Something Borrowed (2011) Poster

John Krasinski: Ethan



  • Rachel : You're an asshole!

    Ethan : Yeah, maybe I am. But i'm the only asshole here who gives a shit about you.

  • Ethan : I can't take this 'daddy beats me because he loves me' excuse.

  • Ethan : The Hamptons are like a zombie movie directed by Ralph Lauren.

  • Ethan : You're all going to hell anyway, so you might as well do something for yourself

  • Ethan : Rachel. Okay, look, I get it. You're in a tough spot because you love him. But you gotta do something about it, Rachel. Because he's being a coward. If he breaks your heart, I'm gonna take a swing at him. Then I'm gonna let him beat me up.

    Rachel : I gotta go to work. I'm late.

    Ethan : I know! Rachel, that's the point. Be late. Better yet, quit. At least it would be a decision. Rachel! You're all going to hell anyway, so you might as well do something for yourself. For once. Rachel, you deserve to be happy.

    Rachel : Then butt out. That would make me happy. I'll figure it out on my own.

    Ethan : Oh. Oh, that's great. Let me know how that goes.

  • Rachel : What the hell was that?

    Ethan : Me? You broke my nose.

    Rachel : I'm sure I didn't break your nose.

    Ethan : God. And what is all this about us having sex? Jesus, Rachel, just leave me out of your goddamn soap opera.

    Rachel : No one asked you to get involved, Ethan.

    Ethan : Really? So why have I been listening to this bullshit all summer? Rachel, do something. Because this is just pathetic. But you know what? At the end of the day, you two deserve each other 'cause he's never gonna do anything. You're never gonna ask him to, and let's be honest... you and I both know that, even if you did, she will never let you have him.

  • Ethan : I don't really get it. I don't get how you let her win all the time.

    Rachel : Wow.

    Ethan : Oh, no. "Wow" nothing. Because if the tables were turning, you'd think she'd let you win?

    Rachel : Will you stop? What is it with you two? Why do you hate her so much?

    Ethan : What are you talking about? I don't hate her. I hate the fact that you yield at her at every turn.

  • Ethan : You're kidding, right? You're not kidding? Did you see her acceptance letter?

    Rachel : What are you talking about?

    Ethan : Rachel, did you see the acceptance letter? Because I didn't. Do you remember when she asked Michael Jordan to the prom and they sent a form letter back saying he couldn't make it? How many times did she show us that letter? I could recite it right now. And that was a rejection. Do you really think if she were accepted that she would make us memorize that letter, too? Rachel, come on. She never got into Norte Dame.

  • Rachel : I didn't want him to pick me by default. I wanna be someone's first choice.

    Ethan : Yeah. You are.

  • Ethan : [about Dex]  Oh my God. So when are you gonna tell him? Do you want me to tell him? I would love to tell him.

    Rachel : It's none of your business. I told Darcy to marry him. I'm bowing out.

    Ethan : Rachel, she just told you she's cheating. You want your opportunity, take it.

  • Ethan : So why do you do it? Why do you let her win?

    Rachel : Because that's what Darcy does. Darcy wins. She always has. She sees things, she wants them, she gets them. Ethan, she got into Notre Dame. Do you know how hard it is to get into Notre Dame? It is impossible. But she did. And with her grades?

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