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Now We Start All Over
ccthemovieman-116 May 2007
This episode gave me the feeling of almost starting an entirely new story. The surprise greeting from Hector Salazar to Jack Bauer in Mexico, coupled with Tony's revelation about Gael sets up this episode and lends itself to a whole new set of circumstances.

We get another huge revelation as Tony Almeida, director of the C.T.U., tells the President of the United States to look at something on the computer. The President's brother and adviser, Wayne, logs it in and we see a message from Bauer, saying "If you are looking at this, I have already infiltrated the Salazars and...."

In a nutshell, all of this virus stuff with the kid and the breakout of Ramon Salazar from jail has been "part of an elaborate sting planned and executed by Jack Bauer." We learn that the Ukrainians do indeed have a very deadly virus and Jack has worked to set up a buyer in the Salazars. Jack's plan is to make sure that virus doesn't go anywhere.

The President is not happy he has been deceived through all of this, that only Jack and Tony were in on this, although he certainly can't argue with the ends justifying the means here.

The main thing in this episode is the tension at the Salazar's Mexican home and whether Jack can stay alive with Ramon still (justifiably!) not trusting him and quite happy to blow him away any time.

There are other things in here, too, some dramatic involving Anne, but they are personal sidebars stories and there is no reason to go into everything that is happening in the episode.

Suffice to say it's another tense and entertaining one. I just have complaint, if anyone is reading this: why do some of these characters, beginning with Keifer Sutherland whisper their sentences so often? People don't do that in real life. Is it for dramatic purposes?
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MaxBorg8918 August 2008
The previous episode ended with a revelation that changed everything that had occurred up to that point during Day 3. This eighth hour expands on that revelation, and in a certain way the real story of the third season starts here.

President Palmer receives a phone call from Tony Almeida after the latter saved Gael from torture by revealing his treason was part of a bigger plan. The plan is revealed to everyone (including the viewer) through a recorded message Jack left behind: the virus threat at the beginning of the season, Kyle Singer and the escape of Ramon Salazar were just the starting points in a more complex operation whose goal consists of Jack infiltrating the Salazar family again. He's doing this because there is a lethal virus that's being sold on the black market by a Ukrainian organization, and by pretending to help the Salazars acquire it he hopes to destroy it before it causes any real damage. First, though, he will have to convince Ramon, who is still aching to blow his head off. Chase being captured by the Salazars' men doesn't really help in that sense.

With the real truth out of the bag, the proper premise of Day 3 is laid out for us to understand and cherish: such narrative cleverness was unexpected even by 24's standards, and it is more than appropriate that the Writer's Guild of America took note of the of the script's intelligence. Most of all, the episode shows Jack going to some really dark places, not just because he went behind Palmer's back (and the latter's reaction is another example of Dennis Haysbert's talent): in the second season he killed a man to keep his cover; this time he's an addict and has to make his adversaries believe he's after money. This day will most definitely take its toll on his health, both mentally and physically.
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Will Ramon trust Jack?
Tweekums27 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack and Ramon have got to Mexico safely without killing each other and Ramon has learnt of his brother's plan to do business with Jack again; he doesn't like it though and continues to distrust Jack even when he learns that Jack is apparently motivated by a fifteen million dollar pay out and the he and his brother stand to make a billion. Jack has been in contact with the scientists who created the virus and arranged a deal; he needs the Salazars as they are seen as plausible buyers. Meanwhile, north of the border, Tony is explaining to the president and the people in CTU (as well as the viewers) what has really been going on in the previous episodes. The plan sounds as if it might succeed but there is one problem Jack doesn't know about; his partner Chase is heading to Mexico to rescue Jack but has no idea that everything that has happened is actually part of Jack's plan. Away from the main mystery Anne meets her ex to get the papers that will prove her innocence; she gets the papers but the meeting doesn't go as expected.

After the big twist at the end of the previous episode we learn why Jack wants to get back in with the Salazars; this was nicely handled and I particularly liked Joaquim de Almeida's performance as the untrusting Ramon. There might not have been a huge amount of action but there was a lot of tension; while I never though Jack was going to get killed, he is the protagonist after all, there was a moment where I thought Chase might die. Anne's side story is still a bit of a distraction despite it containing a bit of a shock; I was a little disappointed that this didn't cause more trouble that it did. Still it was another good episode that kept my interest in the story going.
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Keeping Jack Alive
Desertman8410 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Palmer and Chappelle view a message from Jack, explaining his undercover work with the Salazars and the involvement of Tony and Ortega in a top- secret sting operation that was planned out by the three of them for a month. Totally unaware of this revelation at CTU, Chase arrives in Mexico to rescue Jack. While the Salazar brothers argue over whether or not to enlist Jack's help in making the deal, Bauer contacts Michael Amador - the man in possession of the virus.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Palmer learns he was kept in the dark on matters of national security and about the Cordilla virus sting operation.

2.Hector Salazar tells Ramon that Jack Bauer gave them an opportunity to make more money then they had ever dreamed of in exchange for 15 million dollars. Claudia reminds Jack that he promised to take her away from Salazar.

3.At the Counter Terrorist Unit Tony Almeida tells everyone that all resources will be dedicated to helping Jack Bauer find the virus. Kim informs Tony that Chase is not coming back to CTU and that he thinks he's rescuing Jack.

4.Chase Edmunds learns that Jack is working with the Salazars. He attacks Jack in a fit of rage, destroying Jack's transponder watch, much to Gael's and Tony's frustrations.

The episode involves some dramatic moments especially in the relationship between President Palmer and Anne.Aside from that,we also witness how the antagonists managed to keep Jack alive in an implausible way.
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In the Arms of the Enemy
Hitchcoc18 January 2019
This episode focuses in on Jack and the Salazars. Once again the virus is in question. The man who was found was the only one infected. A foreign power has produced this toxin and wants to sell it to the Salazars for 100 million dollars. Jack is the connection and he needs to gain the trust of the bad guys to put a stope to both empires. In other news, Palmer's doctor and lover goes to her ex-husband's place with shocking results. Chase has gone dark and is impeding Jack's big plan.
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