"7th Heaven" Nothing Endures But Change (TV Episode 1998) Poster

Beverley Mitchell: Lucy Camden


  • Lucy Camden : It is my fault! It's all my fault! Nothing will ever be the same again! Nothing!

    [runs up to her room] 

    Rev. Eric Camden : It'll take awhile.

    Annie Camden : I know, but I'm glad that she has awhile to take.

  • Lucy Camden : [to Wilson]  That's so weird. I feel the exact same way, like every single person on this earth is one second away from leaving the planet, me included. And you know, it's like there must be a reason I'm here. God must have had a reason for keeping me here. Otherwise, why wouldn't I have been in that car?

    Wilson West : Right after my wife died, I felt the exact same way. Why didn't I die? Why her? Why did she have to suffer through such a difficult labor and then die in the end?

  • Lucy Camden : [When Lucy goes to a support group after her friend's death]  My friend was killed in a car accident. Her sister was with her. She was injured and now I don't know what to say to my friend's sister.

    Counselor : What did people say to you that was comforting?

    Wilson West : Actually, we talk a lot about what people say that doesn't comfort you at all.

    Young Woman : You'll see her again when you die.

    Young Man : He's resting now. I was seven. I thought it meant that when my dad rested enough, he'd come back. It totally spooked me.

    Young Woman #2 : It was meant to be. That's my favorite.

    Young Man #2 : Meant to be. I mean, what is that? My brother was meant to get shot?

    Lucy Camden : Is there anything anybody can say?

    Wilson West : Maybe the truth. Things like "This totally sucks."

    Young Man #2 : That's what I wanted to say out loud at the funeral, but I couldn't because nobody would have understood. That and "I'm glad it wasn't me." It sounds selfish, but I'm glad to be alive. I've got a lot of things I want to do with my life.

  • Lucy Camden : Luce, the accident...

    Annie Camden : It wasn't them. Tell me it wasn't them. Mom, please?

    Lucy Camden : I'm sorry. Sarah was killed Luce and Jen's in the hospital in serious condition! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Oh, I'm just glad it wasn't you!

    [she and Annie both begin to cry] 

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