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Beautiful,Very Beautiful
Wingzero58624 December 2007
When I first started hearing about this series on AnimeTV,I have to say that this series is magnificent,and it was. When I bought the entire collection of this show at Moviestop,it was the best. I gotta say this show has a good storyline,and great physic. My favorite characters I liked in this series are:Yukari,George,and Izabelle. And I really do like Yukari wearing the beautiful blue gown she wore to the fashion show. She really looks like Cinderella. But what this series really tells us that it's important to have a dream,and always focus on the first thing before moving on.And also,doing any dream comes with a greater responsibility. I do believe that Yukari has learned that first things always comes first before reaching the next best. But however,this show proves all. And another thing about this series is the great voice work. So in closing,if you want to see something good,then watch this series,and you will see what I mean.
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Paradise kiss
zinafun11 October 2006
Usually am among those fans of animation series that just go through comments but never stop by to drop in the words..but today i came across such a series that moved me.. Paradise kiss is among one of the best ones i've's realistic with a bit of magic in it..i did want to cry in the end...a series that can motivate to follow one's dreams..nothing is impossible if u put your heart to it.. Miwako is real cute..George as handsome, flirtatious n complex as ever, Isabella so mysterious..who would have thought hmm..Funky styled Akashi jealous,protective and hardworking..and above all Caroline..the nickname..such a strong girl..A series of love,passion,hobby and dreams..all surviving in reality..Way to go..Cheersss
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A pleasant surprise
Rectangular_businessman10 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first Josei anime show that I've seen in my entire life. I have to say, after seeing some previews and images, I was totally expecting this to be like some kind of soap opera, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was actually a more than enjoyable series, with complex and interesting characters and an entertaining plot which avoids the most common clichés from this kind of stories.

Having an excellent artwork and animation (I particularly liked the stylish and surreal sequences from the beginning of every episode before the opening credits) "Paradise Kiss" does a great work depicting an atypical love-story, which doesn't follow the predictable pattern of other romantic works.

The way in which the relationship between the main characters feels realistic and believable, opposed to the more idealized manner in which love and romance is treated in most works of fiction, having for that reason more honest feeling, being closer to the spirit of modern times. The Franz Ferdinand song in the closing credits was a nice touch, too.
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Beauty in its most simplistic (and outrageous) forms.
therubberboot29 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As far as I'm concerned, Paradise Kiss was one of the best Shojo anime I've seen in a long time. Despite the length of the series, it manages to tell an in-depth story about Caroline's struggles to find herself.

The art is beautiful, the costumes inspiring, and the story completely draws the viewer in. I watched it as it was released and could barely stand to wait the week between episodes.

One thing I really enjoyed about this series, and many anime in general, is the fact that it doesn't have a fairy-tale ending. It reflects reality in that sense. The characters touch each other's lives, and when they part ways they are all better people, more content with who they are. In one light it's tragic, in another it's beautiful.

As far as I can see, the anime follows closely to the manga, so do expect too many deviations.

If your interested in something similar, I'd strongly suggest NANA, both the live action movie, and the anime.
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Love this anime
Irishchatter6 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly was so dissapointed that George and Caroline (love the nickname btw) didnt continue onto their realtionship in the end. I understand their love were already slipping when each of them had their own differences. However I still thought they were a potential couple. I would've rathered if Caroline didn't marry Hiroyuki (whos meant to be the hidden fiancee in the anime but it turns out it was him).

Loved this anime, love its characters, loved its soundtrack including "Lonely in gorgeus" and a popular song I never expected in anime "Do you want to?". Literally its one of the best coming of age anime Ive ever come across!
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