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I loved this episode...
MartinHafer13 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" is much more comedic than usual and never fails to make me smile. It seems to teach the moral lesson that it's best to say what's bothering you instead of trying to be nice and keep it all bottled up inside.

The show begins with Aunt Bee making a batch of her nauseatingly bad pickles. According to the lucky recipients of her first batch (Barney and Andy) they smell and taste like kerosene! But, they want to be nice and say nothing and plan on eating these dreadful pickles. Later, though, they have an idea--to buy pickles and substitute them for Bee's evil pickles! As a result, everyone likes her pickles and Bea decides to enter them in the county fair! The boys can't let her possibly win this way and their plan starts to unravel--with very funny results.

The best things about this episode are the reactions of the guys to the dreadful pickles as well as the writing. Plus, in a rare case, Clara was shown sympathetically and not as an annoying neighbor--which she often was later in the series. Clever, funny and memorable.
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One of my favorites
revchuckpoore9 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This may contain spoilers. Although someone posted that this episode contains deception and trickery, it is still very funny. It is the first episode I think of when I think of this show. Yes, you have to suspend belief: normally Andy would never deceive or involve Opie in anything underhanded. He only does in this episode so Opie won't "get sick again" and they won't hurt Aunt Bee's feelings. Even Opie understands this. BUT later in the episode, when Andy learns the pickle contest is important, he rectifies the deception. The thing I find hard to believe is that the same Aunt Bee who cooks the delicious pies, cakes, fried chicken and other southern foods that everyone raves about makes horrible pickles (and awful marmalade) It seems like she can cook extremely well, but can't "put up" or preserve food. It doesn't matter. What matters is that this episode shows off the excellent writing of the show and the incredible talent of Don Knotts. The scene where he and Andy are replacing the terrible homemade pickles with good ole storebought pickles is hysterical. And the looks on their faces as they force themselves to eat all 8 quarts of pickles is priceless. All I know is that watching this episode makes me want to go to my fridge and pull out a good ole storebought pickle.
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Aunt Bee Shines
jpop5927 April 2016
Aunt Bee is usually known for her prowess in the kitchen including her succulent fried chicken and other fine southern recipes, however in this episode we learn she doesn't know how to make an edible pickle. What's amusing is she's the only one that doesn't realize her pickles taste like "kerosene". As usual, Andy forgoes honesty to prevent her feelings from getting hurt so there's a lot of plotting going on behind her back to avoid her finding out what people really think. This all goes into high gear when Aunt Bee decides to enter her pickles in the Annual Pickle Contest at the local fair. This episode is a good showcase for Francis Bavier who always shines as Aunt Bee. A very funny episode.
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Andy's deception puts him in a "pickle"
PudgyPandaMan26 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is from Season 2 of "The Andy Griffith Show" and originally aired December 1961. Aunt Bee makes a batch of her "famous" pickles and takes them to Andy and Barney at the sheriff's office for lunch. Problem is, they aren't famous for being delicious, but for tasting like kerosene. They are polite and tell her they are delicious. She then tells them "Good because I have 8 more quarts I made!" After she leaves Andy tries to figure out how they can get out of eating them without hurting her feelings. They devise a plan to buy "store-bought pickles" and replace them into all Aunt Bee's jars. Even Opie is on the switch-a-roo. Bee is amazed at how everyone is just devouring "her" pickles (they're really the store bought ones). So, she decides to enter hers in the County Fair against Clara who has won 11 years in a row for her pickles. Well, Andy is in a "pickle" now. He doesn't want his Aunt to unknowingly enter fraudulent pickles in the fair. He also finds out later from Clara that since her husband past away, that her pickles and winning the fair are all she has to look forward to.

In order to keep Bee from entering the fake pickles, they decide they have to eat all of them, which the do over the next few days. This forces Bee to make a new batch to enter in the contest. They are just as bad as the first batch and Clara wins the blue ribbon. Much to Andy's dismay, they learn she made a double batch this time because they liked them so much. After Bee leaves, Andy tells Barney there is only one thing left to do - learn to eat Bee's pickles - and they start taking slow, painful bites.

This isn't a favorite episode of mine. I feel it went against the usual good moral lessons that the show usually had - and this time uses deception. Even though their plan doesn't work and they learn their lesson, I didn't like that they involved Andy's young son in the plan.
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