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  • A seemingly independent stand-alone event starts a series of cause and effect kind of events that affect the lives of so many others. The final motive of the design is to bring the bio-hazardous vial to the beach at the precise moment, just before the tsunami. A little earlier or a little later, the effects would have been much more devastating. So what happens is that, each and every character who intersect with the path of the vial, slows down or speeds up its journey in such a way that it reaches the beach at the right moment. By doing so, it also influences each of their lives in a drastic way, from saving Kalifulla's family from Tsunami, to curing Krishnaveni's mental illness. This is an off-beat way of utilizing the chaos theory to lay a strong foundation to the story which doesn't just touches each character and walks off. Edit

  • The movie explains about karma, vishna avatars, butterfly effect and chaos theory right from beginning itself. the 12th century scene is connected in three ways to the rest of the film. 1) In religious terms, Rangaraja Nambi is related to matsya avatar(fish), one of the ten avatars of vishnu in hinduism, the small fish(nambi) dropped in the ocean grows to become the largest one(tsunami) destroying the world with huge waves for good cause. 2) In scientific terms, butterfly effect connects the 12th century to rest of the film by tsunami in the climax which was due to disturbance and faults caused by the idol in the tectonic plates in the 12th century. and 3)Karma, It is also religious but unknown to everyone, in 12th century Rangaraja Nambi(kamal) is ready to sacrifice his life for lord vishnu, while his wife Kothai Radha(asin) is ready to sacrifice lord vishnu for sake of her husband where both husband and wife die tragically in front of the idol, in the present life, Govindarajan Ramaswamy(kamal) is a man believes in science only and Andaal(kamal) is the one ready to sacrifice her life for the idol, she carries along both of them express their feelings in the climax after the tsunami in front of the huge idol which was dropped in the ocean in the 12th century to fulfill their karma. for those who believe in god, the first and third will help them and those who do not, butterfly effect is the solution. Edit

  • There is a reason behind that shot. The camera goes to the very top of the temple tower from the ground, and then comes down. During 12th Century, Ramanujar, who is revered as the prophet of Hinduism, climbed to the top of a temple tower in Thirukoshtiyur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and sang praise of Lord Vishnu which are well documented even today. This particular shot tries to show the audience, Ramanujar's point of view and at the same time imply how, we humans who divide ourselves based on societies and religions and casts and sects and color seem like ants from up above. Edit



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