Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Poster

Beau Garrett: Captain Raye



  • [trying to escape from the Army compound with the Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four are confronted by Captain Raye] 

    Captain Frankie Raye : [pointing her gun at Reed]  What's going on here? Where is General Hager?

    Reed Richards : He's dead.

    Ben Grimm : And if we don't get outta here soon... we're all gonna be.

    Johnny Storm : [steps forward, a look of pleading on his face]  Frankie...

    [Captain Raye turns slightly and points her gun at Johnny] 

    Johnny Storm : The world is literally at stake. You have to trust us... please.

    [Captain Raye stares at Johnny a few seconds, then takes her finger off the trigger of her gun] 

  • [Captain Raye is waiting for a military carpool, outside a dance club, after assisting General Hager's meeting with Reed Richards] 

    Johnny Storm : [saunters out of club, offering to shake hands]  John Storm - Fantastic Four, Incorporated.

    [Captain Raye turns to face Johnny, then quickly turns away, ignoring his outstretched hand] 

    Johnny Storm : You ever done any professional modeling?

    Captain Frankie Raye : Not interested.

    Johnny Storm : 'Cause you got an amazing complexion.

    Captain Frankie Raye : [louder]  Not interested.

    [Captain Raye enters SUV, and glares at Johnny] 

    Johnny Storm : [impressed]  Wow, and you...

    [SUV drives off, tires screeching away] 

    Johnny Storm : ...just walked away. I was definitely still talking.

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