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Chinese Causing Problems For C.T.U.
ccthemovieman-114 November 2007
Much of this episode - up to the last 4-5 minutes- is low-key, behind-the-scenes dealing as the C.T.U. tries to cover their butt from the Chinese. The latter have a guy from C.T.U. on their videotape hours earlier when their embassy was broken into a terrorist-suspect abducted. The problem was made 100 times worse when their consul was shot and killed....although he was shot by "friendly fire." Nonetheless, a huge international incident could take place and the U.S., of course, wants to avoid that. We see a Chinese investigator, of sort, at the C.T.U. trying to get them to admit they were behind this and, despite denials, they have it figured out. Big problems loom. Nonetheless, the whole thing is taking up valuable time because "Marwan" is set to fire a nuclear missile sometime in the next two hours.

I wonder if other people notice how often in this show - every week - the cameras close in on someone's face and that person has some sort of weird look. They frown (Chloe is the champion of that) or look suspicious, worried, jealous, apprehensive, angry, nervous.....whatever....it's always going on, for all the episodes.
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Conflicts Increases
Desertman8412 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The situation from the Chinese consulate intensifies – the Chinese consul was accidentally killed by friendly fire. The Chinese grow suspicious, and launch an investigation after they manage to identify Howard Bern, one of the CTU agents involved in the raid. Jack, Curtis and Bern begin to work up cover-stories and alibis, so as not to implicate the US government. Lee Jong comes out of surgery and gives Jack a lead on the location of Marwan. He leads a CTU team including Curtis to surround the location. Although CTU manage to capture Marwan they are unable to prevent the launch of a cruise missile with the armed nuclear warhead.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Charles Logan confronts David Palmer about the covert attack on the consulate. Palmer admits that he sanctioned the operation, and Logan furiously reveals that the Chinese Consul, Koo Yin was killed.

2.Mike Novick tries to justify the attack, but Logan worries that the US may soon be at war with a billion Chinese.

3.Jack pressures Dr. Besson about Lee Jong, the Chinese national abducted from the consulate, and stresses that he needs him coherent enough to interrogate.

4.Jack apologizes to Audrey for forcing the CTU doctors to abandon Paul Raines while operating on him, which resulted in his death.

5.Jack Bauer questions Lee Jong, who doesn't know where the nuclear warhead is, but tells Jack that Marwan might be at a warehouse.

6.Habib Marwan prepares to launch a missile carrying the stolen nuclear warhead. CTU scrambles to trace the encrypted video uplink that's showing the missile, but runs out of time. The missile launches.

The relationship of Jack and Audrey presents some problems as the latter accuses the CTU of neglecting Paul which ultimately causes his death.This presents more conflict in Day 4 in the romantic angles presented.

Also,we also see Jack and Curtis inching in towards Habib Marwan,who is ready to create chaos and destruction as he is ready to launch a nuclear warhead.

Conflict also arises between President Logan and former President Palmer.

Overall,the conflicts increases as resolutions seems very far even with only a few episodes left for Day 4.
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Chinese Interference
Hitchcoc29 January 2019
Much of this episode involves the attaining of information from a Chinese informant who was captured in the Chinese Consulate raid. Unfortunately, one of Jack's guys had his mask pulled up for a second and was identified. The Chinese send their Secret Service guy to CTU and he gets in the way. It is pretty tenuous. President Logan is a mess, having nothing to offer and complaining on and on. At the conclusion of this episode, things fall into place but the clock becomes the huge enemy. Intense.
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