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It's all fun and games until Negi sneezes.
slg3414 October 2005
I describe Negi to my friends as a 10-year-old Welsh mage who's assigned to teach English to middle school students in an all-girls boarding school. This is one of the shows that the audience needs to be patient with, though. It seems like it's all fluff if you watch the beginning episodes (not that it's a bad thing, because the early episodes are funny, and Negi is just so incredibly glompable), but it does eventually develop a serious plot. I'm glad, though - twenty-six episodes is a long time to go just on fluff... Also, one of the things I'm really impressed with is that the writer managed to address every girl in the class. It's often difficult to balance such a large number of characters. Aside from that, the series has fun opening and ending themes. I highly recommend it!
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Genius Child, almost like magic.
scallahan892 March 2006
Well, I have to say, this is one of my favorite anime series. The plot balances absurd with serious very well. Also it is a very harrowing task to create a class of thirty-one girls, and manage to cover almost each one (well, mostly, but there are rumors of a season two, which could help with character development). Anyway, onto a plot summary. Negi Springfield is a genius child, to say the least. He is only ten years old, and yet he has become the teacher of a middle school class in a foreign country (he is from England, he teaches in Japan). Even more so, the teaching job is really just extra training for him. He graduated top of his class at magic school, and is now going through more training to become a Magister Magi (Latin for Master Mage). Negi is not the only oddity in 2-A though. There is also a robot, a ninja, a vampire, and a ghost (and the oddities only begin there). I really recommend this series for anyone who can appreciate some good comedy (though it is a little perverse, I must admit).
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Great, Recommend It To Everyone
rp_tara13 March 2006
I absolutely love Negima. I mean it made you laugh, cry, and say huh? which i believe all anime should have. Though i must admit the last episode was kinda confusing, but you start to identify with at least one of the characters. The Characters most focused on were: Negi Asuna Konoka Setsuna Nodoka ...Eh How about i just say Most of the characters are focused on, But I believe the main are Nodoka, Asuna, Negi, {At the end a lot of Setsuna and Konoka}, and this stupid perverted gerbil. Woo Negima! Can't wait till the English version comes out. {Btw if most of you don't know, Negima was written by the popular writer of Love Hina, which also has great results}

~*Konoka & Setsuna*~
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The Manga was far superior!
Sabre_Wolf27 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this while in the middle of reading Negima and really I found the anime to be quite irritating because I didn't care too much for how they portrayed everyone particularly Negi and Asuna.

The final episodes were the most annoying and the plot lines just even more stupid because even the main adult characters got annoying because of their indifference and hypocrisy not to mention Negi himself.

In fact the whole anime was very, very, very, very badly written and the manga really is better. While I do admit there have been anime that were actually better then the manga that inspired them but Negima is not one of them at all.
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An Ultimately Generic Romantic Comedy Anime That Borders on Being Bland
manicblt12330 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was not expecting much out of this show when I originally saw it. I had no particular interest to watch it, but I happened to catch the entire series on the television. I had seen anime harem romantic comedies before, and I was not expecting an awe inspiring story or romance to be held within the series. Needless to say, the show did not surprise me or go past my expectations.

The show is based on the ten year old Negima, who the show is named after, as he becomes the teacher of a group of Middle School students. He also happens to be a magician and his students also have their own peculiarities and mysteries. To an outsider, this plot might be so outrageous that it could possibly be alienating, but any person who has seen a show similar to this knows this is rather run of the mill. The plot of this show and many like it usually just exist to create a set piece for a male that is awkward around girls to be thrust into an everyday and closely lived life with them. Even so, the plot of this one show is so out there it has actually been made fun of by another anime (Oh! Edo Rocket). This will undoubtedly make for many awkward situations and jokes for the writers to create though, but the jokes in this show either fail are have been seen in other shows, just the situation has changed slightly.

As for the characters, they can be described similarly to the plot, outrageous. If I can say anything about shows like this, at least most of them are rather tongue in cheek about how outrageous their plots and characters are. Any show that was not would almost definitely fail from the beginning. While the show has a varied and strange cast, they all still end up coming off as bland. The main character is your usual protagonist for a harem romantic comedy, awkward around girls, gets into precarious situations with them, and is gratingly annoying at times. Most of the other characters are also Japanese stereotypes for this kind of show. You have the shy girl with the crush, the tsundere who will not admit her affection, the smart but lazy girl, and the tough and usually reserved samurai/ninja girl are all here. Even aliens, ghosts, and robots as exist in this show are usually jokingly stereotypes (More so for Japanese dating simulation type games). It is fine if these characters exist in a show, but there needs to be work and character development done to set them apart from similar characters in other shows, and there happen to be so many characters that this job was impossible to completely accomplish by the show's end.

On the technical side, the show is generally colorful and cutesy. The production value is nearly the same as all other shows of the genre, so it ends up having the same general downfalls. The animation is sub-par, but is far from being bad. The voice acting is rather standard, and is not going to wow anyone. All of the voices are their own and can show some emotion, but it never goes beyond that. Some may find the wheezy yet high pitched voice of Negima in the English dub grating, which can be an instant turn off considering he is the main character. The voice is understandable, however, as Negima is a young boy.

One last complaint that can be made is the fan service that is present in the show. Many find the idea of seeing thirteen year old girls's panties, even animated, strange and uncomfortable. Fan service is expected out of shows of this genre, but the girls are generally older. Some may be uncomfortable watching the show due to this aspect.

All in all, Negima is just another drop in the bucket of harem romantic comedies. It does little, aside from magical aspects, to put itself apart, but the interest in such aspects of the plot begin to wane over time. The characters are also nothing new, and parallels will be found between characters and many others from this genre. Many will find the humor falls flat at times, but it may elicit a chuckle every so often. Others may laugh non stop if this show's humor is their brand. If you like genre, then you will like this anime. I would suggest to stay away otherwise, as this show is not going to make anyone fans of the genre if other shows have failed in the past.
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Really fun to watch
Tenchi6458918 October 2008
As many people know, I'm a HUGE anime fan, and I especially have a thing for harem anime like this.

In any case, the story does it's job well: advancing the story while simultaneously providing some (very excellent) fan service here and there.

The aspect of forbidden love was also a major factor in why this show has the audience it does. Everybody loves that classic angle... and if not, there's something seriously wrong with you.

It also helps that Negi and his students have such distinct personalities; from Nodoka's quiet and shy nature to the child-like spunkiness of the Narutaki Twins, Fuka and Fumika.

This is sure to be a pleaser to many an anime fan! 10/10
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I absolutely LOVE THIS // order of watching Negima
kajmigledasfejs9 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was actually one of my first anime and manga.

Manga was so awesome (tho i only read first 9 volumes) And anime might be confusing,,like,what should i watch first? I personally recommend reading the manga first. That way even if you wont get too much lost watching the anime. So,the original series is Mahou Sensei Negima (Magical Teacher Negima) and its really good,and is really good adaption of the manga.

But there's Negima!? This series focuses more on magic and fights and you see characters personality and a few other things being different. For example... Asuna is really lazy,Kamo is here from the start,etc {See more on Negima Wikia}

OVAs are important and its more of a continuation of the series than additional episodes. And the UQ Holder is a different story but also based on the UQ Holder manga.

So you could watch either Mahou Sensei Negima or Negima!? and move on to OVAs and such

You might also find this helpful:

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I still haven't decided on whether I like this anime or not.
shhhspeaker31 October 2006
At first I expected something like "Azumanga Daioh" or "Love Hina", something lacking in dialogue but packing in fun. They introduce only mere crumbs of a serious plot but completely leave it in the dark and it's episode after episode of fluffy magic and being introduced to the large cast of characters, even those that don't really matter and lack roles bigger than being just background objects fill ins or single exclamatory lines.

I'm someone who if there's a dialogue, I want to see it I am turned off to unnecessary chiss miss. It's an unreasonable tease. I dislike how they beat around the bush so badly, give you a few minutes or less of an actual dialogue to let you know that there is indeed one lurking about, then it's back to silly fun and games. It generally can't keep a straight face.

I don't feel that I will ever want to run through this series twice like with most of the animes that I own, but will hang onto the DVDs I have purchased in case of a change of heart. I am currently on the dub release in Amerika, so I will most likely edit my comment in the future because the series is still being released (DVD 4 comes out in the coming month).
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