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Well Presented
Lizard32728 August 2008
I was expecting to watch just another stoner movie and instead I got a movie that was full of facts about the truth behind Marijuana in Corporate America.

It was a funny movie that was very serious about the fight to legalize Marijuana - and presents and excellent case for it.

I don't understand why people are giving this movie such a bad rap - I'm not a movie critic by no means, but I am someone who watches an INSANE amount of movies every year and feel this is one that deserves to be recognized!

This site is retarded, I don't have 10 lines to talk about this movie so I just have to add random things now to fill up space so my opinion can be heard... Is that so much to ask?
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For stoners only
pmdawn4 June 2008
This is a nice movie to watch in a double bill with "Super High Me". In fact, much of the stand-up comedy Doug Benson does in that movie is here, including stuff that was left in the cutting room of that film.

So this is a "Pot-U-Mentary". By that I mean there are a series of clips from "weed-friendly" stand-up comedians intertwined with a story about a square-head party crashed by "marijuana activists/doctors". This style reminded me a bit of that "What the Bleep" movie.

The good news is that the stand-up bits are funny. Even the "Totally Baked title song" is still in my head. The bad news is that the side-story sucks, unless you're completely trashed. Badly acted, directed, well, it's a mess, something that should have gone straight to DVD.

As a stoner, I enjoyed it for what it is. Smoke up and watch this, there are some funny bits here and there, just don't expect very much.
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tacomank22 April 2008
THE BAD: The entire thing is shot terribly. The director, cinematographer, and some of the actors completely dropped the ball. Some of the skits/commercials they threw in it were really, really dumb. I feel this movie might have set the legalization movement back about 5 years.

THE GOOD: The actors that weren't porn quality were actually pretty good. Mixed in with the stupid stuff were some really funny jokes, and I liked the comics they cut in too (one comic has really hack material though). The marketing guy is brilliant.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that knows about marijuana and is pro legalization. Anyone else will probably not get that much out of it and leave the movie prejudiced against the issue.
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Persuasive in a comedic way
fiorm845321 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was interestingly entertaining. It attempts to change the status-quo view on marijuana by persuading the uninformed in a comedic fashion that marijuana is not as dangerous as the media, critics, and skeptics say it is. In the latter of the movie, the culprit (marijuana activist/user) might be seen as a hero. Simultaneously, this piece of media is a documentary and a movie. Part of the movie is stand up comedy whereas the other part is the actual doc u-movie. The movie jumps back and forth between movie and stand up comedy. Overall, id check this piece of media out if you are a marijuana activist, user, or patient.
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michelle_gracely19 October 2009
I just watched this movie for the first time... just, well like 10 minutes ago. I have to say, I don't remember the writer's or director's names... but the are brilliant! Whether you're for or against the legalization of marijuana, this movie is still a GREAT flick! They do this documentary in more of a porno/snl/mad TV kind of way. (and the only reason I say porno is because there is an actual story line, they just veer away from it from time to time with hilarious skits).

I love the message, I love the skits, I loved the whole thing. My friend and I just about peed our pants laughing at this movie (and we were honestly NOT totally baked! haha)
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A good Indie Cult film
kdaviper-123 June 2009
Those who find problems with this movie obviously "don't get it." If somebody is looking for a blockbuster with a serious plot and serious characters, they should look for O' Brother, Where art Thou?, not Totally Baked. The name says it all. This movie was made to look like the independent production that it is, it even says so after the first few lines of the introduction. I guess all of the stoners showing up late would have missed that fact though. The main plot has a liberal dose of melodrama, which is not bad acting, just a directing choice. Definitely a future cult classic. The one negative thing I would say about this movie is that the narrator says some really corny things.
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Bad, Bad, Bad!
dasrc5 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the biggest wastes of time I've ever seen. I will put up with a lot from a stoner flick but I had to stop watching it halfway through after realizing that its lameness really wasn't a joke after all. It seemed that the writers would have to go far out of their way to try to make it this awful. Sorry my first review on here had to be negative. To be fair, one out of every 20 jokes got a chuckle out of me. Just watch some Cheech and Chong or Dazed and Confused, or Friday. Heck, even "Dude? Where's my car?" is better than this. I haven't smoked for 20 years, but I believe in legalization and I think this movie is a disgrace to the cause.
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