "give first consideration to this candidate" 2)the receptionist doesn't blink-ridiculous!

Sticking a stun gun in someones face because they offer you a tip after you inspect their house for pests-ridiculous!

Giving someone your phone number and "home address" in case they want to contact you-ridiculous!

Walker going to city hall and asking the city engineer why he can't get permission to "continue his dig" after it's been sealed with concrete (and a man is in there dead and lost) and the city engineer says he'll try to get him permission-and to give him a couple of days-ridiculous!

Honestly I couldn't continue to watch something that made no sense-especially in the beginning, where the plot was non-existent and it was just a bunch of random scenes thrown together. This is not the worst movie I have ever seen, as it is somewhat elevated by the fact that it is a science fiction movie and I love science fiction, but the fact is that it is just not watchable. Read a book instead.
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If you like 1950's Sci-Fi movies, you should like this one.
billcrook14 October 2006
If you're not a fan of science fiction, you should pass on this movie. I think that may be why many others left negative comments about this film and rated it so low. And certainly there are many flaws, but it's a "made for TV" mini-series, not a big budget block-buster. I was somewhat surprised that this was shown on The Hallmark Channel. The title sounds like something that you would find on The Sci-Fi Channel. So with rather low expectations, I started watching it and found it entertaining. Reminded me a lot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers from 1956. I thought all the cast did a good job with a very predictable script, especially Campbell Scott. Daryl Hannah's character would have been better played by someone else, but the only movie I liked her in was Splash from 1984. So think of this as a remake of a 1950's sci-fi movie, but with better special effects and a better soundtrack. I gave it a seven rating.
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City Hall is run by a bunch of murderous human insects who kill off any citizens who protest their stupid, destructive, self-serving ways. Whoa. Just like real life.
VideoEmbolism11 October 2013
Although this movie drags a bit I cannot help giving it a decent rating simply for the idea that giant murderous insects masquerading as human beings have taken over(or perhaps always have been) the municipal governments of nameless North American cities.

How can you get better than that? It's just so...true.

In this movie (perhaps as in reality) it seems nobody has noticed that the local politicians seem a little emotionless, a little unimaginative, a little impersonal, a little lacking in every human aspect because either people have grown used to them being this way and think it's normal or the ones that protest this end up being liquidated in a way that fertilizes the progress of the proverbial colony.

One of the best scenes has citizens from all over the city, who have been directed by various city officials in all manner of public service departments to a tiny room underneath city hall to have their complaints and concerns "addressed" by the ombudsman, sitting there only to realize almost too late that in the next room where they are waiting to be received is a processing station full of dead citizens just like themselves who have been cut up into bloody bits and now reside in large bins as they await further "processing" by the city representatives.

This movie has such great ideas and such relevant social commentary on the inhuman nature of politics at even the most local level that it is a shame it doesn't play with this more and instead opts for a survivalist attitude instead of ironic disgust. It clearly shows how people in modern North American cities have become not even disposable resources but a threatening burden to social systems designed to support only certain "types" of people and that popular prejudice nowadays is based more on rejecting challenging attitudes, practical enquiry, and an unwillingness to mindlessly go with the flow than it is on culture, gender or class. The movie plays itself straight, which is admirable given its B- movie roots in regards to giant insects, but comes off rather flat since the protagonists don't apply any criticisms to the rest of the world as it reflects their current predicament.

Still, the ideas are there and if you can pluck out the more ironic ones even as the movie glosses, either deliberately or unintentionally, over them "The Final Days of Planet Earth" can be a rewarding experience in the right mindset.

Dedicated to people who have had to suffer the many stupidities of the government on any or all levels, and have survived the socially inbred, administratively useless and retarded public service sectors who have helped them be this way, a dedication which applies to everybody who isn't a part of that self-applied and superior- minded specialized type of ignorance and insensitivity, god bless you. Get out your mental bug-spray, put this movie on and start exterminating!
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Liked it--although I think it focused on the wrong character
FilmNutgm16 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I usually wouldn't comment on a TV movie I saw a week ago, but when I looked up this title and saw all the negative comments, I thought, "Wow!I liked it--guess I'm in a very small group." This miniseries played as one four-hour (with commercials) movie on an independent TV station. I didn't expect a huge blockbuster, so I wasn't disappointed. Given the limits of television as opposed to a movie studio budget, I thought this movie had a lot more character development and pacing than I've come to expect from low-budget sci-fi movies. I think the movie would have been better served if it had focused on the character played by Campbell Scott--not only because I think Mr. Scott is a fine actor, but because I thought the astronaut's plight was more poignant and interesting. I generally like Gil Bellows' acting, but as written, the character he played was cold, charmless, and muted for so much of the film that it made it hard for me to stick with the storyline. Frankly, I stuck with it because I kept hoping the story would explain what happened to Scott's astronaut character. I can agree with a lot of the criticisms of the film--its budget made for more gab than gore; there wasn't a consistent tone; the ending needed to be more fleshed out, but as someone who watches way more sci-fi that I normally would because I'm related to a sci-fi fan, all I can say is that while the movie had problems, it had some characters I could care about, some good actors doing their best, and a few genuinely scary/creepy scenes--that's about all I expect out of a free movie on an independent channel. SPOILER: I was very moved by one of final scenes where the astronaut is reciting the 1969 Mets roster--if you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. If the whole film could have sustained that level of acting and emotional involvement, I don't think it would be getting such poor reviews.END OF SPOILER I've seen a lot of movies with bigger stars, bigger budgets, bigger what-have-you that I didn't enjoy nearly as much so I cut this movie a lot of slack. It's a very watchable "B" movie that you can enjoy in the comfort of your living room while munching homemade popcorn. In these times, that's a pretty good thing to be.
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way,way above average for this genre
disdressed1221 May 2007
this is a really good TV starts off really slow though.but once it gets going,it really get little hints at a time of what's happening,so you really get hooked.for an alien invasion movie,this one is low key and on a lower scope.this is not a criticism,and if you watch the movie,you'll know what i mean.i really got caught up in this thing.the special effects are not spectacular,but they aren't bad enough to take away from the movie.believe me,there are a lot worse in that dept.the strong part of this movie is the story and the acting of Daryl Hannah.she puts in a very strong performance in this for the story itself,while it may not be wholly unique, it is well written and well paced.the only thing i was disappointed in is the wasn't a bad ending,but it just seemed anti-climatic and not that realistic.otherwise,a very good movie.i highly recommend it.for me,"Final Days of Planet Earth" is an 8/10
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Final but yawning moments on Earth!
manjodude7 February 2011
This is a simple, low budget(looks so!) movie of aliens on earth.

I wish the pace of the movie could have been more fast and lot more engaging but still, it gives an interesting take on man's predicament as the aliens begin to take over. Quite different from the usual Hollywood stuff.

The few actors who made some impact here are Gil Bellows as the lonely archaeologist who tumbles on something very wrong and Suleka Mathew as the pest exterminator. Rest are forgettable, including Daryl Hannah's presence.

Sad, this movie had oodles of potential and could have done much better.

Verdict: Nice try but still boring anyway. Let the aliens invade :)
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Terrible Movie - Trend in the 2000's
briane018767 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This might be a spoiler or better yet a time saver as you won't want to see this after reading this review so be warned.

So this is one of those movies in the 2000's that people call B movies but they really aren't they aren't because they're not movies at all.

They are like a long TV-Drama played for 2-3 hours. Every scene is 2 people talking. You can tell with these new-age year 2000's "Horros" / "Sci-Fi's" that it's one of these terrible "reality TV show drama" style movies where their are no interesting backgrounds, there are no thought provoking / stimulating / exciting situations. It's 2 people talking to each other. Seriously skip through the movie a bunch of times, every scene is a conversation in a simple setting. An office, a car, a room. Nothing is going on. They're not even walking anywhere. Every scene is sitting down talking. The movie would actually be MORE EXCITING if they had a guy sitting in a chair READING FROM A SCI FI NOVEL. At least there would be story / action / etc etc etc. You can't just have people talking to each other about nonsense for 3 hours and call that a movie. It's nothing! Don't even vote on this turd !
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Did very little for me, but I actually do think SyFy have done much worse
TheLittleSongbird16 August 2012
Seeing Final Days of Planet Earth with nothing better to do I saw it with relatively low expectations and actually it is not great by any stretch of the imagination it was a little better than I anticipated. SyFy have done much worse than this. It does have a great title and the cast are better than average, Gil Bellows in a quite charismatic performance faring best. Daryl Hannah has given more natural performances in the likes of Splash and Roxanne but still looks gorgeous and sexy and gives her character the right amount of evilness. The scenery is decent also, and the soundtrack likewise. On the other hand, Final Days of Planet Earth is too long, everything feels very drawn dull and what made the film furthermore dull was that the story is not enough to sustain the running time so felt padded and aimless at certain points. The beginning is also very confused, and there are one too many ridiculous parts to single out. The effects are not as bad as I've seen in other SyFy movies but still look rather slapdash, while the script is stilted in flow and flatly written. The characters are also not that interesting, either coming across as stereotypical, underdeveloped or both, and I wasn't really all that surprised by the Queen's identity. All in all, there has been far worse but at the same time there is nothing to rave about. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Really bad and cheap V rip-off
siderite15 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Insectoid aliens are trying to take over the Earth... by breeding in the sewers and walking around inside empty human shells. They somehow have some connection with the Moon, dead people and they like to spawn in inflammable places. Guess what happens in the end.

There is nothing in the movie that warrants attention. It's not very good and it's not very bad, there is absolutely no way it stands out amongst other similar films, it just sucked in a very predictable way, so it didn't even disappoint much.

Bottom line: watch it only if you like the Syfy channel movie quality...
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OK B movie
Ralf_Solo27 November 2006
During a exploring trip to the moon , something go wrong for the crew of the spaceship. Few month later a archaeologist has his work station closed after a strange accident , a reporter give him the will to investigate more bizarre events in his town.

From the title , I was expected a catastrophic style movie , and was surprised to have something different coming .

I just have see this movie to the end , so it's was quite nice for me as I have zapped severals movies previously this one , you know you use the TV command to quickly advance between the actions moments.

Of course , the movie has some little mistakes , but it gives me an overall good impression , maybe helped by the fact I love aliens invasion movies. For a TV movie , the specials effects were descent, the main story, music, action and acting was OK.

I give a 6 , and keep coming aliens invasion movie please .
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" Want to know if we're alone, don't overlook the bugs "
thinker16919 September 2013
Writer Christian Ford and director Robert Lieberman took on the task of crafting this Science fiction film to fit the Television screen. Although it's slow to catch your attention, it soon has one really interested. The layout story concerns a Archeology professor William Phillips (Campbell Scott) who is engrossed with an interesting ancient find, found near the city proper. Things at the dig become curious when one of his students disappears while searching there. However, other strange occurrence began mounting when the police abruptly close off the dig and then seal it with loads of concrete. Pursuing the incident further, Phillips is warned then ordered to stay away from the dig site altogether. Continuing the matter up with city officials they give him the big stall. He becomes doubly curious when one city clerk offers him a special note to a certain 'Room 86.' He is then steered further away from the dig by a high ranking commissioner of the Police and a helpful city employee named Liz Quinlan (Daryl Hannah). However, other queer events add to his ongoing mystery when citizens of various occupations began disappearing after visiting Room 86. The movie begins to escalate when other strange events start to mount. Bird watchers began noticing that birds have cease their chirping, criminals and homeless vagabonds vanish for no reason at all and the police become criminally uncooperative to the point of being unresponsive and brutal. Taken as a whole the movie should be listed as a 'B' picture, but then slowly evolves into a worthwhile effort. So much so, that unusual features add to it's story with a higher star rating than it began. The acting is convincing, so too the dialog and then finally the special effects crowns the finished product. As such I recommend this feature to anyone interested in a good picture gone great. ****
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