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1 Jan. 2008
Episode #2.1
It is the anniversary of her husband's death and Sal feels that her children are not being sensitive enough. Tash is working in tele-sales - though not too successfully. Sal does manage to teach James to be nicer to his patients however. Plans for the Guild to create a website in collusion with another group are hampered by arguments as to who should build it and put the photographs on it. Delilah Stagg comes off her bicycle and ends up in hospital.
4 Jan. 2008
Episode #2.2
Tash and Spike set off for the Glastonbury festival, which Tash hopes to get into for nothing by posing as a security guard. Sal is looking forward to a quiet weekend alone but is interrupted by Susie, who believes she is pregnant after a one-night stand. Sal's efforts to get her a pregnancy test without anyone else knowing leads Eileen to suspect that they are plotting to replace her as president but Tip reveals that the man in question had had a vasectomy so Susie cannot be pregnant. Sal's quiet weekend is rudely brought to an end when Tash returns, having failed to...
11 Jan. 2008
Episode #2.3
Whilst Tash is out protesting with the druids against the Army taking over land Sal realizes that Spike the shambling hippy is ideally suited for her daughter rather than her admirer Marcus, and persuades Spike to ask Tash out, which he does - eventually. Sal organizes a ramble for the Guild. Eileen feels that it should have a theme but Sal sees it as a bonding exercise. In the course of the ramble they see the vicar entertaining a strange woman and he reacts awkwardly. The ramble is cut short when a fog comes down.
18 Jan. 2008
Episode #2.4
The annual reenactment of the famous Clatterford skirmish of 1646 is cancelled by the council on health and safety grounds so the Guild decide to stage their own battle with James as King Charles I. A real drama is enacted when Rosie is caught shop-lifting from the local Spar and her alter ego, the aggressive Margaret, comes to the fore. James is all for increasing Rosie's medication but Sal talks him out of it and, not for the first time, persuades Margaret to leave Rosie alone.
25 Jan. 2008
Episode #2.5
The ladies of Clatterford Guild are to compete against a rival village, Hole, at netball, which Yasmeen has been teaching them, and bowls. They lose the netball game and almost win the bowls but Rosie gets them disqualified for indecent exposure. Tash has to choose between Marcus and Spike. She almost chooses Marcus but Spike's love poem wins her over and she agrees to marry him.
1 Feb. 2008
Episode #2.6
After several setbacks and second thoughts Tash finally marries Spike in an open air ceremony in a field by the river. The wedding is organized by the Guild and Tash and some of the other guests are dressed as fairies. After the ceremony the couple, and Tash's son, go off in a mobile library van which they have begun to convert into a camper home. Sal breathes a sigh of relief.

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