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Rachel Nichols: Rachel Gibson



  • Rachel Gibson : So what happened?

    Julian Sark : I over estimated my friendship with Masari. He assumed I was betraying him, he took the money and left.

    Rachel Gibson : Oh so then he knows you pretty well.

    [Marshall and Sydney talk Rachael thru disarming a bomb that Sark is handcuffed to, she is about to cut a wire] 

    Julian Sark : Whh... Wait, if that's the wrong wire...

    Rachel Gibson : I thought you liked risks...

    Julian Sark : I also like my body. And as I recall you do to.

  • Rachel Gibson : [to Sark as she is about to cut the wire to attempt to disarm a bomb he is handcuffed to]  Just so we're clear... You approached me, you were the one who let me into your room, and afterwards you were the one who wanted to cuddle.

    [Sark is rendered speechless. Rachael cuts the wire] 

    Rachel Gibson : It's disarmed.

    Sydney Bristow : [Over coms]  That was spectacular Rachael.

    Rachel Gibson : Thank you.

    Sydney Bristow : [Off the coms to Marshall]  About what you just heard...

    Marshall Flinkman : Don't need to know, don't want to know.

  • Sydney Bristow : When's the last time you did something just for fun?

    Rachel Gibson : Hitting Gordon Dean on the head with a shovel, that was fun.

  • Julian Sark : [Sark and Rachael are each talking with different hotel staff members]  I don't care what sort of Geek convention you have here; I was told an upgrade wouldn't be a problem.

    Rachel Gibson : Americans...

    [She gets in the elevator, Sark follows her in] 

    Julian Sark : So, Lydia, here on business?

    Rachel Gibson : Yes; the Geek conference.

  • Sydney Bristow : You're in a good mood, anything you're not telling me?

    Rachel Gibson : What... I... Nothing... I just a... The trip was really relaxing.

    Sydney Bristow : What did you do? Spit it out.

    Rachel Gibson : I met a guy at the hotel. He's a business guy, which is not my at all my type. And we were just talking at the bar, and well one thing...

    Sydney Bristow : Led to another, obviously. I mean are you going to see him again?

    Rachel Gibson : He thinks I'm Lydia, a British engineer.

    Sydney Bristow : Oh rats, yeah.

    Rachel Gibson : So no, I guess.

    Sydney Bristow : What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil.

  • Julian Sark : [In an American accent]  Lydia...

    Rachel Gibson : How nice, you remembered my name.

    Sydney Bristow : Do you remember me?

    Julian Sark : [Back to his British accent]  Sydney; I suppose a congratulations is in order.

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