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A lot going on, but nothing much happening....
Screen-Space7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ocean Thirteen's slick credit sequence, highlighting Brad Pitt in all his movie star glory and letting us all know that Soderbergh and his camera are up for some glossy fun, gets the heart racing in anticipation of a slick, sly heist caper on par with #1 and superior to #2.

But then, as detail upon detail is heaped upon the audience and increasingly silly machinations are put in place to ensure the casino-robbery plan works, it all starts to unravel until, burdened by its own only-in-the-movies logic, the film grinds to a halt just when it should be at its most exciting.

At the 80 minute mark, the film, in desperate need of a compelling story to kick-in, is still setting up the details of the heist. No tension has been created, no forward momentum is in place, no characters are established sufficiently to root for. Soderbergh is no doubt hoping the good will audiences have for his characters from the first film is still in place here (sorely tested in Oceans Twelve). And despite taking all this time to create a detailed if rather ludicrous heist plan, it then boils down to relying on coincidence rather than cunning for it all to work.

Clooney and Pitt still have the charisma and chemistry to make some moments enjoyable, but there isn't the zing in their banter that was a highlight of the first film. Other returning cast members - Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Elliott Gould, Andy Garcia - are all reduced to plot devices rather than given any substance (I know this isn't meant to be a in-depth character piece, but gimme somebody to care about and not just ogle!). Best moments come from Scott Cann and Casey Affleck; most embarrassing from Don Cheadle. And though Al Pacino is suitably villainous as the bad guy, he's also the most interesting and compelling character in the film, making his ultimate downfall (which, lets face it, is no spoiler) a little bittersweet (I would've liked to have seen him slap Danny Ocean up the side of the head, if only to create a little spark in the film).

What is sorely missing is a strong female character. Julia Roberts provided it in #1; Julia and Catherine Zeta-Jones were the best things about #2. In O13, Ellen Barkin is reduced to playing Pacino's 2IC as a blindly-ambitious slut, and its awful. Other female characters are either casino-pit screechers or hookers, underlying the boys-own macho-ness of these films.

It does look great in parts - the set design and CGI work is impeccable - and Soderbergh, holding his own camera under the name 'Peter Andrews', shoots his cast and the locales sumptuously in deep, rich reds and golden tones. But at 122 minutes its a long slog.

With a triumvirate of blah threequels this American summer already clogging multiplexes, Ocean Thirteens only adds weight to the argument that if anything interesting or inspired is going to be done with the characters or plot in a franchise film, its already been done by the time a #3 is churned out.
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Not as good as 11...Much better than 12.
emrelanur8 August 2007
Normally the sequel to a movie is a let down. Especially if the first part was really good. I think that's what's happened with Ocean's 12 for many but l hope this doesn't mean that they won't be watching '13'.

I was happy to see all of the same characters and actors together again because that is one big cool cast. Not to mention Al Pacino...icing on the cake.Who could resist?

For those who are in doubt about Ocean's 13, i hope you're not affected by some bad reviews because history doesn't repeat itself with this one. It's got an interesting story and some fabulous actors and acting. Don't miss out.
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Entertaining Yet Forgettable
insectnation19 June 2007
I went to see this movie with only one expectation, surely it cant be as bad as the second film. On this front i was greatly pleased as the sense of smugness surrounding twelve has been completely lost. The only real problem i had was that after the film finished i really struggled to remember anything particularly about it.

The performances were all OK but no one really stood out, whereas Matt Damon was the only person i didn't want to slap in twelve, he never gets the chance to shine. Al Pacino has no chance to make a memorable villain out of the limited screen time leaving you not really caring if they can pull off the job or not. Clooney and Pitt also do an OK job of an average script, but it never rises above OK.

The area i think this film falls down is with a cast that is too big, while inventive and different in the first film, just hinders this one. There are too many people trying to get their five minutes on screen to really give a damn. Maybe this is the directors feels we already care about them as we know the characters, when in reality the damage caused by twelve was enough to need character building again. Arguably a plot on a smaller scale would have been better with a sharp focus on one or two characters as in the first film.

While flashy this film is all about style over substance and if you are looking for a shallow but entertaining summer movie this may just be it.
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Movie Review: Ocean's Thirteen
andydreamseeker7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So they're back, for a third time, after Ocean's Eleven in 2001 and Ocean's Twelve in 2004. First they took out three of Terry Benedict's (Andy Garcia) Las Vegas casinos at one go with a smart and clever plan in Eleven, then they had to pay it all back with interest to Benedict in Twelve by staging a different theft, now in Thirteen the team of eleven are back to casino stealing with a little help from again, Benedict.

The unlucky guy is Willy Banks (Al Pacino) who owns a series of highly rated "5 Diamonds" hotels. The team is not in for the money this round but for revenge because Banks had done the disfavour of first knocking Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), one of the Eleven, from a hotel deal causing the man a heart-attack and a sudden lost in zest for life. You could say old Willy Banks had it coming for him because his ego was too big for himself. He had without any regards dismissed the Eleven's attempt for him to reinstate Reuben's share of the hotel.

As it reads, "What are the odds of getting even? 13 to 1." It's time to place your bet.

Good guys versus bad guys. I cannot really call thieves good guys can I? How about nice guys then? These guys are nice. They have a sentimental heart. They watch Oprah. These guys are nice. They have a heart of gold. They will do anything for a friend. And these guys are cool, handsome and funny too.

Danny Ocean (George Clooney), Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), Virgil Malloy (Casey Affleck), Turk Malloy (Scott Caan), Saul Bloom (Carl Reiner), Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle), "The Amazing" Yen (Shaobo Qin), Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison) and Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) make up the Eleven. Strong cast and strong performance is to describe the ensemble.

Let me re-familiarize you to the team. Danny and Rusty are the mastermind and deputy. Linus is the rookie turned master thief. Frank is the professional dealer. Virgil and Turk are brothers who are experts in everything (they kind of do everything and run everywhere). Saul is the old and characteristic actor con-artiste. Basher is the demolition and machinery expert. "The Amazing" Yen is the well… the amazing Yen who is skilled in acrobatic. Livingston is the guru in surveillance and an electronic geek. And of course lastly we have Reuben who is the old man with the money and Danny's mentor.

No worries if you can't remember their roles. You can't be blamed for that. There are after all eleven of them. Just remember them as master of disguises. Lots of that will appear in the film.

What make a film like Ocean's Thirteen worth watching is watching all the characters. It is fun to see all of them coming together in their own way to give the story its life. The acting is in one word, superb. And the actor who plays the bad guy, Willy Banks, Al Pacino is great. The facial expression whenever the veteran actor appears on screen is beyond words. Those eyes and that look, brilliant. Banks right hand man, or woman, and the only mentionable actress in Ocean's Thirteen is Abigail Sponder (Ellen Barkin), and she's foxy.

The story is not that complicated and I can't spoil it by telling. It is basically the eleven taking revenge on Banks with a little help from Benedict. There'll be the usual witty dialogues, the underlying funny relationship among the team members and of course the all-important ploy of how to breach into ego Willy's hotel casino on its opening night. For a film of such fashion, the most interesting part will always be how smart the plan to steal is being done. In Ocean's Thirteen it is not bad and quite exaggerated. For the audience I advise taking the consideration of logic out of the equation and just enjoy all the action on screen as they are. There is no need to be too hard or too smart about it. The main point to this film is to enjoy the humour.

The chill-out, atmospheric and ambient music by composer David Holmes is one of the factors that give this movie series its slick aesthetics. Ocean's Thirteen bettered its last effort of Twelve though not quite as clever, smart and interesting as Eleven. A first tough act was always hard to follow but director Steven Soderbergh gave this one a decent account.

It is easier to enjoy the movie than to dislike it. I like the small part about the hotel reviewer and the jackpot and felt it was a nice touch. If I were to put the film more critically though, I would say that it is not as smooth and the flavour not as strong. Sounds like I'm describing an ice-cream? It is like ice-cream with all the actors and actress in this one. Now who doesn't like ice-cream right?

Any flavour will do as long as it's sweet, cool and topped with some crunch.
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A Good Movie To Watch And Multi-Task With
alexkolokotronis3 February 2009
Have you ever watched a film while multi-tasking? Well if you have, you should do it again but this time put on Ocean's Thirteen. I would not describe myself as a fan of the Oceans' movies but I have pretty much enjoyed all of them. In light of that though this is the worst one of the series.

The movie is very well acted in that it appears the whole cast has fun with the material from top to bottom. That does not make it a good film though it just makes it a nice to get together. One thing I could say though was this time around I actually noticed Casey Affleck because of his recent breakout performances in other films. So with that, he and Al Pacino just adds to the fun of watching all the great actors and stars in the film. The script is very witty at times and did have me chuckle more often then not. What was missing though were the star actresses. Tangle in all the fun of a crazy scheme to rob a casino, gambling and just Las Vegas is the women. It would have been great to see Julia Roberts or Catherina Zeta Jones or even both back for the film. Instead we had to settle with Ellen Barkin who has not nearly as an impressive career or persona as her counterparts.

As the rest of the series this film really is not too thought provoking or deep. It won't inspire you to do something so honestly it won't be too necessary to focus all your thoughts on this film. This is an entertaining film considering George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac and Casey Affleck are in it but yet it isn't as well made or enjoyable as its predecessors.
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Hits the Jackpot!
simonparker19909 June 2007
I was a huge fan of Ocean's Eleven, it was smart, witty, funny and in my opinion the best remake I have ever seen. The great cast and the smart dialogue just made it a pleasure to watch, leading my expectations to reach phenomenal levels before seeing its follow up, Ocean's Twelve. So perhaps that is why Ocean's Twelve seemed such a let down, my expectations were to high. As a result of this originally my expectations for Ocean's Thirteen were horribly low, I contemplated not even seeing it at one point. However after re watching Ocean's Eleven, I decided to give it a chance, perhaps Soderbergh at made an effort this time, perhaps it would reclaim the glory of the original movie. Thankfully it has not only reclaimed my respect for the series, but also produced, in my eyes, the best entry so far. The return to Las Vegas has also seen a return of a great script, a plot that is followable, decent jokes and also just a sense of fun that Ocean's Twelve was sorely lacking. In many ways this makes up for the mistake that was the past movie, this is the sequel we should have had. In actual fact, apart from maybe a couple of details, this movie has next to nothing following on from the second movie. This is a good thing as it allows more people to see the quality first movie and then not have to worry about seeing the horrific second one before seeing the best of the series.

Ocean's Eleven worked particularly well because of its starry cast, and the fact the cast were clearly having an absolute ball making the movie. We had George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and loads more. Ocean's Twelve saw the inclusion of more stars, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Vincent Cassel. In Ocean's Thirteen two of the cast members have gone, thankfully the lack of Julia Roberts and Zeta-Jones doesn't leave a mark at all. In fact it seems a bit of a breath of fresh air, and even fresher when the reasoning for them not being in the movie is explained with one line of dialogue. But to make up for their disappearance we get Al Pacino in their stead, and trust me he more than makes up for it. Andy Garcia was a great villain in the original, but he lack the menace that Al Pacino has. He easily steals the beginning of the movie, and he threatens to steal it for the whole movie as well. He isn't overused, and he's certainly never underused. He's the best villain this series has had and it makes the quality of the movie increase. But of course this is still the original elevens' movie, and all of them get their moments to shine. George Clooney is still the best, he's such a great actor to watch as he just oozes star quality. He's the kind of person you wouldn't mind meeting in real life because he seems a genuinely nice guy. He's also used more in this movie, unlike in Twelve where he seemed to co-star in a movie with his name in the title. Brad Pitt is used less than Twelve here, and thankfully that works as well. My biggest problem with Twelve was the fact Rusty took centre stage, and in my opinion Rusty isn't an interesting character. In small doses he's brilliant, but in large doses his character just isn't good enough. Matt Damon has some great comedic moments here and there, Andy Garcia continues his role with style, Eddie Izzard's character actually seems to have a point here, and all the rest of the cast just carries on perfectly. They're all having a blast and they put their all into this movie.

So what of the actual storyline then? Well the actual motives for this movie seems to have improved a lot. Ocean's Twelve's storyline just didn't work for me, I liked the fact that they had to re-pay their money to Bennedict, but I didn't like the fact it got all involved with Vincent Cassel's jewel thief. Here though its all about revenge, and it works better here. It also helps that Al Pacino's Willy Bank is such a jerk that you can't wait to see the gang exact their revenge on him. How they do it, and if they do it I will leave as a surprise, and trust me there are a few little surprises install along the way. Some characters show up that you don't expect to show up, and also the movies pacing is tremendous. It throws you in at the deep end, the planning stage isn't very long, its all about the actual heist pretty much. The opening and the first half is generally talking, which some people might dislike. I personally loved it as the conversations were brilliant, and the quick fire dialogue a welcome relief from the clunky blockbuster stuff I'm used to at the moment.

Overall Ocean's Thirteen is a masterclass in smart, silly blockbusters. Its storyline is preposterous, and how the heist goes is a bit silly, but that's part of the fun, that's what makes the Ocean's series in general such a blast. The movies ooze style (yes even Twelve to some extent). If this is the final movie of the Ocean's series, and I personally believe it is, then they have the left the series on a very high. This has the potential to end up being the best Blockbuster of the summer, a surprise as I really didn't expect much from this. I highly recommend it, its cool, funny slick and most importantly of all, very cool.
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Lucky Number 13
Galina_movie_fan9 June 2007
Danny Ocean and his Eleven are back in Las Vegas. This time, Danny tries to talk sense into Willie Bank, the owner of a series of highly rated "5 Diamonds" hotels who double-crossed one of Eleven, Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), on a hotel deal causing the man a heart-attack and coma-like state. After the ruthless and arrogant Bank suggests that Reuben "rolls over and dies", Danny and his team decide to take the Bank's stunning new casino out of business on the big opening night.

The third Ocean's movie is great fun and a wonderful mixture of genres that works as comedy/crime/thriller/revenge. Vegas is spectacular. The jokes are funny, the dialogs are witty, the directing is first class with the split screens, unusual angles, and the camera that always moves fast but does not rush. The acting is terrific. The absence of Julia Roberts and Katherine Zeta Jones is more than compensated by the presence of great Ellen Barkin who is a better actress than two and a hot beautiful woman, the real "cougar". Besides Ocean and his Eleven (who all have fun with their parts but this time Carl Reiner was simply outstanding), it was good to see David Paymer as an unlucky (or was he?) hotel reviewer and Eddie Izzard as a famous computer hacker. Did I mention that Al Pacino took the role of Willie Bank and he was excellent playing in his quiet mode without screaming which I like a lot? There are certainly the holes in the story and the absence of logic but I did not care a bit. "Ocean's Thirteen" is not about logic or plausibility or realism, it is all about fun and entertaining and it entertains admirably. It is a very successful and enjoyable sequel in the series of Ocean's movies and we all know that good sequels don't happen too often.
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Really good
nikhilvarma8927 May 2007
They are back and now there are 13...

The movie is any day better than ocean's twelve (which i think was really bad) but still not as good as the original! All of them are back and why not with such an amazing director and support group who wouldn't come back. Al Pacino is fantastic as always and adds that extra bit to the movie.

Story is actually at par with the first one and 20 times better than the second movie! Got to see an early screening and loved it. I don't want to spoil the movie. But one thing is true that the story is again complicated and its for the better only as the more complicated the better. Acting as always amazing.

After disappointments of spider-man 3, shrek 3 and to some extent POC 3, this one s easily better than the above three and thus this is a must watch 9/10
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Great design, great technical realization, good actors but weak story
Highco12 June 2007
Since I am a fan of the first two movies I expected a funny and thrilling film. What carried the viewer through its predecessors (great retro design, music etc.) now isn't enough for a really good movie. The story itself could be summed up too quickly. The preparation for the big thievery starts almost from the beginning of the film and it's justification is really poor. What can be really enjoyed are the colorful visuals and a bunch of stars that seem to enjoy themselves. All this prevents a worse vote. To me it seems that Hollywood is running out on ideas at the moment. Sequels are obviously attractive from a financial point of view but bear the risk that they are produced and conceived not careful enough.
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Tedious and too much to watch
bob-rutzel-123 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Ocean (Clooney) plan is to take down Willy Bank (Pacino) who forces his one-time casino owner-partner (Gould) to give everything up to Bank.

There is simply too much going on in this movie to follow in an enjoyable way. It reminded me of a Mission Impossible TV show or Movie where the details are the most important thing going. Here there are too many details and I got lost trying to fit everything in place so I just didn't pay any attention to them after a while and hoped for some face-time with the all-star cast. Didn't happen. The stars ran into and out of the scenes at breakneck speed, mumbled a few lines and we were on to another scene for more of the same.

I knew what they were trying to do, bankrupt Willy Bank, and I suppose that is all you need to know. But, the mumbling, dashing in and out of scenes caused a loss in continuity for me.. I didn't care if Willy Bank got his. So to me, this was a complete waste of star-power and story. I think the director had a time limit on how long each scene would take to be shot and he beat his schedule all the way through. Director: 1. Audience: 0.

Then when everything was in place and Bank was about to lose all, I didn't care when all the now-rigged games made winners of everyone playing. I didn't get any joy out of that. So what was the point? I felt nothing. When you watch a movie you should feel something. Okay, well I did. I felt this was a tedious and boring movie where a lot of star-power was thoroughly wasted, and the story suffered because of too many details.

Let's hope there is no Ocean's Fourteen.

Violence:No, Sex: No, Nudity: No, Language: No
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Why make it in the first place??
vinniejo25 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've never been a fan of the Ocean's series. I saw Ocean's 11 & found it to be a drab affair without a good script .George Clooney was the only guy who held that movie together. This is why I chose to avoid Ocean's 12. But when Ocean's 13 was about to release, I was really excited because it had Al Pacino in it. Alas! Even he could not save this movie.

It was another movie which involved robbery of a Casino. I don't know as to where to begin with while criticizing the movie. Its script was shabby & all over the place with a number of loopholes. Why was it such a big deal that Rueben was kicked out by Willie Bank? Why Ellen Barkin was portrayed as a gullible secretary of Willie Bank? The ideas given by Matt Damon were ridiculous to say the least. The earthquake thing was simply not digestible. The way the Chinese guy entered the hotel, it made the entire hotel staff look stupid. The dialogues & one-liners were all drab & out of place. The whole concept of changing the dies & manipulating the gambling results was too far fetched. The pace of the movie was lightening fast & so it was difficult to catch up with it. The technological & gizmo jargon could be understood only by rocket scientists. Needless to say Al Pacino was completely wasted.

The direction by Steven Soderbergh was clumsy. Most of the actors were wooden faced and the whole thing just couldn't come alive at any point of time. It looked as if the actors were all directing themselves.

I just fail to understand the logic of remaking such a pathetic series. Why would top actors in Hollywood join hands to create one disaster of a flick? Not once, not twice, but three times in a row.

It's high time that this series is brought to an end for the benefit of all the movie-goers around the world.
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Slightly Better Than Its Predecessor But Still No Match To The Original
CinemaClown8 September 2017
Slightly better than Ocean's Twelve but still not close to Ocean's Eleven, the third & final entry in The Ocean's Trilogy finds the original gang returning to Las Vegas for one last heist as things get a bit personal in this concluding chapter. Retaining the cool style & lighthearted vibe of its predecessors, the film does many things right but is still forgettable in the end.

The story of Ocean's Thirteen is set in motion when one of the original eleven is double crossed by his former business partner who now owns his new hotel-casino. When the gang finds out about it, they decide to avenge him by concocting a plan to spoil the new hotel's opening night but to pull it off, they turn to a foe who shares their contempt for the common enemy and offers his assistance.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Ocean's Thirteen marks a little improvement over its predecessor and, by taking a persona route, brings something new to the table. The light, playful tone remains in tact but the premise is more involving than it was the last time. Also, unlike the previous entry, the new addition to the ensemble plays a key role in the plot and has an interesting arc of his own.

While the story has an interesting outline, the writers still end up making the plot complex and not easy to follow. Not every twist n turn makes sense, some moments are as ludicrous as the second film's museum robbing sequence, and it expects the viewer to just go along with everything that's unfolding without questioning the logic of it all. Sometimes, it does work. Other times, it doesn't.

Coming to the performances, the original eleven return to reprise their respective roles once again. Vincent Cassel also makes an appearance while the most notable amongst the new additions is Al Pacino who plays the antagonist and utilises his infectious persona to great effect. Clooney & Pitt once again lead from the front but Damon gets a promotion as well while the rest play their part as expected.

On an overall scale, Ocean's Thirteen is a satisfactory conclusion to the saga of Danny Ocean & his associates, if not a memorable one, and offers a good, lighthearted dose of fun & amusement just like its predecessors. It corrects a few mistakes that were made in the second instalment but also ends up creating some new ones which stop it from reaching the heights & delights of the original. Nevertheless, it's worth a shot.
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Suave but a Bit Flat
Danusha_Goska2 July 2007
I liked "Oceans 13," but I wanted to love it.

I love the handsome stars, the great clothes, the nifty sets, the music -- David Holmes' score is a really fun, retro trip back to 1965. I love the deadpan delivery of funny lines: "I just bit into a pepper," a man says, when caught tearing up. I love the payoff when scams reach their climax.

But I wanted this movie to thrill me as the previous "Ocean" movies have, and, while it was a slick good time, it wasn't memorable.

There is less character development here than in previous movies. Ocean is not pursuing Tess. Linus has pretty much proved himself.

There wasn't the spectacular stunts as performed by Shaobo Qin in "Ocean's 11" or Vincent Cassel in "Ocean's 12." "Ocean's 13" doesn't fully exploit Las Vegas -- we've seen this movie's Las Vegas before.

Al Pacino is kind of blah as the villain. I wasn't afraid of him; I just kept wondering why he had orange hair. Andy Garcia is more juicy in a smaller, ambivalent role.

The movie resuscitates the film career of Ellen Barkin. She looks spectacular: flat stomach, legs to die for, magnificent cleavage. And then what do they do? Humiliate her and make a bitter comment about how she is a woman "of a certain age." "Oceans 13" would have been a better movie if it had made better use of this hot actress. A sex scene between her and the ever cool Matt Damon would have perked the movie up.
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A Very Camp Macho Movie
helenkmessler26 June 2007
Looks and rolling of the eyes, Oprah and all the rest. This guys are very questionable and I don't mean because they steal. They steal in a very civilized way, almost with a prim kind of detachment. George Clooney, which I love, is starting to look oldish and very feminine. was this on purpose? Brad Pitt is always chewing something and is always so close to Clooney that they could become a duo if not a pair. Matt Damon tries a nose but it won't have the repercussions of Nicole Kidman's. Here the nose is strictly four laughs and it almost succeeded. Ellen Barkin looks smashing for a woman of "her age" and rich, she looks rich. Andy Garcia walks through it well dressed and trying to cling on to something. His Oprah interview got me to laugh a little bit. Al Pacino, well, I don't know what to say. I'm not saying he should be angry with his director but should sue the Director Of Photography. At times he looked like my late aunt Margo. What was that? Listen, I'm not being facetious. I'm just treating the movie the way the movie treated me. Moronically. I got tired of seeing this rich actors make more money. This was my last Ocean, no matter how many more they throw my way.
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Soderbergh - be ashamed!
sohrabi708 June 2007
Everyone who's buying a ticket for this movie (like me), obviously liked the two first. And if you did that- well, you still will be disappointed.

Oceans 13 has all the unbelievable cast as before (- Julia Roberts) and has added Al Pacino. In my opinion this add made me not totally slaughter the movie, he was (as always) incredible in the role of casino owner Mr.Bank. The rest of the cast is actually just themselves, George Clooney plays George Clooney, and Brad Pitt- well, Brad Pitt... The actors is just enjoying themselves with what they know will be a box-office success anyways, so they don't really put in any effort.

Soderbergh really misses out on the poor dialog and (at some parts) confusing scenes, which makes everyone scratching their heads... You're looking for some scenes which makes you bite your nails(?)- look somewhere else, this movie has none! Soderbergh you should be ashamed- what a waste of talent! But, we all expected it- and as stupid as we are (myself included), we just hope that the amazing cast will make the movie worth while- as it should. It doesn't. Don't be fooled by the Big names, this is a movie that you wanna forget the second you go out of the theater! 3/10 (some points because of Pacino)
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Ocean's 13 - Drown It *
edwagreen7 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Even an all-star cast can't save this misery of a movie.

Danny Ocean is back with his pack ready for another caper. The original Ocean's 11 was lousy and believe me, this one is no better.

I love Al Pacino's flaming red hair. At the beginning, I actually thought that Pacino's character would rival that in the wonderful Dick Tracy film. That role got him a supporting Oscar nomination. This picture he'd go absolutely nowhere. How about a little more excitement here such as terrorizing Elliott Gould?

Carl Reiner looked like he was ready to attend a Brighton Beach outing in this film.

Bernie Mac at the gambling table? He looked more like a super fool here. Ellen Barkin was just ridiculous in her role as Mr. Bank's (Pacino's) subordinate.

By the way, what's going on here? Are our motley crew more interested in breaking the bank or getting that piece of jewelry. Even the alleged earthquake scene was dull. Old ladies in a nursing home could run out faster in their wheelchairs.

A thoroughly ridiculous, poorly written film. Scrap it to the garbage dump.
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No "Ocean's Fourteen", please!
o.tacke9 June 2007
I was waiting for "Ocean's Thirteen" with a lot of excitement since George Clooney is one of my favourite actors but I was absolutely disappointed when finally watching the movie. Although the actors played very well, the plot was weird and it was hard to follow the story. To make it even worse, although it was said that the "job" was literally impossible everything seemed to be too easy and just a matter of money to be spent. The audience never had the impression that Danny and his buddies really had to struggle for their mission's accomplishment.

To put it in a nutshell: I hope there won't be an "Ocean's Fourteen".
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Ocean's hits a lucky thirteen.
jdesando5 June 2007
"The robb'd that smiles, steals something from the thief." Shakespeare's Othello

Andy Garcia's wealthy Terry Benedict is financing Danny Ocean's Vegas heist from casino owner Willie Bank (Al Pacino) in order to get the last smile of vengeance, thief to thief, while Danny and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) exact their own revenge. No honor among these slick reprobates, and good time is had by all the men and, this time, not Julia Roberts, but Clooney's real-life squeeze, Ellen Barkin, as Abigail Sponder, tough right hand to Bank.

I go to most movies as a film critic with my sensibility well-guarded against the fluffy confection of just another heist. But the Ocean's franchise, like the Bond's, has a cachet all its own with eye-pleasing duds, high-tech high jinx, and self-referential dialogue. Thus I am free to enjoy without feeling as if I'd sold out to crass commercialism—I have, but willfully and pleasurably.

I guess I'm sucked in like everyone else at the movies, even with as many as I've seen and written about, because I want to go where the director, in this case the estimable Steven Soderbergh, wants to take me. In Ocean's 12, it was all over Europe; in Thirteen it's the entertainment Mecca of the Western world.

No deep thoughts come to mind, just summer mindlessness dressed up for partying (Pitt and Clooney very nicely decked out, understatedly). Clooney's musings about the changes in Vegas since guys like him had shaken Sinatra's hand serves as "change" leitmotif lighter than air. Twenty years from now we'll be talking about the iconic Pitt and Clooney in the same nostalgic way. Ocean's Thirteen reinforces its place in popular culture as a repository for our transitory adulation of movie stars and the escapes they gave us long ago.

At the end, Matt Damon exits with "See you when I see you," a fitting piece of noncommittal that may promise another Ocean's installment or just more star sightings. Clooney says goodbye to Pitt with an in-joke the world is in on: "Hey! Next time! Keep the weight off. Pitt retorts, "Have a couple of kids." This is typical of the low-key, sweetly narcissistic third installment.

Ocean's hits a lucky thirteen this time around without a big jackpot but a great deal of good will.
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Not even close to the first one! Shame.
nsterjo9 June 2007
Too much talk, no action, no humor, no good enough plot and not big enough ending. You keep watching and expecting something really big to happen to make a climax, but suddenly you realize it's the ending. A real disappointment concerning the big names involved and the great acting.

And what was the deal with that nose? The tasks were made to seem pretty easy to achieve and there was nothing left from the former glory of the team.

A movie without spirit and essence.

A shame really!

Glad there's not going to be a forth one.
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Better than 12 but not by much
barberoux16 June 2007
Ocean's Thirteen was better than Ocean's 12. That isn't saying much since O12 was horrible. O13 was a tad better. Al Pacino helped by creating a character who was believable and entertaining. Ellen Barkin was terribly miscast. Her role would have been played better by some riper, younger actress. Brad Pitt look very please with himself and George Clooney avoided being too smug. Neither were all that entertaining and the movie focused on them most of the time. I thought the movie was slow. The caper consisted of solving a series of problems in rigging all of the gambling at Al Pacino's casino. The rigging was accomplished with a bunch of unexplained, magical devices. It felt more like Wily E. Coyote's Acme products than actual plausible products. The mine digging machine was ridiculous. It was way too fantastical to be believed. The rigging of the diamond prize was clever and believable. The trouble with sequels is that the characters are not developed further but are just referred to in a kind of role shorthand. The whole screenplay was a shorthand version of a caper movie. The Ocean story is that these really clever guys have to rob an entire casino against great odds which they accomplish with neato devices and tricks. This movie followed the outline but failed to develop the robbery techniques beyond magical Acme devices. How did pouring powder in the dice raw material actually make the dice roll over by pressing another magic device? It wasn't engineering it was magic. The movie required one to suspend too much belief in reality to make the caper work. A drilling machine in the middle of a major city, that breaks and has to be replaced in a day, and bores a huge tunnel under the city with no one noticing. Come on! It would take months for a team of engineers to accomplish the task of just getting the machine started. The caper just didn't work. The ensemble casting wasn't an ensemble. It was three stars with other people around. The acting wasn't terrible but just egocentric. Wait for a dark and stormy night and rent it.
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Good film, good film.
freaky289628 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Just got back from from watching this and I'd have to say it's probably the best film I've seen in about six months. It definitely cheered me up after that disappointing Spiderman sequel. Don't get me wrong Ocean's 13 is not quite as good as 11 but it's still a good watch (Big improvement on the second one). The absence of Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts was a bit of a surprise, but I doubt their presence would have improved the film greatly. The addition of the great Al Pacino was definitely a big positive and as usual he played his role well and brought a lot to the film. The action sequence were well done, there are quite a few funny segments in the film involving some pretty hilarious disguises. The camera work and techniques are excellent. The story was a big improvement on O-12 but I agree with what I read in another review, that it definitely lacked the suspense of the first one. Nothing really happened where the whole plan went to cock and they had to quickly come up with an even more ingenious plan or else all was doomed. It was more like, oh no somethings broken, what do we do? I know, lets buy a replacement, Phew! Apart from that, everyone played their roles fantastically, with the exception of maybe Eddie Izzard who I think was a little off character, which I found disappointing because I really enjoyed his short part in the O-12. In summary I'd say; Room for improvement, still a really good film, definitely worth the price of admission.
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very dumb - retarded level plot and scenario
houmanrm8 September 2009
I just can't believe, for the life of me, how anyone can give this disjointed, pompous, silly, absurd, daft, foolish, half-witted, idiotic, inane, moronic, and downright stupid flick any kind of credibility by giving it any stars. Preposterous...

Words are not enough, simply not potent enough to describe the absolute, the rock bottom stupidity behind this thing, can't even call it a movie. Resting on the famous names that have now discredited themselves...

I just can't emphasize enough the fact that this movie is dumb, it's dumb folks plain and simple: DUMB...

If I would have watched it for free I would have still demanded my money back.
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Third part with the same group and again with suspense,thriller and intelligent twists
ma-cortes14 June 2007
Again the Danny Ocean bunch with the biggest heist of all . Reuben (Elliot Gould) suffers a heart attack for a treason and as revenge Danny Ocean pull off a plan introducing the schemes for a new robbery venture and gathering the eclectic group for a new caper . This time , Benedict (Andy Garcia) agrees with Ocean backed by his motley gang to execute it , the group is the same people (Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Scott Cahan, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck , Carl Reiner, Qin) . Their objective is the ambitious Willie Bank (Al Pacino), owner of a luxurious Las Vegas hotel . He turns out their victim along with the hot woman manager (Ellen Barkin) . The crew back in action , in the inauguration day . They blew all the light , shutting off the electrify and provoke an earthquake on the hotel . The thirteen men team headed by mastermind George Clooney attempting to rob the game-table , jackpots from hotel casino proprietary of mogul Pacino , executing simultaneously . We never met a band like Ocean's thirteen . This rendition gets one of the greatest entertainment of the trilogy .

This thrilling as well as hilarious heist film displays from the beginning to the ending , comedy , suspense , plot twists along with limited action of varied manner . There appears special cameo by Oprah Winfrey , Julian Sands and Jerry Weintraub , he's trilogy's producer . The film contains an intelligent screenplay and ,of course, outstanding final surprise . The comic relief being developed during the amusing relationship between the several and motley characters and their jokes among them . Atmospheric musical score by habitual saga , David Holmes . Colorful cinematography though sometimes some dark about interior scenarios photographed by the same , as usual, Soderbergh . This is a funny and stylish following ,being well directed by Steven Soderbergh .
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All fizzle, no pop.
why-pinto8 June 2007
Who would let ANY of these guys into a casino ever again? Nobody. Who would be able to get a Chunnel tunneling machine beneath the Vegas strip undetected? Nobody. Those facts in and of themselves make this movie a sham. But willfully suspending disbelief of that- O's 13 has plenty else to make it implausible in the extreme. And plenty less to make it fun to watch.

If the enjoyability of your movie depends entirely on the personalities of your actors, and Ocean's most certainly does, then you'd better come up with something cool for them to say and do. Not so, here. The ludicrous nature of the caper and the complete lack of meaningful interplay among its protagonists wipes the flick free of anything like personality. The enjoyable things about Ocean's 11 (snappy dialogue,witty repartees, cool suits, clever dupes, intriguing subplots, etc.) have been completely exorcised. Now all we've got left are a bunch of cool guys without a script talking shop about pulling off an unbelievable, altruistically motivate non-heist (they're not even in it for the money). This flick is one step below a Discovery Channel documentary on dice making.
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average movie with famous actors - every scene predictable
alex_kunze15 June 2007
We went with a group of 8 people to watch the movie and all of us were disappointed. Why? Despite the fact that some great actors come together, the story line is extremely predictable and boring. No real surprises and the characters are so one-dimensional that it feels more like watching a cartoon movie. The director missed a huge opportunity getting all those big actors together. But it seems that screen-play just did not have enough substance for 90 minutes. What I found frustrating was that at some points the story line was not logical. This is a typical movie one should watch on a trip in the plane or get it from the video store to watch it at home. Do not waste a beautiful Saturday night with your friends in the movie theater watching this movie.
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