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  • Danny Ocean rounds up the boys for a third heist, after casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses one of the original eleven, Reuben Tishkoff.

  • The last time we saw Danny Ocean's crew, they were paying back ruthless casino mogul Terry Benedict after stealing millions from him. However, it's been a while since they've come back together, which is all about to change. When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff, builds a hotel with another casino owner, Willy Bank, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Bank. Bank's attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff's misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack. However, Danny and his crew won't stand for Bank and what he's done to a friend. Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Bank, the crew is out to pull off a major plan; one that will unfold on the night Bank's newest hot spot opens up. They're not in this for the money, but for the revenge.

  • Danny Ocean's team of criminals are back and are composing a plan more personal than ever. When ruthless casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses Reuben Tishkoff, causing a heart attack, Danny Ocean vows that him and his team will do anything to bring Willy Bank and everything he's got down. Even if it includes hiring help from one of their own enemies, Terry Benedict.

  • Danny Ocean's friend Reuben goes into business with Willy Bank, a ruthless casino owner, who then cuts Reuben out. Reuben then suffers a heart attack. Danny and the rest of his crew go to him. Danny gives Bank the opportunity to do what is right but when he refuses, Danny sets out to get him back by taking him down. He plans to make sure his new casino flops. He brings in tech wiz Roman Nagel to help crack the system at Bank's hotel. Eventually they discover that they need more money to pull it off, so Ocean turns to Terry Benedict, the casino owner, he once robbed, who agrees on the condition that he steal something important to Bank.


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  • Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), in an attempt to legitimize himself in his later years, is conned by his business partner and ruthless businessman Willy Bank (Al Pacino). When Bank forces Tishkoff to sign over the ownership rights of the new hotel/casino they were building together, Reuben suffers a heart attack from the revelation and becomes bed-ridden. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) offers Bank a chance to set things right, given his long history in Las Vegas and the fact that he "shook hands with Frank Sinatra", but Bank refuses. Danny gathers up his partners-in-crime and plans to completely ruin Bank on the night of the opening of his new casino, "The Bank", as a way to get revenge for Reuben.

    They decide to do so in two ways. First, they plan to prevent Bank's new hotel from winning the prestigious Five Diamond Award from the Royal Review board, which Bank has already won four times before with other casinos. Saul Bloom (Carl Reiner) poses as the reviewer of the board and cons Bank into giving him V.I.P treatment while, the real reviewer (David Paymer), is treated as a V.U.P (Very Unimportant Person) during his stay, by Ocean's associates and paid staff members. They even push the insult to infecting him with skin disease and have him evicted from the hotel due to lack of hygiene.

    The second plan is to rig the casino's slot machines and other gambling games to force the hotel to pay out more than $500 million in winnings so Bank would be forced to cede control of the hotel to his board. They find a foil in their plan when they realize that most gamblers, not in on the plan, will simply bet their winnings again and lose it. They need a way to have people winning huge amounts of money and then leave.

    But their biggest concern is when they learn that "The Greco Player Tracker", a new state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system that ensures that all winnings are legitimate by measuring the players' biometric responses for authenticity, have been installed in Bank's casino. They call upon Roman Nagel (Eddie Izzard) to find a way to defeat it. Nagel tells them it is unbeatable unless they provide a giant magnetron or a natural disaster. They decide to go for both. Learning that Bank is seeking a new cell phone made out of gold, they use their connections to have the cell phone delivered to Bank with a magnetron, created by Nagel, hidden inside. To make sure Bank goes to the Greco's server room, Ocean's team acquires one of the giant drills used to bore the Channel Tunnel to simulate an earthquake under the hotel on its gala opening night. The fake earthquake also provides a solution to have gamblers leave the casino once their winning is done.

    While the group prepares the rigged games, they run into problems when the drill breaks. The group find themselves out of ressources and money and consider quitting when Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), out of desperation, suggest they speak with Terry Benedict (Andy García). Ocean reluctantly approaches his nemesis to fund the purchase of the second drill. While Benedict has a grudge against Bank and is willing to help, he only offers Ocean the funds if they also steal the four diamond necklaces Bank has purchased everytime he won a Diamond Awards. They are currently on display in a secured case at the top level of the hotel. Ocean plans for Linus, disguised as an assistant to a powerful man, to seduce Bank's assistant, Abigail Sponder (Ellen Barkin), to gain access to the display and switch the diamonds with fake ones.

    On opening night, Ocean's plan is threatened when agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation show up, having been tipped off that machines have been rigged by Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison), and have Livingston identified and arrested. Ocean knows Bank has an illegal access to FBI records and fears they're about to be revealed when he goes looking for Livingston's know associates. Basher (Don Cheadle) improvises a distraction for Bank long enough to allow the gang to hack into the FBI records and change them.

    Linus is about to succeed his part of the plan when the lead officer of the FBI walks in the room and arrest him. It turns out the FBI officer is Danny's friend and Linus's father, Bobby Calwell (Bob Einstein), who's in on Ocean's plan and there to help Linus swap the diamonds. As they exit to the roof of the hotel for extraction via helicopter, they are caught by François "The Night Fox" Toulour (Vincent Cassel), whom, under Benedict's orders, have been spying on the team all along and is there to intercept the diamonds. Linus hands over the diamonds to Toulour, who leaves by parachuting down from the roof. It is then revealed that Ocean was aware of Toulour's presence all along and that Toulour was given fake diamonds. Toulour throws away the diamonds, angry that Ocean and his crew has fooled him with a fake replica for the second time. Meanwhile, Linus and his father extract the entire display case from the hotel with the helicopter.

    The remainder of Ocean's plan continues as expected. The Greco is disrupted, guests leaves the hotel with their bountiful winnings while the helicopter flies away with the diamonds and the reviewer from the Royal Review Board informs Bank that he will not get a diamond award. As Bank realizes his defeat, Ocean lets him know that he's responsible for the whole thing and did it for Reuben. Bank tries to threaten Ocean but Ocean informs him that he knows the people Bank would hire to hurt Danny and they already like him a lot more than they like Bank.

    The group uses the money they made off with to buy property north of the Las Vegas Strip for Reuben to build his own casino. As punishment for Benedict's treachery, Ocean donates his portion of the take to charity, forcing Benedict to pretend philanthropy. As the group disperses on their own and considers settling down, Rusty ensures that the RRB reviewer is compensated for all his troubles by allowing him to win a $11 million jackpot at a rigged slot machine at the airport.

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