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Lost (and found) weekend
elbga16 January 2019
It's nice to see the Hubacher brothers haven't lost their mail privileges up at state prison, and again we wonder: Just what did this friendly trio do that got them sent up the river? At the top of the story the director gives us another one of those seemingly unimportant TAGS moments when a curious passerby (Danny Thomas's brother?) stops on the sidewalk to see what all the shouting is about in front of the courthouse. Yet, it's scenes like this, multiplied over eight seasons, that give richness to the series but which unfortunately get cut from network airings of the show and are not seen by fans who don't own the complete DVD sets.

Amzie Strickland was a valuable utility player on the show over the years, but it was asking a lot to have her play the wife of a blubbery, frog-voiced boozer like Ralph Campbell who couldn't control himself for even a short visit to his brother and his wife. She trips up on her line about her husband's ever-expanding waistline when she mishears Otis's "butterflop" and substitutes the oddly nonsensical "butterfly" instead. Judging by the clothes rack stretched across the back seat of their car, completely blocking the view out the rear window, the couple apparently anticipate multiple wardrobe changes when they travel.

It's a pleasant change to see Otis shape up here, even if it's just for a weekend.
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A very good episode though the ending is a bit of a downer...
MartinHafer19 October 2010
Otis the town drunk receives a letter from his sister-in-law--it seems that she and his brother are bringing the family to town for a visit. This is a serious problem since they not only don't know that Otis is a failure but he'd given them the impression he spent a lot of time at the town jail because he worked there--not because he was a drunk. While Barney thinks this is all just Otis getting what he deserves, Andy feels sorry for the guy and agrees to pretend that Otis is one of his deputies! The ruse works very well and Otis comes off as a well-respected member of Mayberry society--but there is a very sad punchline at the end. I enjoyed it but know people who disliked the ending, as it was a bit of a downer. Regardless, it is an engaging episode and one worth seeing--especially since it provides for a bit more character development for the recurring character.
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