"The Andy Griffith Show" The Pickle Story (TV Episode 1961) Poster

Andy Griffith: Andy Taylor


  • Sheriff Andy Taylor : What's small potatoes to some folks can be *mighty* important to others.

  • Sheriff Andy Taylor : No chance of getting Aunt Bee's old pickles back is there?

    Barney Fife : They're scattered from Oregon to Nova Scotia.

  • Sheriff Andy Taylor : Somehow between now and the contest, we gonna have to eat up all the store pickles that Aunt Bee's got on hand.

    Barney Fife : Why don't we get rid of them the same way we got rid of the others?

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : No, no, that won't work See, she's gotta see them pickles disappear and she's gotta see us likin' them so much that she'll wanna make another batch.

    Barney Fife : I gotta tell ya, my heart ain't in this.

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, it's not so much your heart we need, it's your stomach.

  • Sheriff Andy Taylor : 16 jars. Well, there's only one thing to do. That's what we shoulda done in the first place.

    Barney Fife : You mean...

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : Learn to love 'em.

  • Barney Fife : [Barney sits down to have some toast and jelly with Andy when they both smell something]  You been doin' some paintin' in here?

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : No, no, probably just some glue Opie's usin' on model airplanes.

    Barney Fife : No, don't smell like glue to me. Smells more like ammonia.

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : You don't reckon that gas stove's leakin' do you?

    Barney Fife : [Barney is about to take a bite of his toast and suddenly recoils]  I found it.

    [points to the jelly] 

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : Aunt Bee was in here workin' yesterday.

    Barney Fife : [they open the cupboard to find it filled with jars]  Don't tell me Aunt Bee is makin' marmalade now.

    Sheriff Andy Taylor : Don't just stand there, get the suitcase

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