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placebotonic13 March 2008
The cast seemed good, Michael Madsen, David Carradine, DMX... so the movie should be at least entertaining if not excellent, right? Couldn't be further from the truth.

The movie is as if it was patched, nay, slammed together with pieces that don't precisely fit. Add the complete lack of chemistry between actors/characters (as if they were shot individually in front of a green screen), and exaggerated, twitchy, uncommon reactions, and immense effort needed to follow what's even going on in the movie and equally as immense effort to keep watching and you get a movie nobody wants to see without having some sort of a weapon pointed to them. Some performances are spectacularly bad, not even B production class, something like high school play's rough draft.

Pascal Caubet: please stop making movies.

Sound department kids: did you even listen to what you've made?? If you wanted to make it sound like a 40 year old Sergio Leone movie, you succeeded, otherwise you failed like a spam commercial.

Carradine, DMX and Madsen: learn to recognize bad scripts? Also, never trust the French.
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bad very bad. . . . .
mattj2212 March 2008
I have just watched this movie for free but i still want my money back!!!! very bad acting and the story line!! what story line!! what the hell is going on in this movie !!give me back my 1hour and something minutes please!!!

i would of thought better from dmx and michael madsen in such a b movie sorry z movie................. jeez this was bad

this movie was so lame how was it ever made..this is probably one of the worst action movies i have ever seen don't waste your money and don't waste your time on this....... why do people make so bad movies don't they realize how bad they are!!! take my advice and avoid at all costs !!!!!!!!!!!
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What a Joke!
cncswiss14 March 2008
How could these professional Actors, Producers, and even the Janitor not see how horrible this movie was before releasing it? I assure you that if I had the money to re-make this movie I could improve it 999 per cent, and I have never made a movie, or even acted in a play. Heck! I have never been to a play, but I surely can do a better job then who ever the idiot was that made and directed this film! And the editor should have their fingers cut off so that they never again can butcher a movie this bad! Specially the ending! All you saw for the last 5 minutes is different scenes that did not make sense and where all mixed up. And the very end was not even related to the movie. It was like they cut it from another movie that happened to be laying around, and pasted it to this one. I wish I could line everyone up who had anything to do with this movie, and slap them for insulting my intelligence. Do they really think we are this stupid to except a film like this?
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Avoid At Any Cost
rahul_121917 March 2008
This is my first review. The moment i saw the film i wanted to send an emergency warning to all, the movie is unbelievably bad. I couldn't see at a stretch so i kind of split it into three halves and each time i just wished i hadn't started this one.

I have seen hundreds of Movies but very few with such Bad acting, The performances were amateurish, the story with the plot could have been so much better, this one seemed liked it was stitched from different different movies, bad movies of course. The whole crew looked like such wannabes that one could pity them, in fact i should pity myself and all for bearing such an awful movie.

All i can say is avoid at any cost. Trust me you are not going to like this one.
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one of the worst action flick ever made, period
yhayasaka22 March 2008
this is one god awful movie. it has very poor scripting and there's no continuity or flow with the story line, which is also confusing and hard to follow. terrible acting all around. OK, so carradine, madsen and dmx aren't exactly A-grade actors, but u'd expect something a lot better even by their standards. even using penelope cruz's sibling cannot give any credibility to this debacle. i can't point out one good thing about this film at all to be honest. director pascal caubet should look for another day job. even the film catwoman with halle berry looks like an Oscar winning masterpiece compared to this pile monkey crap. poor action, poor story line, poor acting and poor me for wasting 105 mins of watching this. i don't normally write reviews on anything, but this is so diabolical that i had to do it. BE WARNED!
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Would be better if written and directed by third graders.
jessekillshookers13 April 2008
I recently watched this movie (for free) and I was sadly, sadly disappointed.

The only situation in which I would recommend watching this movie is if you are planning on watching another movie in the near future, and want to have a new appreciation for it. After watching this movie, you'll be in awe over the cinematic quality of "Living Dead : Rave to the Grave" and think the dialog in "Meet The Spartans" could only have been written by Sir William Shakespeare himself.

Everything about this movie was horribly executed, from the shaky camera to the poor audio quality.

The characters are poorly developed; when the film goes out of the way to create a connection between two characters or a back story, you're not shocked or intrigued, but you're left thinking "aw, at least they tried."

The fact of the matter is that I've watched this movie 3 times now, and I still have no idea what's going on.

Also, the characters are all cliché, played-out stereotypes. The angry black man from Brooklyn, the single mother, the sexist anti-American Frenchman, the greasy Italian mob boss, the black-belt Chinese fighter, and the repressed-childhood-conflicted-overly-emotional-middle-aged white man.

In order to make this movie more interesting, I suggest playing a few How-Hilariously-Bad-Can-It-Get Games :

1) Count how many times DMX gets angry for no reason. 2) Count how many times they use the same track of footsteps in the background(You'd be surprised) 3) Pick out the scenes in which the actors clearly forget their lines and attempt to ad-lib it.

In conclusion, if you were planning on watching this movie, I would suggest doing something more pleasurable, such as shoving a fork in your ear. Or maybe a spoon, depending on your masochistic preferences.
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If there ever was a video definition of the word "crap"
ZheMole18 March 2008
I could not believe my eyes-or my ears! This film, if that's what you choose to call it, is by far one of the biggest wastes of time known to man. I, luckily, was smart enough not to finish this junk as I could not take it anymore. It just baffles me how DMX, Madsen and Carrdine would have even agreed to show up to the set, much less agreed to be in this junk. The audio sounds like a third grade theater arts class did the editing and possible gave suggestions to the video editing department too! The only thing I call tell you is that if you feel like you have too much time left on this earth and you can't think of anything constructive to this.
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I want the Last Hour (and a half) of my life back
killacomp22 March 2008
There is no plot. The movie can't tell if its a action film or a suspense film.

The Acting isn't very good. Everyone just likes to drop the F-Bomb.

I finally figured out what was happening in the movie after about 1 hour of randomness, figured out isn't the right term, but could follow the storyline... not that there was one. The whole movie cuts from scene to scene and has no cohesion. And in the middle of scenes the movie just cuts to a random shot of something. They even say "This is not a movie" when the two cops argue. I couldn't agree more, this isn't a movie its a waste of cinematic film and money. Nothing good happened in this film, except when the credits rolled and I left. Although I did enjoy the scene where one guy slapped a blood pack on his throat, it was very easy to see, pretty bad FX.

Instead of calling the movie Last Hour it should be called, Last 5 Minutes, thats all you'll need to watch to understand the movie since nothing important happens except in the last 5 minutes.
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The kind of movie Quentin Tarantino would make...
abooboo-225 March 2008
...if aliens abducted his talent. Perhaps not the worst movie ever made - for me, nothing can surpass the god-awfulness of Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver - but certainly in the discussion. There are, however, a world-record-shattering number of dramatic pauses in Last Hour - most of them from a very bored and embarrassed-looking Michael Madsen - and yet ironically it doesn't add up to a second of actual drama. Go figure.

Boasts one of the most hilariously incomprehensible plots in the history of cinema. (Keep your eye on Paul Sorvino) Director and "star" Pascal Caubet has mastered the art of having actors stand around and shout for no apparent reason. He just may be the next Coleman Francis. Except shorter. And slimmer. And French. God help us all.
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Extremely Poor
Pratik11212 April 2008
Having watched some of David Carradines's previous movies and not to mention the 1970's TV series, "Kung Fu," which, was suppose to have starred the late Bruce Lee, I must say that I was very surprised to his just not his name but also that of DMX. What on earth were these two thinking when signing on the dotted lines for this movie? Four men and a woman get a letter, signed by their father, three years after he has died and they meet at a bunker in China. It starts with action as all five of them are surrounded and then we get swept into the past. But the whole thing drags on and on.

This stars DMX, Michael Madsen, Pascal Caubet, Bettina Antoni, David Carradine and Monica Cruz.

Yes! The action is good but story line drags on and on and by the time the whole link is revealed, be aware, you may have just fallen asleep.

Conclusion: Extremely poor.
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A real shame
Hash8612 March 2008
I was extremely let down by Monsieur Caubet's directorial debut Last Hour, as it could have been so much more than the stinker it ended up being.

The plot essentially was a good one. A classic of the crime/murder/mystery genre - A bunch of strangers brought together in mysterious circumstances by an unknown overseer, are stuck with each other in a foreign surround. There were sufficient twists and turns to set it apart from similar films in this genre had it not been for the fact that it failed to deliver in three key areas - Script, acting and direction.

The script was just awful, it took a promising premise and ruined it with some of the worst dialogue I have seen on screen. It was also the first time in a long time that I felt like I was watching actors try to act rather than simply becoming their characters. When I watched this movie I didn't see Blackjack, I saw DMX attempting read the poorly scripted part of a gangster. As for Carradine and the CID chief, some of their interplay was so stilted and false that I was left looking around expecting to see an autocue. Final criticism was the overall directing of debutant Caubet. Any suspense that might have been generated by the substandard acting was quickly lost due to the equally substandard directing. The childish cutting between scenes, poor use of light, terrible sound editing and don't even get me started on the abrupt and wholly unfulfilling ending, all contributed to this movie being a lump of coal rather than a diamond.

Had this premise found it's way into the mind of a more capable scriptwriter and subsequently a director like David Mamet, Sidney Lumet or Michael Mann then I believe the basic idea could have lent itself to greatness. Instead, you spend the whole film thinking you are watching the first draft of a movie and that experience is simply not worth spending any money on.
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2 hours closer to death
gr8fyl12 May 2008
Ditto what everyone else said.

Call me a glutton for punishment, but I think I've figured out what's so G-D awful about this complete waste of celluloid.

Unless I'm wrong I think this entire mess was filmed in Hong Kong. The American actors had their lines dubbed into Chinese (or possibly French, who the F--- cares), and then re-over-dubbed back into English, which explains why reviewer placebotonic says the audio sounds like it's trying to be a Sergio Leone soundtrack.

Ting Wo Kwong is trying too hard to be Jack Wu.

Either Caubet or Lemaitre must have the stereotypes in mind of these 5 "typical" Americans, and the supporting bad-cop characters. One of them thought Paul Sorvino could pull off playing a Jewish lawyer. Everyone involved in this fiasco, including the actors who accepted the job, seem to agree. And maybe the unsophisticated Pacific Rim agrees, but I doubt it.

If there's a story somewhere in this mess, it's not worth trying to follow.

I can maybe, maybe, understand Madsen and Carradine and DMX being tempted by some foreign producer's lure of a week-long shoot in an exotic locale, all expenses paid, and maybe above-scale pay. And the poor actors do what they can with this fish-wrapper of a screenplay. One gets the sense that they are mumbling their lines at the same time they are thinking to themselves, "Think of the money. Thank goodness this will never be released in the States."

But Sorvino? Sorvino?! What's he doing in this?? Picture Paul Sorvino in 'Goodfellas'. Then picture him as the baseball manager in 'Mr 3000' where he out-acts everyone in the movie without delivering a single line for the first 90 minutes, then argues with an umpire, then sits silent for the rest of the film. 'Romeo & Juliet'. 'Law & Order'. 'Cruising.' Heck, he played Bruce Willis' dad on 'Moonlighting'. He should KNOW A PIECE OF CRAP when he reads one. He should have an agent who should have a script reader who should know a piece of crap when he reads one. Think of Sorvino in all those roles. Now picture his fat face wearing a China cap, smiling at what's supposed to be his daughter(?)in the rice field in the end of this movie. Then picture him smiling and crying when his real daughter Mira won the Oscar for a Woody Allen movie. Then back to the China cap scene. Painful.

The only thing I can think of that remotely makes sense is that this movie is really a Quentin Tarantino film in disguise, and that the horrible story, dreadful acting, abysmal editing and impossible audio are all part of the design, like the motif in 'Deathproof'. Either way, the producers have gotten one over on us.
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The Last Hour
jsartin5718 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The was a really bad movie and I still don't know what the heck was going on . I think that there were several languages that were dubbed in English , but even the subtitles were off several times. What did "poison" spit out of her mouth when she came out of the tunnel? Who was who? How did the Japanese/Chinese Swat team guy die? I bet they made this movie for under a $1000. Even David Carradine acted like he was just "winging" it through the movie. I watched it all the way through thinking that it was going to get better-but it only got worse. Watching grass grow would be more enjoyable than watching this movie. What a pathetic waste of time!
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too embarrassing to watch
FFAxDAVID23 March 2008
never have i seen so many decent actors together in such a bad film! i know sometimes a decent actor may take a bad film for the money or from poor advice etc,but was very surprised that so many made the same mistake of doing the same poor film at the same time.

i will admit it had potential,but the editing/story and even a lot of the time the acting was pathetic imo,and am embarrassed on behalf of any actors who starred in this as they must surely not have the sense to be embarrassed themselves to have signed up for it....

without going into details there's a few decent action scenes,but the film is such a hash of a storyline with such bad acting that i cannot recommend it regardless how bored you are.
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Bob_the_Hobo7 February 2011
Saw Michael Madsen on the cover, along with David Carradine and Paul Sorvino. Figured it was one of "Bill"'s last movies, how bad could it be? AWFUL.

The plot is completely incomprehensible. I still have no idea what was going on. What I could piece together is that Madsen, DMX, Tommy Wong, and a couple other gangster-types are summoned by Carradine's character to repent for their hit-man ways, and everything goes awry. Good-sounding plot, poorly executed. The dialogue is awful, ditto for the music. DMX is a rapper, not Hans Zimmer. By the way, the opening credits made me laugh. What was made out to be a classy opening was just pathetic CGI that lacked creativity or style.

The acting is actually all right. Madsen plays Mr. Blonde again (the only role he's shown us he CAN play), while DMX and the rest of that crew perform reasonably well. Tony D'Amario and Tommy Wong are poor but not as bad as they could be. David Carradine is all right, nothing compared to the character that Uma Thurman so desperately wanted to kill a few years ago. Paul Sorvino has a small, meaningless cameo that was put there more for the poster credit than the acting ability.

There are many other things you could be doing than watching "Last Hour". If you're desperate for some dumb DTV fun then I suggest "Hardwired", with also failed stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Val Kilmer. At least I understood that one.
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Carradine and Madsen
SullW73031 March 2008
I've never seen this movie but i felt obligated to comment on yhayasaka's remark that "carradine, madsen and dmx aren't exactly A-grade actors". With the exception of dmx i find those comments to be a complete disgrace. How dare you insult two of the most dominating actors of our time with such filth, if David Carradine and Michael Madsen aren't A-Grade actors than i don't know what is. In case you forgot David Carradine was Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu, one of the greatest TV show of all-time, that alone absolves him from criticism and Michael Madsen's performance as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs is also something that deserves immense respect. Yhayasaka is clearly a fool to say such things about Carradine and Madsen's acting skills.
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A waste of acting talent
PhotoBrent24 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Let's see, where to begin. To begin with, the plot is absurd: top criminals, supposedly the best in the business, show up at a secret rendezvous because of a mysterious letter. What, they got to the top by being stupid? Any writers who worked on this need to go back to school again, because the dialogue was cliché-ridden nonsense. I can't imagine real people actually saying words anything like this - and one infamous line, which had to be spoken with his face away from the camera doubtless to keep from laughing, was "This isn't a movie." Yep, that's for sure. David Carradine was hampered, as was everyone else, by dialogue impossible to take seriously. One cop gets the "I'm dying to be shot" award, it'll be obvious who if you get that far, which I don't advise unless you're using this in a film class as a bad example.

Paul Sorvino's role was limited, lucky for him. Madsen did a credible job being himself, without much to work with. DMX was a stereotyped poser, an insult to his actual talent. Everyone else was simply forgettable. I actually watched it until the end, hoping for some great plot twist that would explain why otherwise competent actors would agree to work on it. I'm not spoiling anything by saying there wasn't one; if I can talk you out of watching this movie I've done you a service.
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Movies Gone Bad
tynidevil18 April 2008
It's like Smokin' Aces meets Crash meets Usual Suspects with a twist. It starts out not half bad but then it just becomes awful. The script is so corny, boring, unimaginative, it made my head hurt. The action wasn't too bad, it just needed something more. This whole movie needs an overhaul, because it could be a really really good movie. The script just absolutely killed everything. It's like a 6 year old wrote it. The action wasn't polished but it kept you interested until the dialogue kicked in. I am still mad at the fact that somebody put this out as a final version. Do they not have editors or somebody to critique it before final print? This was a waste of money and a good idea.
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No good unless your like bad movies.
ab-frodo12 April 2008
This movie must have been shot with the actors in different rooms, because it seems like none of them are talking to each other, just saying their poorly written lines while trying to act cool. i had to stop watching this movie after the fist few minutes. I flipped through the rest of the scenes, and it never got better. don't waste your time or money on this one. i can't believe i have to come up with 10 lines of bad things to say about this movie to make a post. I would have rather watched flies f*ck than watch this whole movie. and if some one recommended this film to you, punch them in the face and tell them they suck more than DMX's acting. do your self a favor and pass on this one.
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What Just Happened?!?
kiwifruit726 November 2010
I'm so confused. Can someone please give me back the hour I wasted watching this piece of crap? Bad sound quality, bad producing, bad editing, bad acting (I'm very disappointed in Madsen. He should know better!), and not just bad but virtually no story line. By the end of this film, if it can even be deemed that, you'll find yourself saying one of two things;

"What just happened?"


"Why? Why would anyone produce/release such a thing? Why hasn't it been destroyed, never to be spoken of again?"
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*** wana know what its about??? ***
mdematt6 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
at first you think, lets give this movie a try... so i waited and waited... the plot did not get any better... the thing that did keep my attention was the fact that it was soooooo bad and i wanted to try and figure out what the hell this was about... here i go...

basically its all of these murderers stuck in a house and someone is trying to kill them ... it maybe that guy in the mask (whoever he turns out to be) or maybe Monk... but actually i guess its Poison since she is the only one that lived in the end... I don't know what came out of her mouth in the last 30sec of the movie... maybe a tissue... but i am still confused... and who is that guy in the Chinese hat? her brother? not to sure.... interesting huh!!!

if you have spare time and want to attempt to figure out this movie go ahead... you will waste 1.5 hours of your life... but for some it could be worth it...

in a sense i am glad i watched this... it helps me appreciate the good movies out there!!!

lastly and most important...

if someone you don't particularly like asks you about movie recommendation i would say this would be a good one!!!
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