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Dinos for winos.
nickmordin6 April 2007
If you want to watch a real 'quality' movie get hold of The Eden Formula. This wondrous film must have cost all of $50 to make. It features a wafer thin script, pathetically bad sets, lighting and camera work, and a stop motion, paper-mache monster that is utterly laughable (it looks like they sometimes used a guy in a rubber suit and/or a glove puppet for the monster - but all were equally dreadful).

The actors all speak their lines as though they've never seen them before and are reading off a teleprompter. The special effects are way beyond lousy. And the only sad thing is that they dropped the really nifty original title 'Tyranasaurus Wrecks' which sums up exactly what you get for the full 90 minutes.

This is what happens when you scrape the bottom of the barrel so hard you break through to the crud that lies underneath.

I loved every minute of it.
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An abomination from Hell !!!!!!!!!
herbstnebel2ss21 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie a single star only because it was impossible to give it less.

Scientists have developed a formula for replicating any organism. In their lab(a run down warehouse in L.A.), they create a T-Rex. A group of industrial spies break in to steal the formula and the remainder of the film is one endless foot chase.

Of course the T-Rex(a rubber puppet)gets loose and commences to wipe out the cast. It has the amazing ability to sneak up within 2 or 3 feet of someone without them noticing and then promptly bites their head off.

One cast member escapes in a police car and spends the remainder of the film driving aimlessly through the city. She is of such superior mental ability that she can't even operate the radio. She never makes any attempt to drive to a substation or a donut shop and appears hopelessly lost.

The T-Rex wreaks havoc throughout the city, there are blazing gun battles and buildings(cardboard mock-ups)blowing up, but a single police car, or the army, nor anyone else ever shows up. Such activity must be commonplace in Los Angeles.

We can only hope that a sequel isn't planned.
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The SyFy dinosaur creature formula
TheLittleSongbird26 May 2012
I do get dubious watching SyFy movies, and watched The Eden Formula mainly to see if it was an improvement over their other movies. The Eden Formula is nowhere near their worst, but it is not one of their more tolerable efforts either. The only real redeeming qualities were good performances from Jeff Fahey and Tony Todd. The rest of the acting ranges from over-eager to completely bland, the extras actually seemed to be making much more of an effort. The acting is not the only let-down to The Eden Formula. The dinosaur effects are laughably bad, among the worst I've seen from the SyFy channel in a while, cheap in design, choppy in movement and lacking any kind of menace. There was nothing really memorable in the story either, it lacked momentum and just failed to come to life in general, as well as being structurally thin and predictable. The script is rambling and cheesy, and the characters are cliché after cliché after cliché, just how many times do we need the mad scientist character? Overall, not the worst but lame. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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I don't think everyone agreed on what movie to make here.
alex_serious11 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Right. firstly, when I watched this, it was called Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and now it isn't. And I think that same decision making goes for the movie. Did they want to make an action movie, or a dinosaur movie? They did what any low budget director would do in this case and made an action movie containing a dinosaur. As a result of this, you find yourself watching a B-grade action movie with snippets of a dinosaur killing people with a special effects quality harking back to the very first Godzilla movies.

So this is a bad movie. there is no denying it. But where other b-grade movies really fail across the board, this one succeeds. It has humour. When I say humour, I mean it is packed full of awful jokes, cheesiest of one liners and a 10 minute martial art scene just so they could lead into a joke. That i dedication.

Obviously the acting is bad, although every now and again you do get some rather good performances from Jeff Fahey and especially Tony Todd. (They share an interesting torture scene that is the best acted out scene in the movie) I also had some bad issues with the sound quality at times and I feel it id lack a lot of audio effects.

I will say however, that this movie didn't need to have the T-rex as it did nothing for the plot in the long term, however, it was all the better for it. It will make you laugh.

3 stars.
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The Eden Formula (2006)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain29 December 2011
Bad, terrible, but ultimately enjoyable. How can anyone not love this? I'd rather see bad puppets and recycled footage, than another lame-ass CG romp. I prefer the alternative title to this "Tyrannosaurus Wrecks". A bit of martial arts, a few moments of comedy, bizarrely placed car chases. This film makes the most of its budget, which is pretty much nothing. At least it has genuine talent such as Fahey, Todd and Wallace Stone, to push and pull the "plot" along. I'll never forget the wonderfully placed film- set satire scene. I do question whether these people are trying to make money, a good film, or just an enjoyable film. Well, this certainly ends up being infinitely enjoyable, but I guess the love of cheese is required.
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You Get What You Expect
archangel15755 October 2008
You ever get that itch to just kill an hour or two doing chores and watching a movie so bad it defies reason? Well, out renting movies one weekend i see the box art for this one and see the T-Rex. Knowing full well that the dinosaur on the package was the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, I KNEW I had to rent this just cause I was in the mood for a bad movie.

I was not disappointed in the least.

Mad scientists, secret formulas, a company more concerned about its fortune and shareholders than lives, and of course, a big, poorly animated, sock-puppet T-Rex. Is it me our through out the movie was there scenes clearly spliced from other movies? Not to mention the Rex's hungry is never satisfied...ever. How he has hungry is beyond me because he actually doesn't have an throat (Really if you look down his mouth when he roars, it's a toy or something). Now, I like watching incredibly bad B-Movies from time to time because it reminds me how much better a blockbuster movie is. This one was hilarious. I'm not even sure if this was supposed to be a thriller or a comedy, because there are scenes where, make no mistake, you will laugh.

Do I blame the movie's budget...yes, but the acting didn't help either. OK, Tony Todd was actually pretty good, as for some of the female roles...when you cry shouldn't "tears" come out? Meh, I am not going to be angry at this movie, i knew what i was getting into and if you're looking for a bad movie to watch with friends, here's what I recommend: Watch this movie, then immediately watch Jurassic Park and then Lost World back to back. You will be writing Mr. Spielberg thank you letters the next day.
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Finally a movie to rival "Jurassic Park" in terms of sheer excitement!
OrdinaryDay8 June 2009
I remember many years ago seeing the original "Jurassic Park" at the cinema! Never before had I seen such spectacle, with state of the art special effects, incredible thrills and a narrative to die for! After seeing this movie I can finally say that JP has been out done! the Tyrannosaurus in this movie for all intents and purposes, looks living and breathing! If you didn't know better, you would swear that you were watching actual footage of the dinosaur age because that is how realistic it is! When it goes on the attack, I was on the edge of my seat! The performances in this movie are incredible! Jeff Fahey comes across as a solid combination of Steven Seagal, Van Damme and Stallone at their prime, and he easily matches the ferocious T-Rex in terms of a gigantic performance! The narrative is a thrill a minute, with twists and turns and unexpected narrative arcs! It is like Pulp Fiction times ten! The writers should be proud of themselves! Every ten years or so a movie comes along that changes the face of cinema! in 2006 that movie was "The Eden Formula"!
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pretty good actually
smcke8 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i was skeptical on watching this due to the crappy reviews but once you get over the bad special effects its actually quite a good movie but the title is terrible they should of stuck with the eden formula not tyrannosaurus wrecks because in all the t Rex doesn't wreck a whole lot at all it just eats loads of people, the whole i dea of a trex hating loud noises isn't actually that bad kinda a good story twist while the t Rex is obviously computer animated & looks about as scary as a sock puppet on crack its still worth watching so go ahead rent it & make up your own opinion not worth buying though but still if you find cheesy Dino movies cool a good movie
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Come for the DIno story -- stay for the humor
ApolloBoy1097 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What a fun movie. I was laughing out loud because director/writer John Carl Buechler has created a brilliant spoof of the whole Dino DNA genre. He takes nothing seriously when it comes to Dino deaths -- they're so funny, and it's because he wrote them that way. This wasn't humor by accident. John Carl ... was that you playing the 'crazy' director who gets his head bit off? I thought so. The New Yorker on the bench. The poor janitor with the Dino poo. The homeless dude. Funny. Funny. Funny.

I can't say enough about the movie. Dee Wallace Stone and Jeff Fahey, two actors I consider among my favorite performers, have never let us down. They are four star class-acts in every frame in every film they appear in. They both looked great too.

What we have here is a spoof, think Jurassic Park. Twists and turns in the plot keep you on your toes. A high funny body count, all the arch-types associated with the "science gone mad" sub-genre and enough surprises to keep the running time worth your time. If you have problems with this film -- you have problems -- see a shrink. Yes! The special effects were not "blockbuster", so they didn't have the money. So what does director Buechler do? He makes it obvious that he knows they're not good. At one point the Rex looks like a puppet bouncing along. You don't honestly think the man believed it was good. He probably said, "Hey I have a limit here. So screw it, let's go the other way and make it all self-aware." That's comedy!

McVicker's announcement to her majesty. Awesome. The insistence of using "sore" and not mad. Tony Todd is always fun to watch, but this role was perfect for him.

The last lines between Fahey and Stone were very funny and so true."The pressure" Loved it. I will look for this man's name in the future to see what other stuff he produces.

To all you stuffed shirts crying about production qualities. Grow up. Every film can't have 100 million dollar budget. So enjoy the little, imperfect things in life that can bring you joy, if you can get off your high horse long enough.

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A ton of FUN!
image-212 April 2007
This little movie is a blast. It's a perfect parody of the the action dinosaur genre. To be sure, it's a low budget film, but the filmmakers seem to have embraced the whole action/cheese-ball/creature-on-the-loose on a zero-budget concept. From the recycled Carnosaur footage to the new stuff with the great rubbery reptile chowing down on people's heads,this thing is entertaining! Tony Todd and Jeff Fahey are classic. They're in on the joke and provide the suitable arch-types, as does Dee Wallace Stone, looking fantastic as she always does. Plus there's a great little cameo featuring "Hatchet" director's ADAM GREEN! The scene is downright hilarious. The film is full of bluster and over the top situations and comedy/horror genre joy! Highly recommended!
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It's a wreck all right
zombie-3221 May 2009
I got this as a turkey movie and was I not disappointed.

Acting - overall even though many have been in other movies it is clear that they had to work hard to act this bad so constantly over this entire movie with out accidentally letting slip some degree of acting.

Plot - being generous I could say that the scriptwriter did originally start with a plot but but did his best to ignore it. the plot broke down faster then a Chinese knock off computer

Scrip - now that was an abomination of nature. it failed to flow with any rhyme or reason. the majority of the lines by the characters were at best pathetic to imbecilic. the script worked hard to make sure that no character managed to get to be considered memorable. I have watched other movies where the extras were more interesting and memorable.

Special effects - ROTFLMAO!!!!! They were short bus special

Directing - until you can come up with your own directing ability copy the style of your favorite directer otherwise you will only make failures like this.

It is good to know that your friends/family have been giving you 10 stars for this movie
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"Very Funny, Mrs. Spielberg!"
zardoz-1312 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Dungeonmaster" writer & director John Carl Buechler's hilariously awful B-movie monster thriller "The Eden Formula" combines elements of "Jurassic Park" and "Die Hard" as an extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex rampages around Los Angeles thanks to a group of industrial spies that unwittingly have released this larger-than-life DNA experiment when they unlocked all the doors at a secret research facility on the edge of town in search of the title formula. Execrable special effects and lame jokes undermine this potboiler that contains approximately 77 minutes of action while the remaining time is devoted to credits. The T-Rex appears to be a blend of puppets with Claymation and bad blue-screening, but Buechler shows a modicum of imagination with one shot. We see the dinosaur stomping through the night streets and his reflection appears in a puddle of water in the asphalt. Altogether, the irony is that with a monstrous budget, this might have been a good beer and popcorn potboiler because the humor—aside from one scene from a kung-fu movie thrown in strictly for its puniness—is pretty good.

Dr. Harrison Parker (Jeff Fahey of "Wyatt Earp" & "White Hunter Black Heart") has created a secret formula that enables him to genetically duplicate any organism, but he depises what he has done and feels that he has been exploited by the corporation. Parker and Calgorin Industries honcho Rhonda Shapton (Dee Wallace of "10" & "E.T. : The Extraterrestrial") are up late one night at their research facility in the industrial park preparing for a stockholders' meeting a week from now where they plan to exhibit the dino to the board. Little does Parker know that his old nemesis from his military days, James Radcliffe (the brilliant Tony Todd of "Candy Man") has invaded the building and is on a mission to steal the Eden Formula. Radcliffe's henchmen secure the premises and unlock all the doors via computer. What they don't know is that a carnivorous T-Rex is dying to get out and feed until he bursts.

Actually, apart from the lamentable but laughable special effects, the screenplay as a text doesn't look too bad. Buechler has taken the premise of a dinosaur in a big city from the second "Jurassic Park" movie and this T-Rex stomps and chomps with bright red fake blood splattering everything in sight. When Parker and Radcliffle aren't going toe-to-toe and face-to-face, Rhonda is racing around the city in a police cruiser with the dome light blazing trying to alert the authorities. The 911 operator dismisses her phone call as a prank and spouts the immortal line: "Very funny, Mrs. Spielberg." There's one grueling scene where Radcliffle stabs Parker in the back of his hand and the huge knife pins Parker's hand to the chair that he has been tied up securely. The villains storm off to search the building for Parker's formula that he has stashed in the women's toilet.

"The Eden Formula" is a lot of hokum but it is hokum that is hilarious whether it's the dino slamming its head through a brick wall or our heroes and villain duking it out with one another. Gorehounds will enjoy the chomping scenes, but the ultimate pun is the kung-fu scene where Buechler goes through a lengthy song and dance to insert a pun moments before the T-Rex shows up to feed on cast and crew.
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A rip-off of Jurassic Park and not much else!
ollie-thiele24 June 2009
I have always been a fan of B-movies! They're entertaining and incredibly fun too watch! At... least they used to be! A new company titled Flashback Entertainment came out last year letting B-movies and unseen cult classics come into Australia (WOOHOO!)

This though "Tyrannosaurus Wrecks" AKA: The Eden Formula is not a good B-movie! I'm not saying it's terrible! It's just held back by so many MANY Cons! If you enjoy bad B-movies this one is right up your ally (or ASS!)

I bought this from my local bargain store (which sells plenty of Flashback films!) for only $2 (australian dollars). I bought it cause it looked mildly entertaining in the trailer. But if your looking for a good B-movie, stay the hell away from This!

2.5 stars!
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