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The Conspirator
claudio_carvalho27 October 2007
On the day of the California Presidential Primary, between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM, David Palmer decides to tell the family side of the story to the press, explaining that it was actually an accident, and he tries to convince Sherry and Keith to support him. However, Sherry suggests David to find some dirty in the past of Maureen and blackmail her to bury the truth and preserve their family. Kim gets out from Kevin, dominates him and calls Jamey asking for help. However, the agents do not arrive but Gaines's men instead. Meanwhile Gaines forces Jack Bauer to switch the key card. When Milo notes the replacement of card, he tells Nina and she presses Jack; he points his gun and forces Nina to leave CTU with him. Rick helps Kim to escape, but when she sees that her mother was also abducted, she decides to return to her imprisonment. Gaines orders Jack to shoot Nina. Tony retrieves the images in Jack's office and does not understand why he dressed Nina with a bulletproof vest.

In the seventh and most tense episode of "24", the identity of the conspirator is disclosed and I was completely wrong with my guess that it would be Tony. Teri and Kim are able to revert their situations, but the conspiracy has a huge network and they remain kidnapped. Nina now will be the key character with possibility to save Jack Bauer. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "6:00"
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Who can be trusted?
MaxBorg899 December 2007
Having brought things to a whole new level in Episode 6, the writers now raise the suspense so much that waiting to see the continuation on DVD was, for me, as unbearable as it usually is to wait three months for the next season of your favorite show to begin. Such is the power of 24.

Tensions are high from the very beginning, Jack having been controlled by the evil Ira Gaines for the past hour. Now, merely 90 minutes before David Palmer is scheduled to make a public appearance, he has to return to CTU and exchange some important evidence with a forgery so that the assassin, posing as a photographer, can work undisturbed. In order to do this, though, Bauer has to deceive his collaborators, and given he didn't trust some of them earlier on, any suspicious behavior is going to cause the same reaction in them. Similar difficulties are faced by Jack's wife Teri, who has just realized the man helping her is actually working for her daughter's kidnappers. Trust is also in short support in the Palmer family, with the Senator uncertain about his wife's loyalties after the discovery that she and their kids tried to keep a dangerous secret hidden from him.

This is probably the most tense hour of the entire season, due to the plot gimmick of everyone double-crossing everyone else and the real exasperation that emerges from Kiefer Sutherland's wounded performance. In addition, the identity of the mole inside CTU is finally revealed: it might not be who you expected. Still brilliant.
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Level Of Suspense Increases
Desertman8414 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM,acting on Gaines' orders, Jack returns to CTU to interfere with the decryption of the key card. He then is ordered to shoot Nina, but he makes some bullet-proof protection inside Nina's jacket so that Gaines' men believe that Jack has killed her. Teri escapes from Alan's impostor, but is captured by more of Gaines' men.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Mike Novick tells Senator David Palmer that he needs to out with the story about Keith. Senator Palmer tells Keith Palmer that they need to tell their side of the story.

2.Kim Bauer asks Rick Allen to help her break out of Gaines' compound.

3.Teri Bauer is kidnapped by Kevin Carroll

4.Gaines demands that Jack Bauer switch the key card with a fake.

5.Jack shoots Nina.

In this episode,the level of suspense of the story increases and the show becomes addicting to the viewer in the succeeding episodes.
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With a Gun to His Head
Hitchcoc2 October 2018
This is hard to watch. Jack becomes the victim of the potential assassins as his wife and daughter are hostages. They come to realize that they are likely to be killed because when these people are done with them, it will be all over. At the same time the Senator must continue to put forth a false face as he awaits the Primary election. He has to deal with his son's indiscretions from seven years before.
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Under the Influence!
g-bodyl12 May 2015
This is the seventh episode of the first season of 24. As we head into the wee morning hours of the California primary election, things are getting very interesting and the already-rapid pace of the show intensifies even more. This episode is mainly Jack working under the influence of Gaines and despite every move of his is being watched, we still see how he has tricks up his sleeves.

In this episode, "6:00 A.M," Jack is told by Gaines to return to the station where he tells Jack to switch the key card and dispose of Nina. Meanwhile, Palmer convinces his children and wife to stand by him as he releases his family past to the public. Finally, Kim tries to escape the compound but there is something that may change her mind.

Overall, this is a very good episode. It's a high-tense, action-packed episode and tight dramatic moments so I am eager to see what happens next.

My Grade: A
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