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27 Sep. 1955
I Never Believed in Miracles
A soldier returning from overseas visits a woman he had been corresponding with and learns that she is a paraplegic.
4 Oct. 1955
Day of the Trial
A cab driver overcomes intimidation by gangsters and the indifference of his neighbors to gather the courage to testify in a trial.
18 Oct. 1955
Mink Does Something for You
A secretary wearing her employer's mink coat is mistakenly thought to be rich and winds up in hot water when she can't pay the bill at a swanky dinner club.
25 Oct. 1955
A Very Big Man
A man is torn between his passion for boxing and the love a beautiful woman.
8 Nov. 1955
For the Defense
Edward G. Robinson stars as a former police captain, now an attorney, whose client is a suspected arsonist.
15 Nov. 1955
He Knew All About Women
A frontiersman, looking for a wife, falls in love with a high-spirited woman.
29 Nov. 1955
Silver Saddle
An outlaw, recently released from the penitentiary, discovers his wife has divorced him and married a former member of his gang who is now going straight.
6 Dec. 1955
Known But to God
An accidental accomplice of a bungled hold-up is murdered after confessing to a priest. Although pressed by the police, the priest refuses to reveal the contents of the crook's confession. The real crook isn't so sure that the priest won't crack under pressure and reveal who committed the crimes.
13 Dec. 1955
Diamonds in the Sky
A pilot is disturbed to learn that a beautiful woman he knew as a secret agent during the war is wrapped up with diamond-smugglers.
20 Dec. 1955
The Hoax
A man goes on trial in Amsterdam in 1947 for selling artwork to the Nazis.
27 Dec. 1955
Red Horse Hamber
A cowboy discovers that the rodeo he's entered in is run by a crooked businessman.

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